“Deceptress Sampler” + Unseen Footage from NGC

4 Responses

  1. dbud says:

    In the main video, there is nothing really new here, but for fans of Erica and for the low cost, I thought it was worth it. I did really like the extra footage of her in all the different costumes, that was cool.

  2. Wrecker says:

    Picked up the photoset and it’s really cool. The girl wearing Angel’s old costume is really cute too. Any chance that she’ll be joining the roster?

  3. Richard says:

    Just wondering,how much will this be and how long is it?Is it like the Celestia outtakes,all that great footage never used?

  4. dbud says:

    Hmmm…seems like a crass ploy to separate me from my money by exploiting my unrequited love for all things Erica! must resist….oh shit…TAKE MY MONEY!!!!!!

    I am so ashamed of myself (continues to count out money).