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Divapocalypse 2 – Double Main Event

UPDATE: [Adults only] The “Double Main Event” of Divapocalypse 2 is now available at Pro Style Fantasies. See additional details below!


X Club Wrestling’s DIVAPOCALYPSE 2, Double Main Event!

In HD!

It’s the double main event from our BIGGEST wrestling event of the year, Divapocalypse!

In recent episodes of X Club Wrestling, we’ve seen The Mean Girls–XCW Champ Christie Stevens and her partner Jessica Ryan–brutalize and humiliate The Commandos! But everyone knows that GI Jewell never gives up, and so an “I Quit” tag team match might be just what the Commandos need to finally score a victory over The Mean Girls. But wait, the Mean Girls attack before the bell with weapons?! Does this mean yet another one-sided beatdown and sexual humiliation for the good girls??

We’ve also seen The Warrior suffering several vicious beatings at the hands of The Dominator and The Marquise. Now the sadistic twosome have challenged the Warrior to a three-fall tag match: First fall, regular pinfall or submission; second fall, a Last-Team-Standing match; third fall, a First Blood match! Who will the Warrior’s partner be? Especially since Cherry was beaten up and viciously sodomized earlier in the day by The Marquise and The Dominator??

Included in this HOT and exciting event:

Wrestling, brawling, foreign objects, sexual attacks, breast punches, multiple heart punch destruction, low blows, spanking, front and back wedgies, two-on-one and three-on-one beatdowns, stripping, strapon ravishing (softcore), unwilling oral, sleeper holds, camel clutch, elbow drop, stunner, back and ass stomps, cleavage clench, leg drops, rag dolling, one busted open wrestler, fondling, unwilling orgasms, and much more!!

Starring August Ames, Cherie Deville, Christie Stevens, Christina Carter, Diana Knight, Ela Darling, Jessica Ryan, Karlie Montana, Kymberly Jane, and Melissa Jacobs.

Over an HOUR of action! Only $34.95! Go to https://www.prostylefantasies.com and download the free trailer!

[Note: This video does NOT contain the Sinn/Midnight Gunner match; that will be released separately in June.]

Purchase this video at Pro Style Fantasiesx

71 Responses

  1. JobbersRock says:

    Another bad thing about RingDivas is that there are no trailers. They do no trailers or preview clips of any of their material, and I have discovered that I’d rather at least see a 30 sec. preview before deciding to purchase! They put up a few thumbnail pics and that’s about it! RingDivas was one of the first fetish type sites I discovered, so I bought a lot of the older material, before I started discovering other, better places like SuperHeroines World and XCW. And the models/actresses that Paris and Alex work with are in my opinion much better than most of what can be found on RingDivas as well! But I do still like a few of the ladies that work with RingDivas and do still buy from there occasionally. Not very often though.

  2. CaptainCrude says:

    @Alex, I’m super curious as to what classic Super Hero scene you’re referring to?

    I’d love to see Idelsy appear as a venomous earthy seductress in a continuation of that episode.

    I’ve also been interested in seeing a super villain utilize a dildo as a baton/club and swat it back and forth across a heroine’s face, and also utilize it by beating them over the head with it.

  3. GManLovesJobbers says:

    @ Kevlar , totally agree , the 1 thing I love about RingDivas is that they do Squash Matches , the bad thing about them , not 1 wrestler I want to see get pinned ever does , all those matches that I like , Beauty vs. Beast style end with ko’s or submissions , try buying a download where So Cal Val gets pinned , I could not find one , Alex does his best to try to please all the best he could , made my long time wish of seeing Angela as a wrestling jobber although it took 3 matches to see what I wanted to see the most , Angela get pinned . I know Alex has plans for her to return as a masked wrestler , hopefully the mask comes off rather quickly , but we trust Alex , so see where it goes when it cools down

  4. Kevlar says:

    You 100% get more “bang for your buck” with XCW than with RingDivas. I’ll use my most recent purchase as an example: I paid $40 for a 16 minute video, it took the girls 3 minutes to get into the ring including the intros, and 2 minutes for them to leave the ring at the end. Thats $40 for just over 10 minutes of actual wrestling!
    It might not be so bad if the actual wrestling was particularly good, but the moves are all very basic and fill what little action time there is with submission holds. I know Alex does some camera work, cutting and editting to pull of his “bigger moves”, but hes working with girls who aren’t wrestlers first and foremost. I used to get most of RDs videos (partly because I didn’t what else was out there), but they’ve lost all their best wrestlers like SoCal Val, Raquel Colon, Sam Sexton etc. and a lot of the new girls are beautiful, but they just don’t cut it fight-wise.
    Also all they ever seem to do are squash matches. 1 girl pummels another, repeat. At least have some back and forth, or put up a bit of a fight. You can often tell who’s going to win after the first 10 seconds.

    Rant aside, I’m really looking forward to the next XCW and SHW releases!

  5. Louis says:

    I’ve purchased a few of the RingDivas matches, often feeling buyer’s remorse after. The girls look good but a good portion of the vid time is pre-fight filler. The combat isn’t as “personal” and more awkward-looking compared to XCW. Even though their content isn’t trying to be adult, it feels like you get much more bang for your buck with XCW.

  6. GManLovesJobbers says:

    @BOB – it was a RingDivas match where Gojirah faced 9 rookies , all she did was toss 1 to the mat , apply her Asian Thumbspike & seconds later just toss the hapless girl to the side , not even seeing the girl tap out , but the ref indicated she was done for , it went so quick , just one after another , 1 move & the thumbspike

  7. Bob says:

    Gman, what company or video is that handicap match u speak if above?

  8. CaptainCrude says:

    Cool, thanks Alex! I actually really appreciate you updating us and taking that time for yourself. Enjoy having some time off of shooting! The last year of videos was great!

    When more comes to mind I’ll throw it out there.

  9. GManLovesJobbers says:

    Hey Alex , just a few suggestions on some new girls , (1) Jenny Poussin (2) Got / Love Gisele (3) Priya Rai ( 4 ) Taya Parker (5) Lisa Ann ( 6 ) Nina Mercedes , to start to name a few , wonder if you have any connections or personal knowledge of these girls , they’d be great in XCW , especially Jenny as a total jobber , her & Taya as a tag team , even better

  10. Alex Bettinger says:

    @KE5612: Hey don’t worry, I’ll be back in September. Just taking some time off for the hot summer months, and also to regroup and do some writing and just generally not get burnt out. I am still plotting a new superheroine video in the meantime, and I have just about all the major story arcs for XCW already written out. This fall will be HOT for X Club Wrestling!!

    @CaptainCrude: Glad you liked it, actually the new superheroine vid I have in mind probably will be some sort of continuation of the Red Queen video. I have a very specific scene/action that I’ve been wanting to shoot ever since I first got into the business (it’s a redo of a very classic superhero movie scene), and I think I have figured out a way to do it. I just need a good superheroine actress that is cool with shooting a blowjob scene šŸ˜‰ Probably will pick someone new.

  11. CaptainCrude says:

    Off subject of XCW, but I just purchased and watched the Red Queen’s House of Horror and Humiliation… and it is paramount to all other superheroine peril films I’ve seen. The Red Queen is devilish, she makes zero apologies for her behavior – even when she looks to have lost she is only frustrated that she was inferior for a moment. The tide always turns in her favor and she always has an out. She’s the most vague super villainess but also the most simple. She is violent and perverted. The combination of the two make her seemingly unbeatable.

    I really dig that character, I hope we see Randy Moore play her again. The idea of the world these Superheroine’s live in being interconnecting was the most exciting part of the recent take on the Hawk Heroine’s. I would love to see those stories continue somehow. Maybe a sister for the RQ, a Pink Queen played by a bubbly domineering super-powered Kymberly Jane or a seductive heart pounding one played by Jessica Ryan? Seeing Kymberly play a bad girl for a change would be really fun to see.

    Ive got a few more ideas Im tweeking and will share later

  12. kazecam says:

    look at alex’s post on june 9th and you’ll find your answers

  13. KE5612 says:


    I’m not sure I’ve ever had to go to page five to find your last video. What’s up? What’s next?

  14. bazoka11 says:

    @ALEX Concerning Raquel III is there part two or not ?

  15. Unmasked05 says:

    @Alex love the unmasking angle with Angela. Should be an incredible hot match!!

  16. GManLovesJobbers says:

    @ Alex – Always trust you

  17. djarte says:

    Hi Alex,

    please give us new or already existing jobbers where they get their ass kicked as always!! You are so good at it and i am a big fan of seeing Jobbers wrestle and get humiliated in a soft way,

    A loyal fan šŸ˜‰

  18. Alex Bettinger says:

    Hey Gman- so I’m very aware of the drawbacks of a mask. But with the storyline I have in mind, she will be very routinely unmasked and actually will be out of the mask much more often than in it. It’s a cool idea we have, and I think everyone will like it. You’ll have to trust me on this one. šŸ˜‰

  19. GManLovesJobbers says:

    Also , the Lucha Underground show I was taping , I stopped taping that as well since all they had was Sexy Star & Ivellise , now I tape Zero wrestling shows , I am pretty much out of the loop except for your stuff . Actually saw a match from another company that is known on here that they wanted $40 for , an extended handicap match where rookie after rookie pretty much took 1 move & the had the big & bad heel do her finisher until the bell rang without any rookie really even tapping out , but the rookie was eliminated none the less , your stuff is the most enjoyable , the only thing enjoyable besides mine & some others written stories

  20. GManLovesJobbers says:

    Please don’t hide Angela’s beautiful face behind a mask , not a fan of masked face wrestlers , don’t even watch those matches when they are masked, but that is just me & I wish Sexy Star would finally lose her mask in a match , did see a pic of her without it , she is gorgeous

  21. fbsol says:

    Hey Alex,
    I sent an email with some ideas.

  22. Joe K says:

    An idea for superheroines is possibly new weaknesses. Not just Chloroform and krytonite. Maybe a nerdy/genius heroine who gets attack and a evil scientist drains her IQ. Maybe a “Asgardian” type heroine who has her alien powers taken from her turning her back into a schoolgirl (her earth alias). I know these aren’t that detailed but I just think we need different weaknesses

  23. Alex Bettinger says:

    Hey everyone! Thanks again to everyone who got Divapocalypse 2, it’s one of our top 3 sellers of all time already, and quite honestly that’s been a great help to me personally, as I’ve had to deal with some sad family issues for the past couple of months. So thank you to all the amazing XCW fans!!!!

    What I’d LIKE to shoot next is the Divapocalypse 2 undercard match, The Midnight Gunner vs. Sinn…in some sort of brutal tables ladders and chairs match. If I can get everything in order for that before the heat really sets in, then that’s what we’ll do!

    If it starts getting too hot, then I’m afraid there won’t be any new XCW vids until September, since there’s no A/C in the gym, and it’s just too brutal to shoot during July and August.

    But in that case, then I’d probably just shoot some superheroine stuff. It’s been a while since I did that! I think I’d like to just try something brand new on that count…new characters, new costumes. I just need something new to inspire me. I’m open to suggestions on actresses, costume types, etc.

    Will keep you guys apprised!

    Oh, regarding the storyline for Angela’s character, I have a long story arc in mind for that, so it’ll probably have to wait til after the summer. I’ll give you a hint though: the luchadora Sexy Star is a main inspiration for it…

  24. GManLovesJobbers says:

    @ Alex – also wondering about what is going on with my favorite , Angela , now that the Ocean Patrol is planned to be no more

  25. Bob says:

    I hate to be so impatient, but any idea when we can expect the next vid? Thanks.

  26. CaptainCrude says:

    I’d like to see Nikki get banged by Jessica and Christie again and finally say “yes”. And then actually join the Mean Girls by betraying Jewell. Eventually have James Jackson schedule a 3 on 1 and Nikki could turn on the Mean Girls giving them a hard dose of reality.

    I would love to see Nikki be the girl that can take it and dish it out, while Jewell looks equally as shocked and isn’t sure if they should be doing things that way. Nikki is so voluptuous- as a “Mean Girl” it would be really sexy to see her taunt and tantalize her at first. Maybe even use her breasts to box Jewell’s face around before Christie presses Jewell’s entire face up against one of them to suffocate her momentarily.

    There are a lot of things that could happen next though- I’m excited.

  27. ME2015 says:

    So I finally ended up buying it and I liked it! I would rank this 2nd place amongst the 3 big events of XCW with the first Divap. at 1st place and the rumble last. You weren’t joking when you said it had its sexual elements despite it being softcore. I really enjoyed the first fight.

    So two quick questions… Any plans to do a f/f superheroine movie again some time in the future? Feels like it’s been awhile, especially with the last one being a females vs male.
    And secondly, is there any chance you’ve heard of Erika Jordan, Alex? I’ve completely fallen for that girl lately and I’ve seen her star in some other Superheroine films around here in other productions for instance. She’s a fighter but she can also play the innocent role. I’ve seen her worked with both Randy, Christie and Angela amongst others, so I’m certain she would fit your style very well. If there’s any chance you could get her for one of your f/f videos, I would be buying it regardless!

  28. GManLovesJobbers says:

    @Bob , sorry , but I have not actually picked this one up yet , I myself would like to know how the matches really end , pins , ko’s what ? – I love Alex’s stuff , but too many unknowns still when it comes to the endings of these matches , my ideal would be 1-2-3 on August & 1-2-3 on Karlie

  29. CaptainCrude says:

    Great production!

    This featured two of the all time greatest beat downs I have ever seen in this genre.

    Jewell and Nikki are equally unprepared for who they are up against. Jessica fucking oozes sensuality in this one, and she does it all against that bright red wall that accentuates all of the humiliation that is taking place. Christie really has made Jewell her little bitch, and I loved the almost blonde moment at the end when she says, “I quit.”

    Karli coming back was a great surprise – and I’m excited to find out why the Warrior traded in her good girl card. Overall the second match was good. The Marquise really put Karli in her place after letting her get a pin fall. I think that could have been played up more the by the actresses or in the script, after all it was a swerve. I hope they make fun of her for it a lot more in the future.

    Jessica stole the show in this one – but she couldn’t have done it without Christie beating on Jewell and making her watch what happened to Nikki. It was pathetic and embarrassing for both of them to win that way.

    Great episode, I have so much more to say about the series going forward!

  30. Milena says:

    I give this production 4 out 5 stars.
    I loved Karlie return and even more the Warrior’s heel turn! Amazing!
    And GI Jewell being dismantled was really good. The heart punches being repeated again and again were a sign that the Mean Girls are MEAN!
    I thought that Nikki James would become a powerful wrestler, but her cowardly escape showed her true self. Nice idea!
    And as always the camera work was stellar!

    So why not 5 out of 5?
    It would have been, but once again all the good girls were bare legs. We haven’t seen any fishnets or tights since X CLUB RUMBLE. Quite curious if you think that all pro-wrestlers actually wear nylons or fishnets to look better on camera! Let’s hope the Tigress comes back with her black nylon clad legs and saves us (me at least)! šŸ™‚

  31. Bob says:

    @gmanlovesjobbers what’s your take on divapocalypse 2? I haven’t picked this one up yet but you and I usually have pretty similar tastes on these vids and it seems the ones you like I usually like as well. This one worth a pickup?

  32. GManLovesJobbers says:

    @ Alex , on your twitter page which I check but can’t reply because I am not on twitter , actually have no clue what it is , but just checking a few moments ago , instead of August Ames being listed in a post , August Taylor was & seeing her page & a few pics , wondering if you could possibly get her in the x-club , she’d make a scrumptiously delicious jobber

  33. KE5612 says:

    Can it finally be the more straight forward match between these two teams?! They have to lose fairly and soundly. Everything must be taken. I’d love to see the mean girls just talk to Nikki before the match, in the locker room, and ask her why she would risk her career to partner with such a washed up wrestler. They will recount all the losses, all the beatings, all the helplessness. She’ll stand by Jewell, but in her face you can see the doubt. Maybe Jewell could come in at this point and we would get the challenge. Nikki would shake off this doubt and say she wants a fair fight, that the commandos couldn’t be beaten in a fair fight, and the mean girls only won because they cheated.

    Then a straight fight with Jewell fighting for the fences and coming up short, and Nikki giving a solid effort only to have it all washed away when she can’t rely on her partner. The ending has to be horrific. Like episode six, with one handcuffed to the turnbuckle and made to watch as the other is played with.

  34. Amazing response to this one, thanks to everyone who got this already!

    Karlie is definitely back for now, and I foresee a very intense feud between her and The Warrior in the next few episodes!

    Why did Christie throw the match against The Commandos? Stay tuned to find out!

  35. Ziggy says:

    I am more into your superheroine stuff. That one with Idelsy Love getting raped by a plant, a work of art lol

  36. Laundry says:

    I give this one 5 out 5 stars. Cherie is great new face and looks great koed with her bare ass out. G.I Jewell has never been better and Jessica and Cristie are great torturing her and Ames. And Ames has improved alot in selling and getting jobbed. Karlie gives a great performance as always to top off the finale. And as always the really stellar camera work just puts this through the roof.WOW!!!

  37. Louis says:

    I’d like to see Jewell alternate between her first and second outfits.

    Christie is so much better as the American Mean Girl. It would be cool if, in one of her future matches, partner Jessica revisited her earlier role as a fair and unbiased referee.

    I never quite got on The Warrior band wagon, esp. in her push to become The Dominator’s nemesis. So I’m totally fine to see her change sides and feel she makes a formidable third member of this new stable.

    Speaking of three women stables, I’m reminded of the baby face stable w/ Karlie, Jewell, and Tigress. Now the heels have the big guns. It was good to see The Bitch back in the ring; if this was a one time deal, it’s a better sendoff than the backstage assault.

    As good as the matches are, like others here, I’m really waiting for The Tigress to get back even if for just one night… preferably running a grueling Gauntlet successfully until the very last woman.

  38. valugi says:

    I found PPV very good, but I have some considerations first Commandos hoped that more work for the villains, not that they were a jobber team, could have suffered the same humiliation, but could have had his moment, I feel sad too that Tigress not returned yet, despite also like Karla, but I think it is a good time to return tigress, since we have few characters of good, especially with the Warrior to turn hell

  39. Lurker says:

    excellent……buy anything with agaust ames

  40. uhzoomzip says:

    I can highly recommend this installment. I regard myself as the number one G.I. Jewell fan, and boy, does Kym Jane ever bring it this time around. First time in the classic hotpants in the new HD filming style. Absolutely gorgeous belly out on display. She’s magnificent, and this is clearly her finest hour in this series. August Ames is also lovely, and it was adorable to watch her cowardly abandon her partner to get worked over in the ring at the end lol. Interested to see what Christie has up her sleeve in the future.

    Karlie Montana is obviously fantastic and her presence is always welcome. I have to say I am a bit bummed by The Warrior’s heel turn. I really loved the idea of this cute little pipsqueak like Melissa Jacobs being consistently unable to back up her tough girl routine and getting her shit wrecked for writing checks her ass can’t cash. I’m hoping team evil eventually turns on her a la Emily “The Assassin” Addison.

    In the end, it’s everyone firing on all cylinders and reflects the best of what the previous installments in the series have accomplished. 10 lovely ladies and one maniacal genius behind the lens pulling the strings.

  41. JobbersRock says:

    I will definitely purchase this real soon. August Ames has quickly became one of my faves and i’ll get anything she is involved in. Also liking Melissa Jacobs the more i see of her. Based on the stills and trailer, this looks to be an awesome episode, but of course they all are, because YOU are awesome Alex, and your work never disappoints.

    One question, any clue yet when the Tigress will be returning? Looking forward to her first defeat.

  42. GeekyPornCritic says:

    The Mean Girls verse the Commandos is the best squash match in the history of XCW. I would love to see August Ames return in a singles match against Jessica to only be sexually dominated and totally seduced in their next meeting. August said no but her body clearly says yes. I want to see her finally tell Jessica how much she actually enjoys being sexually violated by her.

    I was not expecting The Warrior to turn heel. It was unexpected and makes her debut a bit pointless. She was the first woman to handle The Dominator. That’s how she made a quick name for herself. Why did she join this stable after they made her have orgasms in their last few matches?

  43. KE5612 says:

    Well, a squash was not what I expected, but it was darn good. Glad to see Karlie back. Will she be sticking around or was this a one off? Who can compete with this new Team Evil? I also can’t wait for what happens between Nikki and Jewel next! Commandos never give up! Will we get another tag team challenge? A chance at redemption for the Commandos? Please? They must know that they weren’t really beaten. They were jumped! Also, so glad to see Jewell in her old outfit instead of the singlet. She looks so much softer and punchable. Speaking of which, in the early episodes, you focused on her back, I would like to see a match focused on her stomach pain and belly punches. August looks…um…well…August Ames, wow. Christie’s smack talk was good. Nice to see that she is becoming a conniving mean girl, that she is planning long term pain.

  44. MyNameisURL says:

    August Ames looks amazing! Any way we can have a vid of her just getting banged by every other XCW wrestler? LOL

  45. Well clearly a desperate competitor of mine is complaining about my trailers and getting them taken down. But Divapocalypse 2 is now ONLINE! Grab the trailer at the site!!


    Over an HOUR of intense action! Just $34.95! Starring August Ames, Cherie Deville, Christie Stevens, Christina Carter, Diana Knight, Ela Darling, Jessica Ryan, Karlie Montana, Kymberly Jane, and Melissa Jacobs!

  46. Oh, you can watch the trailer now here: https://youtu.be/370rx930Cus

  47. It’s still morning where I am! Just finished cutting the trailer, just grabbing some stills. Should be ready about 10:30am Pacific time!

  48. Pacman says:

    I thought this would be released this morning?

  49. ME2015 says:

    @ Alex – I see. I’m not saying that I don’t want to buy if it’s strictly softcore though. I often times find myself revisiting the first few episodes, especially the one with Lux and Charlie Laine. If the overall episode is good enough (which they always are when it comes to you) and also appealing to me, I often buy them anyways.

    That’s interesting to hear Alex. The 1st Divapocalyps, as well as the Bra and Panty destruction are among my all time favorites (the last being a custom if I remember correctly), regardless of producer and site. And what differs them from the rest is the acting and the action.

    I’ll be thinking this through a bit first, and I’ll see what I’ll do then.

  50. ME2015 says:

    @KE5612 – “Trailor” and “Trailer” aren’t the same xP Anyways, I only asked for softcore/hardcore elements. If it’s strictly softcore related like the “usual bit,” I don’t think I’ll be spending money at it at all, at least not until some time in the fall, regardless of 10 bucks or not. I’m asking because I’ve bought like 5 xcw videos since the 1st Divapocalyps (one of them the XCRumble), and it’s been like 17 episodes since then, and none of them have had the effect on me like XCW did in the past. Before then, I had bought almost every episode from the first one up till the 23rd with the exception of only one. The main reason to the drastic change is because my preference has changed over the years, and I’m into more hardcore stuff now than before. My last few buys have been more as an addition to something else than a stand-alone buy. And like I mention, I still enjoy the action, but I can’t afford to keep buying just because of that.

    Also, I already asked how much he could reveal in regards to that =p If he says he can’t, then that’s fine, haha. It’s not so much about the 10 bucks. If it has hardcore elements in it, I’ll buy it regardless of the price.

  51. I would say that if anyone has *any* reservations, then just wait til Thursday–I’ll be releasing an extensive trailer and tons of stills as I always do.

    The question about hardcore/softcore is a fair one, though–this particular episode has some very extreme sexual themes, as is often the case in X Club Wrestling, but is ultimately softcore.

    Strangely enough, it never really occurred to me to think of the special big events (Divapocalypse, X Club Rumble) as special occasions for hardcore. But actually that might be a good idea. I really prefer to shoot softcore, but maybe in the future, that will be the rule–I’ll shoot softcore in normal episodes, and then at least one hardcore scene for each big event PPV. That might be a nice way to divide the content. I’ll see about doing it that way!

  52. ke5612 says:

    @me2015 – “I know you are intentionally not releasing a trailor…but could you tell me everything that’s in it so i don’t waste $10.” Dude.

  53. ME2015 says:

    I’ve been waiting a long time for something new from you Alex, and I bet this is as great as always. I am curious though of what you can possible reveal of the content and what not, as I’m a bit on the sideline whether or not to jump the discount while I still can. Funny enough, I’ve often times returned to XCW lately for entertainment purposes only (the acting, the choreography and the action has always been great to me), but not so much for the pleasuring aspects. I guess the reason to this is that the other sites I do visit have no action at all but jumps straight to the act, and that gets kind of boring at times but that’s what I ultimately want to see. I do like it to be evened out more however, like in your videos. So I’m wondering, how far does the 2nd Divapocalyps go in terms of softcore/hardcore elements? Is it similar to the first Divapocalyps (hardcore elements) or is it more similar to the XCRumble (softcore elements)?

    Hope you can shed some light on it despite the fact that everything is supposed to be secret for now. It kind of decides whether or not I’ll be buying this first hand, or if I’ll save it for later some time down the line when my economy is a bit better (despite it being 10 bucks off now).

  54. Okay, the Divapocalypse 2 Double Main Event is done, and is uploaded! (For anyone who tried to download the regular HD file earlier today, the file was corrupt, but it’s fixed now–so just redownload it!)

    This event runs over an HOUR long, and features a cast of 10 performers, including of course Kymberly Jane, Christie Stevens, August Ames, Jessica Ryan, Diana Knight, Melissa Jacobs, Christina Carter, Cherie Deville, and Ela Darling.

    The very special huge discount PRE-SALE will continue until tomorrow morning; orders by email only (just email me for info at slayerparisproductions@yahoo.com). Only $24.95 for the next 24 hours ONLY. That’s a $10 discount!! Just for the die-hard and awesomely loyal XCW fans who know they’re gonna get this no matter what!

    Tomorrow morning I’ll release the trailer and the video will be available for purchase at the regular price. Stay tuned!!!

  55. Uploading the HQ files now, they’re huge since the Divapocalypse 2 double main event is OVER an hour long. (That’s why this has taken so long!)

    Anyway, once I have the HQ files up I’ll start sending out passcodes to everyone who has pre-ordered this. Then right after that I’ll upload the regular HD version. Stay tuned!

  56. Thanks everyone! I’m rendering and uploading now–so not much longer, but at least an hour. If you sent a payment already check your email in about 2 hours!

  57. Kevlar says:

    When other producers would disappear for weeks without any notice, or delay releases without any reasoning or warning, Alex Bettinger keeps the fans in mind. My utmost respect for you has unimaginably increased. I’ll be in touch with my early order for what looks like another cracker XCW Main Event!

    Best thoughts, wishes and regards to you and your family.

  58. KE5612 says:

    Really looking forward to this one. It has been so long! Glad you are releasing today. In the past, you have mentioned that you were going to use this Divapocalypse as an opportunity to focus on some other series. Which ones have you been hoping to shoot?

  59. CaptainCrude says:

    Christie’s boobs look fucking huge! I look forward to seeing her demolish GI Jewell.

  60. My guess is another 3 hours to edit, then actually another couple hours to render.

    so eveningtime, pacific time it looks like.

  61. Enigma says:

    Let me know when it is done

  62. JR says:

    As loyal fan I’d be a complete fool to pass up $10 off. Email sent!

  63. Okay, so I’m far enough along to know that the FULL official price for this Divapocalypse double main event will be $34.95. If you order now or by Thursday morning, however, BY EMAILING ME and ordering via email and pay pal, then you will get the HUGE $10 discount.

    Some time on Thursday I will release the trailer and the episode will be made available on ProStyleFantasies.com at the full price. Email me soon and make payment arrangements if you want the crazy discount!!

    Just a heads up!

  64. Gigafiend says:

    Who is the military girl getting the sleeper hold? Moly Moses she’s hot

  65. Later today! I’m working on the last match now!

  66. bazoka11 says:

    @ALEX when Divapocalypse 2 will be available ?

  67. uhzoomzip says:

    Two words: Hell yes. I’ve been pumped for the “The Warrior in a sexy god damn bikini” match since Melissa posted this gem on Twitter back in March https://pbs.twimg.com/media/B_nDHEtUIAAC4yy.jpg. Instant buy. My $25 is ready and waiting.

    Thank you very much for your devotion to the fans and the consistently high level of quality of each production. Wishing you and your loved ones comfort and support.

  68. @Stee — not sure how long it is, since I’m still editing, but it will be at least as long as a longer episode of XCW. Two full matches and a couple other things. A cast of ten.

    The blonde on the floor is Cherry (Cherie Deville), who scored a pinfall on The Marquise in episode 35 when she ended up teaming with The Warrior. I don’t think the Marquise is too happy about that!!

  69. Stee says:

    I want to strongly echo MCarvalh’s sentiments. He put it much better than I possibly could have.

    I WILL be buying this and hate to ask but how long is it? How long is the sale? Who is that girl laying face down in the first picture?

    Again, sorry for your loss.

  70. Aw thanks MCarvalh.

    And since I’ll be up probably all night finishing the video, anyone who wants to order this double main event from Divapocalypse 2 now may do so at the very special discounted price of $24.95. The official price will be at least $29.95, maybe $34.95. But if you want to pre-order this vid tonight (by email), then you can get it for $24.95. Just email me at slayerparisproductions@yahoo.com and let me know you want to pre-order it, and I’ll send you the payment info. The video will be finished tomorrow!


  71. MCarvalh says:


    I do not have enough words to describe how wonderful of you it is to think about us (the fans) in a moment you are dealing with family issues. I have always been a huge fan of your work and now I admire you even more.

    I hope you and your family find the comfort you need in this difficult moment.

    Thanks again for your great work,