Dominated Heroines’ “Princess Diamond”

Princess Diamond is an oldie but goodie from Dominated Heroines.  Released several years ago, back when Dominated Heroines seemed to focus more on heroine peril rather than explicit sex, Princess Diamond was my personal favorite from this site.  It featured just about everything I like about heroine peril movies, but on a tiny budget (which kind of adds to the charm).  Although it’s kind of repetitive and maybe a little one-dimensional, it features a great performance from the actress playing Princess Diamond, and tells a very simple heroine story very well.

The “story” is this: Princess Diamond fights a demon-looking creature called, appropriately, The Horn Beast.  At first, she wins.  Then, the Horn Beast steals her “power ring,” so she loses.  The creature ties her up by her wrists and tortures her for the remainder of the film’s running time.  It’s pretty much as simple as it gets, story-wise, but thanks to an awesome performance from Princess Diamond, this heroine movie didn’t need any contrived plot developments.

First, the villain is no match for our heroine.  She’s a young, sexy, innocent girl who can easily kick the ass of this villain.  She easily defeats the Horn Beast in hand-to-hand combat, basically humiliating him.  He continually fails to land a single punch as she tosses him around like a rag doll.  This establishes her dominance over her inferior opponent.  The villain keeps picking himself up and coming back for more, but the heroine appears unstoppable.

While the fighting scenes aren’t particularly well-choreographed or performed, for some reason, this all seems to work pretty well.  Princess Diamond looks hot in her outfit and seems into her performance.  Plus, having the knowledge that the Horn Beast will eventually get his revenge on Diamond makes the anticipation all the more intense.  So these early fight scenes are actually pretty entertaining.

But then the bad guy cheats.  We learn that he has stolen her “power ring,” which will cause her powers to slowly fade.  The Horn Beast knew, of course, that in a fair fight, he wouldn’t stand a chance against his better-trained, better-looking, more awesome, hotter opponent, and so he had to cross the line and cheat in order to stand a chance.

Now that the Horn Beast has stolen the power ring, it’s only a matter of time before the tide turns.  Princess Diamond continues to easily kick the Horn Beast’s ass, punching and kicking him and demanding the return of her power ring.  But slowly, her strength fades, and soon, the two fighters are evenly matched.  After a few moments, Princess Diamond is significantly weakened.  The two lock hands in a test of strength, and Princess Diamond falls to her knees.  The villain begins punching and kicking her, slowly enjoying beating and torturing our poor, weakened heroine.

After giving her a good beating, the Horn Beast lifts the unconscious Princess Diamond off the ground and carries her to the torture area.  Because this movie was made on an incredibly small budget, the torture area is about two feet away.  But nevertheless, some people love the “over-the-shoulder-carry” image, and so there you go.  After making this two-foot journey, the Horn Beast ties up Princess Diamond in an arms-over-head position.

I really liked seeing the actual tying up of the heroine.  Most heroine peril films skip over this and cut to an already bound heroine, but here we actually see the process.

The villain taunts our weakened heroine by proclaiming that he will make her his slave and otherwise verbally humiliates her.  He delivers stomach punches and back punches, laughing and totally satisfied with the torture.  He works slowly, taking his time in between blows, enjoying it thoroughly.  Princess Diamond’s reactions are, for the most part, excellent.  She’s really into it, and “sells” each strike very well.

This continues for several “episodes.”  In fact, the entire Princess Diamond video lasts 18 episodes, and the final 10 consist of Diamond tied up and being tortured by the Horn Beast.  (Not a bad ratio, in my opinion.)

Not a whole lot happens, but the villain continues tormenting Diamond by hitting her with a stick, punching her, pulling her hair.  He eventually removes her top and her skirt, revealing a black bra and black panties underneath.  (I would imagine this movie must have frustrated the hell out of a lot of viewers, since we don’t get to see any nudity or explicit sex).  In any event, Princess Diamond looks totally hot, weakened and dangling from her wrists as the Horn Beast continues to torture her.

The movie ends with our heroine, Princess Diamond, totally defeated and unconscious.  It’s implied in an extreme close-up of Diamond that all of her clothes have been removed, but we can’t tell for sure.

Even though Princess Diamond takes place in a small garage-like room with garbage bags apparently serving as a backdrop, a Halloween costume for the villain’s wardrobe, only two actors, and non-existent special effects, this is one of my favorite heroine movies.  It does everything a good heroine torture movie should do, in my opinion, and it shows that even with a miniscule budget, if attention is paid to the story elements, and is the performances are good enough, an excellent heroine movie can be the result.  I give Princess Diamond an A-.

Note: Now that Dominated Heroines no longer exists, I’m not sure if this video is available anywhere. If anyone has any information about where to purchase this or other Dominated Heroines videos, feel free to leave a comment or contact me.



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