“Deja Vu: Part Two” from Next Global Crisis

Rookie Elite Force recruit ‘Deja Vu’ had come to the aid of another newbie Candy Race as she struggled against two overpowered Darkheart thugs. The tide was beginning to turn in the heroines favour when a Darkheart Captain arrived and swung it back to the bad guys having initiated an explosion on the other side of the city. Michael Sampson needed Candy to help deal with this catastrophe, leaving a brave but endangered Deja to take on three villains at once.

Deja Vu proves to be a very skilled martial artist and her power gets more use as she tries to keep the fight going her way. However, as exhaustion begins to set in, so her power wanes and starts to prove a hinderance. Luckily for her, the Darkhearts can’t seem to detect what her power is and consider her of no interest, just as they had after scanning Candy. However the rookie heroine shows pride and inexperience all at once by goading them into attacking her further. This proves a mistake as the Captain breaks Deja over his knee and a pounding ensues. Is it going to be one mission and done for Deja Vu?



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A huge treat for members this week as we delve into the archive and get alternate takes from the smash hit ‘Celestia’s Bad Idea’ from 2014. Celestia decided to take on the incredibly big and strong Miss Suppression and she certainly regretted it. These out-takes have never been seen before and include an entire alternate shot of Celestia’s KO’d defeat. Will be deleted 48 hours after members email goes out on Friday.

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24 Responses

  1. Captain Kirk says:

    I wanted to mention something that I don’t think anyone has touched on. One of the things that really makes this video great is the pacing. Yes, Deja-Vu is awesome and can sell the moves like few others. In addition, the fight scenes are paced really well. Some heroine movies, even if they had a talented actress, it’s like punch or kick… stare, gloat, chit chat,… punch or kick, …. stare, gloat, or chit chat…punch or kick. Not this video. It’s go go go… loved the pacing.

  2. Besugo says:

    One move I really wanna see done to her is the throat punch. I’m sure her reaction to it would be amazin.

    • OldBear says:

      Yeah, throat punches or chops would be a cool addition as I don’t recall seeing them in an NGC film. Could be forgetting, though. Plus, I haven’t seen every film in the catalogue, so maybe one was used in a vid I haven’t seen yet.

      Anyway, regarding Deja Vu specifically, I just got a chance to see this and I have to say that the actress is really impressive. Her movement and athleticism makes the fighting believable in a way that you don’t usually see in this genre. Also, like others have said, her super power is really cool and I like how it gets weaker the more she uses it.

      Unlike others, I don’t mind the outfit, though. The current roster doesn’t have a masked heroine, so she kind of fills that role. And while I am not a huge fan of wedged heels, it makes it even more impressive that she is moving around so well in them. But if you feel the need to update her outfit, I am interested to see what you come up with.

      All in all, a cool vid with an impressive new actress. Take care.

  3. fabian says:

    I loved the new actress. I hope she makes many more videos with you guys and soon. I do have to say though I would appreciate a new costume. This one looked more like a training suit or something. I dont like the thing covering her stomach, or the mask. Im actually all for a mask just a higher quality one. Something tight that hugs her face. I hope her new costume is still a bodysuit, something along the lines of Suki’s wet-look suit in season 2 or Angels original. Im looking forward to seeing her again. I would love to see her use her powers only to go back to the start of a serious belly beatdown and she has to endure it all over again. Great job guys!

    P.S Is there anything with Starshot in the works?

  4. Besugo says:

    She’s hot, she’s amazing at taking hits and she takes a good beatdown! I mean, I saw some NGC clips with very poor fight choreo, in this one she takes an amazing amount of punches, knees and kicks. Really a great clip, hope to see more of her. And damn, show some bellies! (and kick some crotches too!)

  5. Joe says:

    Yea this was the best film I’ve bought from NGC for a while. I’d echo everyone’s compliments about the choreography and the performance of Deja Vu. There are some nice rarer peril parts like kneeling on her throat and a hand-stamp – those were appreciated. Only thing I’d add to the wish that the mask be removed from the outfit is that the gloves be removed also (they actually did mysteriously disappear for about 20 seconds of of the film…!)

    Excellent job all involved.

  6. Wrecker says:

    I guess there’s nothing for it but to hop on the bandwagon. It’s hard to say anything that hasn’t been said already. Deja Vu gave an absolutely stellar performance on every level and I really do hope we get to see a lot more of her. The way she remains defiant the whole time while still remembering to portray that she’s being worn down in a believable way is a rare thing indeed. Her attitude and spirit are amazing and the way she moves is mesmerizing. I don’t say this lightly, but she may just be my new favorite heroine on the roster and this is definitely in my top three episodes.

  7. Beast says:

    Loved it! What an amazing power!!! And is incredible how simple is done and how easy is for us to understand it. The girl is a knockout. She is great in every way. Hope we get to see more of her soon. My only complaint is the mask. If she needs to hide her identity maybe you can use some paint for her eyes. Thats my solution but i know these guy will do something cool with it next time. Keep the good work!!

  8. Dr Mabuse says:

    Great video! I just got a chance to watch it and wanted to drop a favorable review here, but I see I’ve been beaten to the punch. Co-sign a lot of what Tim Caine and JohnG say below.

    After two appearances, Deja Vu has already become one of my favorite heroines in the NGC roster. She’s a good actress, excellent at giving and taking punishment, and looks great in silver. Love her power as well, and it’s nice to see how it works, both to her advantage and ineffectively once she starts to tire out.

    The plot is straightforward as you can get–Deja Vu has been left to handle three of the neo-Darkheart bruisers and they throw down. It’s pretty much a video-length brawl, but the fight choreography is terrific, and Deja Vu is just so good in so many ways I can’t help loving it.

    I have a couple of complaints, but I’ll save them. Mostly, they have to do with the ending, which I don’t want to spoil, and I doubt many people would share my gripes.

    Loved this one. And the photo set is worth getting as well.

  9. Tim Caine says:

    At 9:36 into this episode Deja Vu says it herself “There’s nobody like me.”

    DING! DING! that’s is a completely accurate statement. At least in terms of this genre. She is truly a unique talent.

  10. JohnG says:


    This may divulge spoilers below, so be forewarned.

    I’ve bought a lot of videos from a lot of vendors and I’ve seen a lot, but not this collection of talents before. She is simply incredible in terms of her physical ability. Her acting is great too. While this may be tedious for a small minority, I’m going to enumerate some of her strengths that I believe set her apart from others:

    1) Expert martial arts ability: it seems she is quite the proponent of tae kwon do and other fighting arts. She has elite speed and balance so that when she’s on offense, she is highly credible. No video doctoring required. Truly a class above anyone else out there

    2) Compelling physical reactions: when she gets “hit” she sells incredibly well. Watch how her head snaps in response to a punch (the way her ponytail bounces on impact is particularly gripping in my opinion). Her pain acting is great too

    3) The KO: she seems to naturally have the knack of conveying “slipping out of consciousness” from impact while displaying the details of complete limpness (open mouth, relaxed head on the carry). Also, she doesn’t make choke outs look silly by crossing her eyes, she realistically drifts off. Better yet would be more of a thousand yard stare before closing eyes and then doing some twitching. Would love to see her get clubbed behind the head and watch her act violently to the impact, dropping to the ground out cold. Bring on all the other sleep inducing tactics as well!

    4) Verbal Acting – her calm and collected demeanor is really captivating. It fits well with the physical package

    5) Physique: corresponding with her fighting skills, she looks like a legit trained athlete at a high level. More than just a club player, she looks like she plays for real at the top of the athletic food chain

    I’m not exaggerating in any way when I say you have one like no other here, NGC. I’ll echo the comment that the mask needs to go (it seems to interfere with her true potential in many ways) but that’s all I can be critical of here. Also as said below, this might be your best yet…your writing and production is always on point, but the addition of this talent puts you over the top.

    For the peril fan, for the drama fan, for the superheroine fan, this is a 10/10. Excellent, just excellent work!

  11. Tim Caine says:

    Okay, NGC you’d better hold onto Deja Vu. She is already got to be considered one of the best. And a must buy for every video she does from now going forward.
    Let’s see:
    Great body – Check.
    Solid Actress – Check.
    Costume looks hot – Check.
    Fighting skills – Check
    Sells a beatdown -Check, check double check.

    This episode is really really good. Possibly, dare I say it… yes, I dare. Could it be NGC’s best episode ever?
    It just might be! One thing that you guys did which I think was really really smart on your part was to avoid using the shaky camera. Deja Vu’s offense is so good and her selling of the beatdown is so good shaky camera would have only detracted from how super talented she really is.

    Great episode. Great fight choreography. Incredibly sexy defeat. Deja Vu’s super power is cool and different. Opens up tons of possibilities for the future. Best super power you all have come up with since at least Erica Lynn’s arrival on the scene.

    Even giving this episode 10 out of 10 I still have some ideas for future improvement. First of all, Can’t understand what the bad guys are saying half the time. (Doesn’t really matter as they are clearly supporting roles to Deja Vu). It reminded me of The Dark Knight Rises, what did Bane just mumble?

    Deja Vu needs a better mask. Not sure what’s wrong with this one exactly. But she is so good, so talented that you should maximize effort to perfect her character in every way. Her mask looks cheap and not up to par with the rest of her.

    Again, 10 out of 10 anyway. This should be as much of a must buy as NGC has ever produced.

    • Next Global Crisis says:

      Thanks, I hope to keep her involved, might be a bit sporadic as she’s a busy girl which is hardly surprising. Regarding the mask she will have a better one in future. It was also partly that she is in training gear so it fitted with what we were doing. Our plan is to give her a designated costume, hopefully that works out and it is better than this one, although this one has turned out well.

  12. SlawDiesel says:

    Instant buy. She is amazing

    • Dr Mabuse says:

      Yes, I am really excited for this one. Deja Vu is a fantastic new heroine (based on the strongest debut in ages) and I really want to know what these Darkheart cosplayers (sorry, neo-Darkheart faction) are up to. Add to that great fighting, peril, and interesting powers… can’t wait.

  13. Chris says:

    She looks good. Great body, very sexy outfit.
    I hope It’s not “one mission and done” but at the same time I’m looking forward to seeing her manhandled choked and squeezed (especially in that outfit)
    I like the 3rd snapshot.

  14. Besugo says:

    This one looks good. Love her reactions.

  15. Dr Mabuse says:

    Looks like an excellent video, but everybody needs to get the member’s gift, because that was a great one. Oh, and you should buy the original video, too.

  16. Hagarb says:

    Instant buy.

  17. pigma1 says:

    yes more deja vu! she is my favorite heroine. love the catsuit, mask, ponytail everything.

  18. JohnG says:

    Of course, this appears to be a must buy and I hate to comment before the video….but you seem to have a phenomenal heroine here: great fighting skills, engaging attitude and some compelling physical peril acting as well.

    Hoping the video translates as well as the previews!