“Destroyed” from The Battle for Earth

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  1. tim says:

    best beat down in forever!! she is def up there with coco and thew face punch series was just right! thanks

  2. Mike says:

    Shg-media has made it so hard to buy videos. Where else can I purchase RYEs videos?!?! Someone plz help!!

  3. Honest Fish says:

    just my two cents, I like the costume because it’s what supergirl wore in the justice league animated series and I love that series. kudos to HolyMoly for the custom

  4. rover says:

    Chiming in on not really liking the costume, just to stoke the fire. :p

    I bought it and enjoyed it, Lexi is just good. I found the flow of the video very boring, but I appreciate that people commission customs, and that I’m taking a risk by checking it out.

  5. I disagree with many comments about the costume. I like this alternate costume. It shows off Supergirl’s youthfulness and inexperience as a heroine. It looks cute on her instead of her more serious costume that is similar to Superman’s costume.

  6. John says:

    she dies?

  7. John says:

    i cant pay with credit card?

  8. Darkwrath016 says:

    TBFE first release of the year turns out to be an out of the park grand slam. I so highly recommend everyone give this a shot. Particularly if you’re a fan of a good ol’ fashion “heroine is demolished from wall to wall” superheroine beatdown. Or if you’re a fan of Lexi which most people should be. And if you haven’t been introduced to her well this film is the perfect starter kit for this amazing talent that’s in the SHIP industry. Her performance completely blew my mind.

    So here the basic plot: Supergirl (Lexi) is on the hunt for a Villain who apparently has hunted down and killed other heroines. This makes Supergirl more or less out for vengeance, naively going it alone and making her way to the villain’s hideout(?). There, a few words are exchanged where Supergirl acts just cocky enough that we’re left believing that she *thinks* she’s invincible. Meanwhile, the villain acts just cool enough that he knows this heroine is in the for the beating of a lifetime. And that’s the plot. It is just enough set up for it to be passable and it does the all-important job of establishing the heroine’s goal and setting the stakes which makes the beatdown section have meaning.

    Now the real amazing part of the film though is the beatdown segment which last a good and satisfyingly long 20+ minutes and I have many MANY complimentary words to say about it.

    First is the fight sequence itself. It’s not flashy. It doesn’t have an amazing move set. There are no special powers and no showy visuals. Just a good old fist fight that Supergirl loses badly to in spectacular fashion. The pacing of the fight is perfect and for a 20+ minute fight sequence, I never once found myself thinking that things were repetitive or that they should move on with something else. Every punch, kick, bearhug, hair pulling (kind of my thing and I enjoyed every single one of them so thanks for that TBFE), throat grab, back breaker and more felt unique and flowed well from one to the other, making the whole fight a great experience.

    Second is the technical stuff of cinematography and editing which was great and on point. Every shot is just about perfect. Nearly every camera angle we are treated to seeing Lexi’s exquisite face twist and arch in pain while the Villain beats her down. There was never a time in this film where I thought “Man, I wish the camera was positioned elsewhere”. Got to enjoy seeing Lexi in pain nearly all the time. Well done TBFE. Well done.

    Third and the best part is Lexi. I praised her massively in Public Disgrace 4 and I’m about to praise her massively again in this release because this actress is one of kind. Without her being star actress, this definitely would be a lesser film. She sells peril with the best of them and I honestly believe that she’s the best R rated actress there is right now. Her expressions of pain are truly amazing. And it’s not just when she’s taking ‘hits’ that her expressions are quite the sight to behold. It’s all those moments between the blows. It’s the expression of pain she has even when she isn’t being struck at that moment. It’s the body language that she conveys that truly makes supergirl look completely helpless and at the mercy of the villain who’s taking his sweet time toying and tearing the heroine apart. Then there’s her cries of pain that are varied, feminine and down right hot when she’s taking a beating. But perhaps the best thing about her is the consistency. Her expressions and tone of voice are nearly always on point and almost always great so that everyone can surely find a couple segments where they’ll *really* enjoy her performance. That’s true talent right there.

    Personally, the thing enjoyed immensely in this film is in the latter half of the beatdown segment. It’s in this section supergirl becomes a virtual ragdoll. She’s completely manhandled and at the utter mercy of the villain she foolishly thought she could handle alone. These moments are when the Villain gives Supergirl a beating and then grabs her and repositions her to another part of the room. Sometimes he grabs her costume. Sometimes her hair. Other times he legit lifts her off the ground by her throat. And Supergirl—pained expression an all (Lexi’s amazing. I just can’t stress that enough)—ends up stumbling and barely able to keep her balance as she’s tossed from side to side before The Villain continues his vicious assault on the poor girl again. And it just repeats from there. Reposition Supergirl. Heroine is barely able to keep upright. Heroine looking a rag doll and barely able to see a few inches in front of her. Villain beats the crap out of her again. Awesome awesome awesome. It’s just 10-15 minutes of pure non stop peril filled action.

    Lexi’s selling of peril isn’t just confined to pained expressions and stumbling steps, great as those may be. Sometimes the Villain attacks leave her slightly discombobulated or sometimes out of breath or sometimes so powerful she spins around and gets knocked to the floor and Lexi completely nails them.

    One moment I’m going to bring special attention to is when The Villain, after destroying Supergirl for well over 10 minutes, decides to crush the heroine’s skull with his boot. Few things are better than hearing a heroine beg for mercy. Few things are even better than hearing Lexi, in pain and in distress, plead for said mercy. Hearing it twice in one film? Well that’s having cake and eating it twice as far as I’m concern.

    Then there’s the R rated section which was just as enjoyable as the beatdown section. First supergirl is forced to suck the Villain’s cock and she does not enjoy the action at all. She’s practically on the verge of tears and it was great to see. And the most awesome part: When the villain was forcing his cock down supergirl throat and she ends up away from him for a couple second. In those seconds, supergirl pleads saying “please stop. You gotta let me breath” in this really quiet, desperate and cute little voice. The villain though straight up ignores her, grabs her by the head and forces himself down her throat again. That. Was. Brillaint. And so was seeing her spit cum all over the floor once the Villain ejaculated in her mouth.

    The second portion of the R rated scene is when the Villain takes her from behind, inserting himself into her and having his way with supergirl. Lexi’s sold that pretty well.

    Now I would like to believe I’m fairly decent at describing things but honestly, I believe I’m doing Lexi’s selling ability a complete disservice here. You can’t fully put into words the performance this girl put on in this film. And you can’t overlook the directorial quality that TBFE placed into this one either. This was quite a show everyone involved put on. The only thing I wish was different was that there was a little bit more set up. What set up is in the film right now is passable but an additional two to five minutes of talking on Lexi’s part to really help establish the character of the heroine would have gone a long way. Maybe have a third or fourth character for supergirl to interact with but that’s just my two cents.

    Regardless, highly recommended video. Much to enjoy by most I feel. I give this a 9.5/10, two thumbs way up rating. If you like heroine beatdown films or heroine is demolished films then look no further than this one for your immediate needs.

    • redmanx says:

      I couldn’t agree more, the beating Supergirl takes is the most intensive Ive seen in the genre! Lexi is outstanding and excels in all areas! Oh, and the bad guy is very good too!

  9. Hey guys, I commissioned this and wanted to drop in with my thoughts. I had what I believe was a demanded script that dictated the flow of the film from beginning to end. In addition to several general descriptions of how I wanted things to go, I also included 36 very specific events.

    On the general level, I wanted this to be a fast-paced, brutal, one-sided, and violent beatdown video. I had a little sexual content at the end, but the main goal of the film was for Dolorfer to enjoy beating the hell out of SG (Yes, while she wore that costume. I love it and I don’t care what the haters say :p). To this end they did a fantastic job. I am very happy with how the overall flow turned out and it in very inline with what I wanted. There is no major aspect missing.

    On the 36 events mentioned above, all are present and most are exactly as I had imagined. There are a few that are slightly different than I had in my mind, but these are minor differences. In fact for the most part the only reason I say they are different is because the event is a bit quicker than I had imagined, so not different at all. There are even instances where they made improvements from what I had in mind. Here again, very happy even on the specific level.

    Lexi Belle did an amazing job as SG, like I knew she would. She is one of the best in this business imo and I am glad I was able to help in getting her in SHiP film of this tone. She perfectly and adorably portrays the confidence in the beginning. She is brilliant at the reactions and is able to show a great level of nuisance in the peril.
    Rock also did great for his role. I wanted the villain to be having the time of his life and enjoy the entire thing, and I think that was conveyed well enough.

    If I was going to complain about anything it would be that a few events moved a bit faster than I would have liked. This is a bit of a contradiction though because a key element of the film was a fast-pace. There are a few things I would have liked to have been slowed down slightly, but this is a minor complaint and not intended to bring things down.

    I am very happy and will most certainly use TBFE for my future customs. Thanks to Allen for being awesome through the whole process and thanks to everyone involved in the making of the film.

    • RyonaKing says:

      About the costume, did you specifically request that you can see a little bit of her underwear when she’s walking?

      If so, you are a man of phenomenal taste.

    • Kaizar says:

      The complaint was how it was more of the same basic core stuff. The irony I found is that it can go from the same basic thing done all the time; to an a original thing by simply swapping out the muscular guy with a muscular woman for the villain.

      Anyways the complaint was really only about one thing, the lack of an original basic core concept. People seen it a trillion times and its starting to lose its spark recently. So the release of this custom video was really just bad timing.

      • The core concept is not tired in any way to me. Adding a “muscular woman” would not improve these films for me. Don’t get me wrong, I understand the fatigue of these films lately, but it has nothing to do with the core concept. It’s because the pacing and movesets are not varied, at least from some producers. TBFE in general has not fallen into this yet imo.

        This is a very niche genre where the actual core concept is a heroine in peril. You can only vary that in so many ways. And as trite as this is to say, if these changes to the “core concept” are so important, everyone takes customs these days so the solution to the problem is very simple.

  10. Saw a comment talking about pristine sequel and how they would buy it to be honest. I would just like to chime in maybe do the sequel where its called impurity and thats her name now . I think it could work where someone lie a wonderous woman, powergirl, alpha girl or supegirl goes to investigate purity’s disappearance and goes to her last known location which is the facility, we could then see lexi as impurity in a black and silver costume corrupted by the toxin acting quite depraved and a deviant we could treat the toxin like marvel did with venom and the black symbiote costume in the early 90s because they said it was alive. we could see lexi(impurity), flaunt her body at the heroine and talk about them joining her and becoming one with the toxin. it could be a film with quite a bit of sexual peril throughout but also keeping quite a bit of combat. we could see it where impurity is hit in the crotch and breast areas and get aroused and where impurity had the same powers her uncorrupted version had but can also secrete the toxin from her hands when making contact with her opponents crotch , breasts and body including their arms. we could also from this launch a series where it switches between the villain in pristine (stan i think) and a corrupted heroine each video as the antagonist.

  11. Chris says:

    Each to their own but i don’t get the negative comments on this one. Snapshots 2,4 & 9 look pretty good to me.
    I realise this is just my opinion but I think the only way this particular scene could have been improved is if the villain pummelling & humiliating the gorgeous helpless blonde, was black.

  12. Baz says:

    Let’s be honest – this costume sucks

    • Kaizar says:

      Now if they had a muscular woman it would not only be different but also a first time ever done. And there’s plenty of such actresses as Brandi Mae and Megan Avalon and Goddess Rapture and so fort.

    • Imagineer says:

      Let’s be honest — he who writes the big check decides what does and doesn’t suck.

  13. mike3 says:

    Never was really a fan of this Supergirl outfit but as with everything else I’m sure Lexi makes it work just fine, and I might get this just because she’s in it.

    I do know that if there’s ever a sequel to Pristine or a vid with Lexi as Wonder Woman then they would be must-buys for me. Man was she perfect as Pristine!

    • Valour says:

      I agree with you that Lexi did a great job the moment she took on the supergirl role.

      I am beginning to like videos with Lexi in it. I am also hoping for another sequel of Public Disgrace 6 with Lexi facing the final boss and then getting her ass kicked and humiliated.

      Lexi has this innocent schoolgirl look and I think she makes better supergirl than wonder woman. Just a personal opinion.

  14. RenNStimpy says:

    Lexi posted this on insta on Aug 5th lol hope they got more stuff brewing

  15. Tim says:

    This looks great to me. Simple, total beat down followed by total humiliation.
    I can already see the comments coming though “This is just more of the same thing, blah, blah, blah, …”
    To that I say; If you really like the same thing, then you can never get enough.
    One sided beatdowns are like chips and salsa for me… It seems like I can keep eating em up forever! More, please.

    • shbeater says:

      And nice to see blood and bruising as well;. I wish this was dome more even though I know there are people who don’t like it.

      • Kaizar says:


      • Valour says:

        Agree with you completely. Blood and bruises makes it more real.
        Plus, I think having more cunt busts would be ideal as well. Those kind of cunt busts where the villain would punch/kick the heroine in the crotch, and then rub it in and then smash it again and again. Probably, best to film a short scene of a bruise cunt or tits. That would be darn great!

    • dkm says:

      Personally, I love a simple beatdown and total humilation in these videos. Love the blood and bruising in this one.

    • Kaizar says:

      But they could swap out the muscular guy for a muscular actress like Brandi Mae or Megan Avalon or Goddess Rapture or even Venus from landofvenus.com

      It not only woukd be different, but it would be a first time done ever as well. And the only change in this would be a muscular woman instead of a muscular man doing all these exact same things; including wearing the same strap-on this male actor was wearing, LOL but true.

      • digitalbleh says:

        There are plenty of videos out there with muscular women doing the beating of the superheroine, as well as playing the superheroine. Saharra Huxly, the lady from Weaponz Tokyo, Ariel X from UltimateSurrender. There are more too on the clips4sale superheroine section.

        In my opinion, i like this video how it is.

        • Imagineer says:

          Could you post the links to some videos? I think Kaizar needs help finding them, because he’s made this claim more than once before. (Not Saharra Huxly, because the last time this came up Kaizar said she wasn’t muscular.)

        • Kaizar says:

          Saharra Huxly is fat, and so are the weapons Tokyo videos.

          But Ultimatesurrender.com does have wrestling with muscular women vs. Skinny women, as well as muscular women vs. Muscular women.

          Ariel X & Brandi Mae & that black woman who I believe her name is Kelly Provacuter but I’m sure of her name.

          Christina Carter has done some videos with Goddess Rapture but Christina Carter is always already tied done and bonded from the start, and its not a CC Production video but I found it in clips4sale, but It doesn’t even play out like a superheroine video almost, i mean Christina Carter is in costume but literally nothing else….not much of a scenario.


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