Warner Bros. Announces “Wonder Woman” Film for 2017

Several interesting pieces of “Wonder Woman” news have emerged this week: Warner Bros. has announced several new films based on various DC characters and comic book lines, including a standalone Wonder Woman film, presumably starring Gal Gadot, who will debut in the role in the upcoming Superman v Batman: Dawn of Justice film in 2016.

Additional news includes Wonder Woman’s origin in the new film series and a new digital comic featuring the return, in comic book form, of Lynda Carter’s Wonder Woman. Check out more info below.

Warner Bros. Announces Wonder Woman film for 2017

Gal Gadot as Wonder Woman

As was greatly expected, Warner Bros. has officially announced a Justice League film and several other rumored projects. Perhaps unexpected was the sheer amount of comic book properties which will be adapted into films, including Cyborg, Suicide Squad, and Green Lantern (hopefully not starring Ryan Reynolds).

Justice League will be directed by Zack Snyder (yay.) and will be divided into two parts. There’s no word yet on who will write or direct Wonder Woman, but stay tuned for more information.

Source: ComicBook.com


Gal Gadot’s Wonder Woman Origin in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice

Warner Bros. Announces "Wonder Woman" Film for 2017

Apparently, Wonder Woman will be the daughter of Zeus in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice (worst title ever), which corresponds to the character’s origin in DC’s “New 52” story world.

I love Wonder Woman’s first (and for me, canonical) origin: the Amazons were created by the gods using the souls of all the women murdered by men. There was, when it was all said and done, one soul remaining, the soul of the unborn daughter of the first woman to ever be murdered by a man. That woman was Hippolyta, queen of the Amazons, and she molded a figure of clay and gave to it the soul of that unborn girl. The clay was animated and became Diana, who was gifted abilities from the gods.

That’s a cool origin. It’s weird and in the spirit of Greek myth. So of course it can’t stand today. The modern origin of Wonder Woman in the DC New 52 Universe, the second full reboot of the DC Universe, has the clay thing as the legend of Diana’s creation. The reality, though, is that Hippolyta fucked Zeus and he knocked her up and Diana was born.


And it’s the origin of Wonder Woman in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice.

Source: Badass Digest


DC Entertainment Announces “Wonder Woman ’77” Digital Comic

DC Entertainment Announces "Wonder Woman '77" Digital Comic

Fans of the 70s “Wonder Woman” TV series starring Lynda Carter might be interested to know that Ms. Carter will return, sort of, as Wonder Woman in a new digital comic recently announced by DC Entertainment.

Wonder Woman ‘77 not only spins out of the television series that ran from 1975 to 1979, but also the current Batman ‘66 digital series that launched in 2013 to critical and fan acclaim. As with the latter series, Wonder Woman ‘77 will debut with weekly digital chapters that will later be collected in print (the digital series launches in December, with print versions “to be released early in 2015,” according to DC).

Written by Marc Andreyko, covers for the series will be provided by Nicola Scott. Artists for the stories themselves will be announced in the coming weeks.

Source: The Hollywood Reporter



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I can’t wait for the day everything is in no less then 3D 4K HFR Surround Sound.

LOL, had to say that.


I should add that the first Wonder Woman movie takes place in the 1920’s because in America women barely just got the right the vote, and its the kind of era where wonder woman would really show off her independence.

The second movie taking place in the 1930’s/1940’s is because that’s when women in America started widely being detectives & journalist, which is another great era for wonder woman to be in.

The 3rd one being in modern day in age, is just one part lazy and another part to have a wonder woman in our time.

FYI you can now buy Dolby Atmos surround sound home theater to add greater 3D audio to your 3D visual experience. With 3D 4K TV plus Dolby Atmos home theater Speakerphones setup, it’s the most 3D experience to this date. LOL but true.


This is not a bold approach. This is just Hollywood’s typical manufacturing and optimization of making a movie. So this is really just more of Hollywood’s same old, same old, self. It’s why everyone always hold Hollywood to such high standards.



But a good example of 3D would be:

The Great Gatsby

Need for Speed

Star Trek Into Darkness

Godzilla 3D

Hercules 3D

Captain America the first avenger

Amazing spider-man 1

Abraham Lincoln Vampire Hunter

I, Frankenstein

Resident Evil 5

Pacific Rim

I could go on & on.

I think Hercules 3D starring Dwayne “the rock” Johnson, is the best example of how Wonder Woman movie will turn out, in 3D.


@ TBob: yes, I was thinking Cap as well. And it must be in 3D or it will be unwatchable, lol. Think of all the hot girl on girl action on Paradise Island 🙂 No lesbian scene can work without 3D.


Well It worked with Captain America right? I am sure it will work for Wonder Woman as long as it’s in 3D, lol.


According to Bleeding Cool (so take this with a grain of salt) the first WW will be set in the 1920s and the sequel set in the 1930s and 1940s, then modern day.

Now that sounds really interesting. If true, it surely should be interesting. I guess not what most genre fans were maybe hoping for, but it would certainly be a bold approach.


I heard people say the same exact things about surround sound in movies, they say it adds nothing and so fort, but don’t mention how so, for their very own opinions.

You got nothing to back up your dislike, but just being sheep-ple.

I gave my explanation about why a bunch of CGI movies suck, but you haven’t given an explanation for why 3D movies suck.

FYI, my local cinemas upgraded to the new glasses-free 3D screens, and in the next several years, other cinemas will not require 3D glasses to see 3D movies in 3D no more.

I don’t wear 3D glasses to see the 3D on my “New Nintendo 3DS XL”, which allows me to move up to 45 degress in any direction without loosing the 3D effect, and I don’t wear 3D glasses to see the 3D effect on my Toshiba 3D 4K HD TV, which tracks up to 9 people at a time. And I don’t wear 3D glasses for my Toshiba 3D Labtop, which is also “Glasses-Free 3D”.

If you don’t have, nor know any place with “Glasses-Free 3D” then that’s your own fault that you have to wear stupid 3D glasses to see 3D, when their are lots & lots of 3D technology that works with “No-Glasses”.


I am confused what you are even arguing about. All I said is I don’t like 3D effects and I think it adds nothing to the story. If you are into that, good for freaking you. I don’t like it and never will, so go preach to someone who gives a damn. Stop trying to change who I am. Keep emailing NGG or Logan or whoever and pray they make a 3D movie just for you. You can wear your silly looking 3D glasses and eat popcorn with one hand and do you know what with the other. Notice how you are the only one arguing for 3D super heroine movies. Nuff said. I am finished with this conversation.


Was Surround Sound & color Movies the new fad?

Was HD the new fad?

And just only over 70% of American movie goers like 3D, and over 88% of international movie goers.

Anyways, what you are saying about 3D are the exact same quotes said back in the 1960’s about Color movies.

The same thing was said about audio in movies too. Just look at the first 5 to 15 years of movies with audio in them. They would speak super-fast 24/7 for the same reason why the 1960’s Batman series was looking soo ridiculous with its completely insane use of Color, just because it was in color.

History repeats itself; from audio in movies to color in movies & Color TVs to 3D in movies & 3D TVs.

I remeber in the 1990’s when people had the exact same attitude towards Surround Sound, that you now have for 3D. But that didn’t stop audio from continuing being in Surround Sound. And anything new in the audio business is a lot harder to sell, then anything in the visual business.

CGI movies usually are too geared towards kids, with like of real stories and plots, so a bunch of them will always be poor in as a movie in general, with horrible storylines and god awful plots.

So why do you not watch action sci-fI movies (i.e. Comic Book movies) in 3D?

Also, what do you think of HD?

[Comment edited – let’s leave religion out of this, shall we? – HM]


Why do most CGI movies suck anyways? You gave no explanation. Just because you have a hard on for 3D movies doesn’t mean I do. I don’t care for the 3D effect, that’s who I am. You need to accept the fact that not everyone in this world has the same views as you, you need to not be so closed minded. This world is full of people that have different personalities, temperaments, etc. I am happy for you that there are tons of movies out there in 3D, its the newest fad happening right now. So just enjoy them, if one of these fetish producers want to make a fetish video in 3D they will. If not, why don’t you start your own company and specialize in 3D movies.


You said 3D Movies suck, but you gave 0% explanation of this statement.

Why would anyone give 0% explanation about why movies like; Godzilla 3D & Guardians of the Galaxy & Need for Speed & The Great Gatsby & X-Men Days of Future Past & Maleficent & 300: Rise of an Empire & etc., sucks. Unless they didn’t see any 3D Movies this year.

I was amazed about the comic book movie; “I’ Frankenstein” and the video game movie; Need for Speed. I really underestimated how extremely awesome these 2 movies where going to look like in 3D.

But some CGI movies still don’t bother to go thru the 3D effect before releasing it in theaters in 3D. But most CGI movies suck anyways. Can’t wait for Wreck It Ralph 2.

After seeing Guardians, the Avengers 2 can only look badass awesome in 3D.

Jurassic Park 4 will be awesome too.

2K15 is an explosive year for live-action 3D action films.

I wish more people would notice the new Chinese movies, because they are way too awesome to ignore. Just look up the 3D Chinese movies Trailers. From iceman 3D to The Monkey King 3D and soo many others.


Please tell me where I have posted that I said I have never seen a 3D movie?



Just see 1 comic book movie in 3D just one time.

The least you can do. Other, you can’t say any which thing about 3D movies, seriously.

2015 has tons of 3D movies like; Jurassic World (JP 4) & Mad Max 4 & etc.

I’m just asking for one.

FYI Superheroine video producers have mention interest in doing their videos in 3D, at least 2 of them from what I read on this site.


@ TBob: I see. Hadn’t checked back with them in a while. So, they won’t do a superheroine peril site at Kink, but she males? Well, whatever floats the boats of their customer I guess 🙂

And while I would have liked Jaimie Alexander (Sif) as WW, I don’t mind Gal Gadot. Even though Snyder has not been that great with picking his leading ladies (outside of 300). Always thought Amy Adams was a very strange choice for Lois Lane. And while I liked her and Man of Steel, Ma Kent most certainly did not work.


It’s one of there subsites, they have like 20, lol. Kaizar mentioned in another post that was one of 2 sites he likes.
Of those 7, Gemma Arterton is gorgeous and would be great as would Taylor Cole. Bridget Regan actually looks a little Lynda Carter. Lynn Collns is sexy but is a little older. Gal Gardot works for me.


@ TBob: there are she males on Kink? Hadn’t noticed 🙂 But you are right. 3D, 2D whatever-D… who cares, as long as the movies are good 🙂

And apart from that: As a child I could not even have imagined that we would get that many awesome comic book movies like we get them today. If only half of the new movies that got announced by the various studios are good to great, we should consider ourselves lucky.


Kaizar, you are the only one on this site that ever mentions 3D, now knock it off. Go back to your she males on kink.com.


So TBob didn’t see Godzilla nor guardians of the galaxy nor need for speed nor X-Men days of Fututre past nor etc. in 3D.

That explains a lot.

Anyways, the link of prefer actresses all look like there from the 1940’s to 1980’s. No modern day looking females.

As more time goes by, the harder it will be to find women that look that less symmetrical looking.

Todays & tomorrow’s females need a Wonder Woman they can identify with. As in; someone that actually looks like some of them.

These movies will be the movie, for many years. Like probably 30 years or so.


Lynn Collins was awesome in True Blood. 😉

Dan Jensen
Dan Jensen

Here’s some more preferable actress choices (In my opinion). https://screenrant.com/wonder-woman-movie-actresses-justice-league/


Jessica Alba is not black and latino, lol. WTF. She is Mexican (including Spanish, Indigenous Mexican / Mayan, and distant Sephardi Jewish) (father)
*Danish, French-Canadian (mother)
And this is a REBOOT, nothing to do with the previous 2 movies.
3D movies suck anyways.


I know Jessica Alba is not in the Fantastic Four 3D movie, I just thought that the new movie having a black human torch might have had something to do with the old movie.

Anyways, thanks for letting us know how the black human torch actually came about.

And I still can’t wait for “Static Shock 3D” movie. Probably 2018 to 2025 unfortunately. I mean there’s been no set date nor green light yet, so it’s a safe bet that it will be long before the movie happens.


@ CaptainCrude: what’s with all this negativity towards Zack Snyder? A matter of taste I guess, but you are aware that he did cast an African-American to play Perry White?

Yes, I agree with John Stewart (the character) for GL.

@ Kaizar: You might not be aware of this, but Jessica Alba will not play Sue Strom / Richards in the new movie, but Kate Mara, who happens to be white. It is already been confirmed that her character will be adopted into an African-American family, hence Johnny and his father are both black in this new FF movie. And I actually do believe the director has cast this actor to play Johnny Storm not because he is black, but because he felt he worked best for the role. They have worked with each other before (on “Chronicle”).



They like to do the full transition.

There will be a black Green Lantern & Flash & Captain America. You just have to wait for them to play the scenarios out. And Disney will do the female Thor, when they get to that point in the Thor movies.

Besides, everyone wants the son of Iron Man movies, but they have to do the first Iron Man first, which is why all these things happen.

Similar thing happen with Dragonball Evolution, they start with Dragonball and were going to do Dragonball Z in the 4 th installment. Luckily, 3D can bring the first sequel for Dragonball Evolution. I’m looking forward to seeing master Roshi have his house that’s surrounded by a crater get filled with water, because he’s the only person who wouldn’t sell his house.

I can’t wait for the 3D movie; Static Shock.

Look at it this way, at least all the Black Superhero movies will be in 3D with better CGI & so fort. Maybe a new Spawn movie might come of this.

2015 already has a black human torch for Fantastic Four 3D. I’m guessing this happen because Jessica Alba (Black & Latino) played the Human Torch sister in Fantastic Four 2D. So if my theory is right, then Susan Storm & her brother must now be half black & half Latino, with the sister looking more Latino, while the brother looks more black, OR maybe their half black & white like Gemini twins.


Agree with everything he said. Black green lantern!



Sorry, but seriously. White white white white superheroes everyone of them. I’m not black, but it’s sad to see Hollywood lacking in male and female black characters, these superhero films are total white wash. Iron Man, Thor, Captain America, Hulk, Spiderman (original and reboot), Batman (original and a reboot), Superman (original and multiple reboots), Flash (show), Green Arrow (show), and even though I’m glad Wonder Woman FINALLY gets her own film… still hardly any black representation – thats really actually sad considering we’re able to have a black president, but we can’t seem to generate a black superhero to cheer for besides a secondary character in Nick Fury.

At least they’re supposedly using Cyborg.

I’m really pumped for a Wonder Woman movie, but really disappointed that Zach Snyder is filming Justice League…


All around good news! The ’77 comic book sounds great and we are finally getting a solo WW movie on the big screen. Honestly, I did not think WB/DC would ever have the guts to try it.


I should add that Lynda Carter from the 1970’s wonder woman series was even more skinny then this new wonder woman.

All the more reason not to hate, plus the new wonder woman still looks slender. So you can’t hate on the figure at least.


Thanks for making us think about what a real amazon looks like.

Plus I also have no problems with a slender woman playing wonder woman nor fitness model nor yoga teacher.

I admit the slender look doesn’t look real amazon like, but since when has that ever matter in wonder woman almost anything, like justice league cartoon.



I meant she is suppose to look like a modern day female homosapien.

Just compare women from the 1880’s to the women of the 1950’s of the same race in the same country.

Hell, compare women of the 1970’s to today’s twenty-some year old women as back as around 2010, and you will see that even when they are the same race of the same country, their faces have change a lot, and become more symmetrical.

Even amazons gain way more symmetrical faces with every less then 50 years that goes by. Each new generation of females always have more symmetrical and more zen looking faces.

Your definition of amazon looking, is 20th century amazon looking. But an amazon of this era would have a more symmetrical & more zen looking version of that kind of face, which is why actresses like her & Megan Fox are getting roles in Hollywood. If it wasn’t this actress, then it would have been Megan Fox cast as a modern day symmetrical amazon.

Faces never stay the same for any & all races of people, they just keep getting more naturally cooler looking. And there is no way the amazons would have any such immunity from mother nature that the rest of mankind has no immunity from.

Another example of women always changing with the times is the size of their breast, which where more smaller the more further back in time you went, like the 1980’s movies, where the best you could hope for was a pretty face (pretty by 1980’s mother nature’s standards.).

Today’s 1st world women alone are going to have giant breast because newer females are having their periods at younger ages because of just being of a newer generation, which requires less total lifetime consumption of fat to start having their first period at younger & younger ages which gives them greater immune systems and longer lifespans and bigger breast with smaller risk of breast cancer all at the sametime.

Newer generation of men & women will live to around 100 years old if a piano doesn’t fall on them, and they are already the smartest generation, which is why today’s American kindergarten education is equvilant to the 2nd grade educations that American kids use to get in the second grade just a few years ago.

Nothing in any country stays the same, everyone’s faces becomes more different with newer generations, and every newer generation is always born smarter then the previous generation, as America’s standardize testing on every generation of kids, shows, 100% of the time.

I’m in my 20’s and my generation lifespan is more like reaching 80’s and/or 90’s but the newer generation that are in elementary school right now, have a lifespan that’s reaching age 100 for crying out loud.

Plus if wonder woman is the daughter of a god, then she should have a more symmetrical face because she is half god, and gods are gods. Which gods are suppose to have like the most symmetrical faces, because they are gods.


@ Angleman: while I most certainly don’t want to defend Kaizar’s comments about women and their body types (as far as I can even make out what he is on about) and not meant as a snark: but what do Amazons look like? I have not met one 🙂 But on the subject: in the Wonder Woman comic books of the 1970s (which I loved as a kid for obvious reasons) they had a back-up strip about the history of the Amazons. None of them were drawn as overly muscular types, but as rather slender, long-legged and sexy women of the 1970s in skimpy “Greek” mini-dresses and thong sandals. Was that a “realistic” depiction of what one might view as an Amazon? No, certainy not, but it certainly worked for me. I personally do not really understand why some fans what the movie incarnation of WW to be huge and muscular and why some feel a MMA fighter should play her. But tastes do vary of course. And in some context “big” Wonder Woman makes a lot of sense. Darwyn Cooke’s New Frontier comes to mind. In that outstanding series he made a point in showing her to be bigger in stature than Superman. Made sense and I would never argue with one of my favorite comic book artists.
But for the movie version, I personally like that she is slender and sexy. The same goes for Elizabeth Olsen as Wanda. Do I like the well-rounded comic book version? Sure, but for a movie she seems to be working just fine (for me).

But at the end of the day none of this matters. Either Gal Gadot works as Wonder Woman in BvS or she doesn’t. If moviegoers embrace this version, we will see her again in 2017. Should she fail, she will do so because she cannot act or does lack the charisma or the presence to win over the audience. Body type will not matter much to modern audiences. She needs to work as the character she is suppossed to be in the context of that movie. Also judging from the huge set they are building in New Mexico (pictures are available online), her role might be bigger in BvS than assumed, so the verdict will be in in 2016 🙂


With the greatest of respect she’s not supposed to look like a 21st Century Woman. She’s supposed to look like an Amazon. And that’s the problem.


@Andrew C.

For a 21st Century woman being Wonder Woman, she actually looks a lot more the part, but if this was around 1930’s to 1980’s then I would agree with you. Also with 2 to 4 months of the right exercises, she can look more like Wonder Woman then any previous actress. Plus naturally built muscles makes women’s breast bigger, unless their the fat body type because those women have genetically small breast, i.e. Mormons & Koreans. The fat body type happens to people who’s family tree is largely 1 specific race, like really pure British or really pure Korean.

The actress playing Wonder Woman is clearly more mix in her family tree then other actresses, and therefore has more of a natural wonder woman body, even if she just has to work out, for it to show. She’s also capable of developing more bigger breast naturally.

If they went with a more pure race woman, then her body would be as useless for the figure as Amy Adams, who is the fat body type, even after giving birth to several kids. FYI usually giving birth to even just 1 kid, makes women of a recessive body type have that recessive body receed, which makes them into the muscular body type, which makes them have naturally bigger boobs genetically. But Amy Adams is apparently way to recessive for her body to stop being the fat body type, but that’s typical of people who are too pure of one specific race, like Mormons.


Thanks. And I think we can all agree that their more better off just moving on with Green Lantern 3D, then to reboot it. Luckily they have more then enough time to figure out to just do a Sequel like its part 1, since Sinistro was never turned Yellow until the credits. I don’t care if they do use a different actor


@ Kaizar: technically speaking The Incredible Hulk is neither. Hulk and The Incredible Hulk were not produced by the same movie studio. Confusing, right? The first movie, Hulk (2003), was made and distributed by Universal Pictures. While not a failure, Universal was disappointed with the box office result (yes, people wanted “Hulk Smash”) and they let the rights revert back to Marvel who could have offered them to a different studio, but had just secured finances to fund 5 movies of their own and thus founded “Marvel Studios”, the first movie being Iron Man. When Marvel Studios did The Incredible Hulk in 2008 (distributed, but not made, by Universal and Paramount) their idea was to do the “origin” in the opening credits and consider the first movie as best ignored. So with the same origin more or less, it is not really a reboot, but I would not call it a sequel either. Their idea was to move forward with their shared universe as quickly as possible, hence in the second movie you have Tony Stark in a cameo. The Hulk in the Avengers is the same Hulk from the Incredible Hulk, but with yet again a different actor, since Edward Norton and Marvel had a falling out.

As for Eric Bana not wanting to return “because of a cheesy script”: actors will spin the “truth” all the time. It might have been clear to him that Marvel would not want to cast him (and any contract he might have signed to do more Hulk movies was with Universal, not Marvel), so he went ahead and said he would not do it. I highly doubt Marvel even sent him a script, and if so it was not the “final script” since Edward Norton had some input on that one. He used his influence and input to make it more like the TV show, and he had a dispute with Marvel later since he felt he did not get the writing credit he felt was due to him.

So on the Eric Bana front: actors will always say that they would not want to do a certain movie when they are not considered for it. A few months ago a fairly famous actors said he would never star in a Batman / Superman as Batman because it is a silly movie. He does now look a little stupid though 🙂

As far as the new Green Lantern movie, planned for 2020 is considered, word from WB is, that it will be a reboot. And again, chances are slim that they would want to have the same actor in it.

Andrew C.
Andrew C.

They really did a huge mistake choosing this actress for the film. So sorry for the great Wonder Woman. In other hand, I’m really exciting about the digital comic book.


I guess there’s no hope of her getting chained to a jail cell floor.



Incredible Hulk is not a reboot, it’s a sequel.

They tried to get the actors of Hulk to do Incredible Hulk, but they said they didn’t like the script, and weren’t going to do a cheesy sequel, so they ditch it, leaving the studio needing to quickly re-cast. I would say a little to quickly recast.

It was all over the news at the time, about how the actors from the first Hulk movie turned down the sequel incredible hulk.

It was always planned to have 2 to 3 Hulk movies, by naming them; Hulk & Incredible Hulk & The Incredilbe Hulk. That’s why part 1 was called Hulk. But a lot of people just wanted a beat’em running Hulk they all know & love, so they went with different writers and decided to no longer be about the Hulk, and just be more like that old Hulk TV series. Anyways the studio said so THEMSELF that it was a sequel to the first Hulk movie, and that the actors from the first movie just didn’t want to do it after reading the script.

Chances are the Green Lantern 3D 2 will choose to be written in a really different way for the sequel of the first one, while still having the same actors.

Anyways, 5 years only means they want to get the movie to be liked by audiences via research and so fort, like Men in Black 2.


@ Derek: Sounds like what happened to ASM 2. There was a good film buried underneath all the rushed stuff the studio executives forced into that film.

I agree. Avengers was great. Not the best comic book movie some people feel it was, but a lot of fun for sure with some fantastic moments I would never have believed could come to the big screen. I certainly hope Whedon does one better with Avengers 2. Buffy and Angel both got much better in their second seasons as they moved away from the lighter to the more darker story elements (yes I know TV is a bunch or writers, but Whedon did write and direct some of the best episodes). Hopefully Avengers 2 will be a little darker in tone than the first one. But I have to say this: Elizabeth Olsen (who is in my opinion one of the most beautiful women currently working in Hollywood) is an inspired choice for Wanda. Does she have the look or the body-type of the charcter? No, I guess not, but from what I have seen so far (granted only some pictures) she / they do translate that tortured / goth look very well that I feel the characted should show in a modern live action context. Of course I’d rather see Ms Olsen in a red leotard 🙂


Can I stand up for Joss Whedon’s vision of WW? It wasn’t his script that sucked, it was that the studio wouldn’t allow him the freedom to write the grown up WW storyline he wanted to write. The result was something that would have sold special meals in Burger King/MacDonalds or Barbie dolls in Toys*Us but offer nothing to the character’s older fans. Don’t “dis” Whedon, he did not disappoint with his Marvel’s Avengers.


Well, according to their statement, the Green Lantern movie is scheduled for 2020.

@ Shazrand: yes, they did change their plans times and before. A Justice League movie got the green light and fell apart in the last minute a few years ago.

What is different now: they will force the whole company (not only the movie studio) under severe cost cutting measures to put the money (millions and millions of dollars they want to safe) into making and marketing these comic book movies and new Harry Potter and Lego movies. It is basically a huge gamble for them to safe WB which is in trouble lately.

The irony is: one of their top executives (who is no longer with WB) warned them some years ago that if WB did not go into making comic book movies in earnest now (that was about 6 years ago) they will be left out from any future box office success. Instead they kept making big budget (none comic book) movies nobody wanted to see and which cost them a lot of money since these did poorly at the box office.

WB needs to catch up in making the kind of blockbusters modern audiences want to see and have come to expect from Marvel properties turned into movies.

So, with WW so early on their schedule (2017) I trust this will get made. If the movies scheduled for later (e.g. GL 2020) will even get made, all depends on the success of the first couple of movies I would reckon.


a reverse bearhug around wonder woman is what I’m waiting to see at least once in the movie , an awesome one


Whatever, we’ve been lied to too many times.


Hulk-2003, Incredible Hulk-2008 Where did you come up with the 10 year reboot number, lol. Also why does Gal Gadot have to seriously work out for the role. She looks fine the way she is. Stop hating. All the females in the comics don’t have body builder bodies, So she would fit perfectly. Also I wouldn’t say a Green Lantern movie is long awaited. No one paid to see the first one, why would anyone pay to see a second one?



Reboots need 10 years minimum in between them, which would mean 2021 release date for the year.

They are clearly not going to sit on a beloved franchise that long, and therefore, will most definitely spend time perfecting a Green Lantern 3D 2 script. I can see the release date being no later then 2017, 2018 tops at worst case scenario of waiting.


@ Kaizar: even though I have not read the script for his canned WW movie, I have heard some critics who have and said it was not his best work. So yes, that might have sucked. But the Buffy writer / director did ok for himself and the fans with his other comic book movie I would think 🙂 He also has a new movie coming out next year you might have heard of…

Yes, WB announced in their press release today that Gal Gadot (from BvS) will star in WW.

And yes, I agree, with Green Lantern (even though it will be a reboot most likely) they should skip the origin story entirely. I am all for a John Stewart GL.


I wonder if the same actress in batman/superman will star. Most likely so.

Well, as long as Gal Gadot spends 2 to 6 months seriously working out her body for the role, then I’m happy. Plus, this would explain the 2016 release date for Man of Steel 2 (Batman VS. Superman).

I’m glad they can the first green lighted wonder woman film by Buffy the vampire slayer writer and/or director, because that one was clearly going to suck soo hard.

I look forward to the long awaited Green Lantern sequel, that does what no part 1 Green Lantern movie can ever do, because part 1 will always suck, so it’s best to just go straight for the Sequel, and that’s exactly what their doing.


Great news all around. Other than that I feel the guy they cast as Flash is a bit young for Barry Allen. But I have not seen him in anything so I do reserve judgement. WB confirmed that Gal Gadot will be Wonder Woman in the solo film (at least that is how they announced it).

And WB has also confirmed that in addition, stand-alone Superman and Batman films are planned within this schedule. Hopefully the Batman movie will be directed by Ben Affleck who is a great pick for Batman. If in doubt, go see “Gone Girl” 🙂 And Jason Momoa is an inspired choice for Aquaman for sure. I doubt Ryan Reynolds will want to return. He will be a good Deadpool (again) if he indeed signs on.

And I personally feel that there is nothing wrong with Zack Snyder other than that he could have worked with better scripts. With the Argo guy writing Justice League as well, I feel we are in good hands. Zack Snyder doing a two-part Justice League movie will look epic.