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Hard Kandy from KickAssKandy 1The KickAssKandy crew is back with a new episode called Hard Kandy (starring Dannii Harwood as hit woman “Sex Panther”), and I’m happy to report that KAK is rolling along better than ever for fans of the “girl power” genre. Check out my review and images below.

I know, I know. There is no peril and the girls are rarely if ever challenged. But every time I watch one of their films, I’m always entertained and I think they do a lot of things that other more peril oriented producers could emulate to their benefit. They always deliver their films on time and the action scenes take place in cool locations and are always well choreographed.

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The films also include a lot of humor that is intentionally campy and tongue in-cheek, but somehow it never feels forced. Oh, yeah, they also employ some of the most beautiful women I’ve ever seen. In fact, let’s talk about the ladies in this episode.

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Red – Everyone has their favorites but I think it would be fair to say that she has become the flagship character of the series. This was a distinction held previously by A.J. and then Hi-Kix, but I think both are mostly retired from the Kandy world and the mantle has been passed on. She’s an extraordinarily beautiful woman and judging by her stomach has a one million sit-up a day workout regimen. I haven’t had time to visit the KAK forum as much as I want to but Red used to regularly interact with the fans which is something I think more actresses should consider doing. She just seems like a real kind, down-to-earth young woman and I always look forward to seeing her perform. She is also my number one pick to join Silver/Bluebird as both a KAK and NGC performer. I think she would make a fantastic superheroine or villain for that matter.

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Sex Panther – Yep. Sex Panther. No points for subtly there Kandyman but I do love the name. Actually, this is the first video that I’ve ever watched with Sex Panther, and I think I need to see more of her. I don’t know if the words exist that adequately describe this woman’s figure, but let’s just say it’s a good figure to have. I also thought that from a pure choreography standpoint she really knows how to work as her blows seem to land with a ton of force.

As far as the film goes, it is classic Kandy. For those of you who are new around here the girls always completely demolish the men in Kandy films with an assortment of punches, backhands, kicks, and knee lifts. The same holds true for Hard Kandy which is a fun episode with all the attributes I described above.

Hard Kandy from KickAssKandy 13Hard Kandy from KickAssKandy 15Hard Kandy from KickAssKandy 18

Another note for any newbies around here. Although they’ve never done a truly even M/F fight, they have released two F/F videos that I think rank among their best films. If you hadn’t checked them out you can read the reviews here and here. The first is quite literally Silver versus Lara Croft. The second is a two on one battle where Red gets knocked out at the end. I recommend both very highly.

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