“Deceptress Sampler” + Unseen Footage from NGC

About once a year we like to put a sampler of videos from one of our favourite characters and this year it is the turn of Erica Lynn AKA The Deceptress.

Joining the series early in Season 2, Erica established herself as a key part of the storyline and she continued to develop all the way up to the present day, where she is still affecting the story. Of course not only is she popular with our viewers but she’s great to work with as well, as proved by the last 6+ years. We hope you enjoy the sampler, and I’ve also thrown in a permanent extra gift of Behind the Scenes video from a recent photoshoot for the people who already own everything. In this you get sneak peeks of the gorgeous heroine in Lady Victory, Dynamite Doll, Bluebird, and also the original Erica catsuit.

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In the main video, there is nothing really new here, but for fans of Erica and for the low cost, I thought it was worth it. I did really like the extra footage of her in all the different costumes, that was cool.


Picked up the photoset and it’s really cool. The girl wearing Angel’s old costume is really cute too. Any chance that she’ll be joining the roster?


Just wondering,how much will this be and how long is it?Is it like the Celestia outtakes,all that great footage never used?


Hmmm…seems like a crass ploy to separate me from my money by exploiting my unrequited love for all things Erica! must resist….oh shit…TAKE MY MONEY!!!!!!

I am so ashamed of myself (continues to count out money).