“Downton Femmes” from Kick Ass Femmes

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TimCaine avatar
2 years ago

Agreed the acting in this one wasn’t up to the usual KAF standards. Plus, the action sequences were not great. No real beatdowns. Just a sneak up on somebody and quickly dispatch them.
BUT…. having said that, I have to say Lora is a total smoke show! I’m hoping she gets a little better when she’s more comfortable in front of the camera, because… WOW! she’s hot.
Perhaps if she’s cast in a role where she takes an extended beatdown… Anyway, I love KAF and look forward to every release.

RyonaKing avatar
2 years ago

As one who much prefers leotards over catsuits, and also the fact that kickass femmes has a habit of featuring their ladies in catsuits, this vid has brought me great pleasure, i.e. this vid features leotards of the highest caliber.
The acting and choreography leaves much to be desired, but I don’t mind that too much when it is a tradeoff for having an actress that looks like a 10/10 italian model (imo).