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“Dark Robin vs. Freakmaker” from SHG-Media

"Dark Robin vs. Freakmaster" from SHG-Media

SHG-Media has made a clear effort to improve the quality of their films in 2010.  Their last couple of releases, while not perfect, have displayed significantly improved technical quality.  Dark Robin vs. Freakmaker continues that trend with the best editing and fight choreography of any SHG produced film.  While the company is to be applauded for that, this latest offering might surprise certain viewers expecting to see the usual conventions of a heroine peril film.

"Dark Robin vs. Freakmaster" from SHG-Media"Dark Robin vs. Freakmaster" from SHG-Media"Dark Robin vs. Freakmaster" from SHG-Media

Dark Robin consists of several fighting scenes where the title character takes on her nemesis, The Freakmaker, in an underground fighting room.  The entire film is basically a series of back-and-forth matches where both characters use a variety of fighting moves against one another.  The choreography and editing of the fight scenes is, in my opinion, better than previous SHG films.  I also really liked the scenario, with the attractive heroine forced to fight a tough opponent.  For fans of evenly matched fighting, this might be an enjoyable film.  It’s more along the lines of a fantasy mixed wrestling match than heroine peril film, and should please fans of that particular genre.

"Dark Robin vs. Freakmaster" from SHG-Media"Dark Robin vs. Freakmaster" from SHG-Media"Dark Robin vs. Freakmaster" from SHG-Media

On the down side, there’s really no “peril” to speak of.  The heroine is never completely at the mercy of the bad guy(s).  The matches are for the most part even throughout.  Sometimes Dark Robin has the upper hand, and sometimes she doesn’t.  Personally, I’m a fan of having the heroine lose and then allowing the victims to have their way with her.  She can come back in the end and destroy all of the bad guys afterwords, but the fun of the heroine peril genre, to me, is having the heroine in a helpless position for a good part of the film.

"Dark Robin vs. Freakmaster" from SHG-Media"Dark Robin vs. Freakmaster" from SHG-Media"Dark Robin vs. Freakmaster" from SHG-Media

Dark Robin vs. Freakmaker doesn’t really offer that to the viewer.  It’s not a traditional “heroine peril” film, and it doesn’t pretend to be. It’s a fantasy fighting film with pretty good editing and fight scenes.  Because the film seems to be aimed at a different type of viewer than fans of heroine peril, it’s difficult to give a final grade.  As a heroine peril film, it’s not very good, but that’s because it doesn’t aim to be peril.  There’s no torture, no interrogation, no extended beatdown scenes, etc.  As a fantasy fighting match, it’s good, but I don’t feel qualified to offer a judgment about it since that’s not necessarily my thing.  So if evenly matched, male vs. female fantasy fighting is something you’re interested in, check out Dark Robin vs. Freakmaker and let me know what you think.

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7 Responses

  1. Freeman says:

    This movie, if you can call it that, sucks!!!!!

  2. HM says:


    Thanks! It’s good to be back.

    I can see why you’re disappointed if you were expecting a peril film with domination of the heroine. Especially since just about all of the company’s other films focus on that sort of thing. Perhaps they could have been more explicit in their description of the movie that there really isn’t any peril and hardly any domination one way or the other.

  3. HM says:


    I wouldn’t call it a superheroine movie. Like I said in the review, it’s more of an evenly matched underground fight film between a male and female opponent. I wouldn’t call it “heroine peril” either, so be prepared for a different kind of movie if you buy it.

  4. Giggity says:

    this movie sucked, she barely got lowblowed and they werent even good ones. The description on the website is very misleading for those who are thinking about buying. good to see u get your site back man.

  5. Dickwad says:

    Is this a super heroine movie? The model in the pictures is not hot but maybe dressed as heroine would change things. Then again, she could be a Black Canary like heroine, so maybe a shinier leotard would be make her more appealing. I’m glad to hear from you SHG-Media are making efforts to improve. I still haven’t bought “Injustice Girl” but I’m leaning toward it. For some reason, I’m drawn to there work because of there train wreck quality. The clumsy fighting and awkward dialogue is often distracting but it is so bad that you can’t help to find Silver Fox charming (it gets old really quick, however)