“Eclipse-Merciless Hunter” from Secret Heroine Films

Secret Heroine Films has a new video available called Eclipse-Merciless Hunter. Check out more details below.


From new comer Amy Fantasy. Starring as Eclipse. Someone has put a bounty on Eclipses head. Mondo the alien mercenary traps Eclipse while she is weak. They are equal in strength and power until “The Queen” arrives. Between Mondo and the Queen, Eclipse is subjected to awful pain and humiliation and before they kill her, she will pay the ultimate price: The complete destruction of her heroism.

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25 Responses

  1. ODILE says:

    Beautiful model, nice costume, good action, unmasking scene… If I believe what I see in the trailer, and I do. I’m going to buy it as soon as possible…

  2. toshiki says:

    I see in the trailer there’s a girl/girl cradle carry. Does the villainess carry the heroine any other ways (whether in lifting moves like bearhugs or just plain old OTS or whatever)?

  3. Todd says:

    This model is HOT– PLEASE do more work with her! Keep the chloro scenes coming!!! An OTS w her would be great too!

  4. Mike3 says:

    Bought this and loved it so much I bought the first Eclipse video…and loved that one just as much! Someone commented that the heroine in this one is hotter than the first. That may be so but I think they both have a lot going for them. They both put on a great act. Maybe have a part 3 starring both of them? 🙂

    Great job by everyone in this one. Mondo’s a cool villain. And as great as Amy was here (and I definitely hope to see more of her), I feel the lady who played the queen stole the show in some ways. I can’t wait to see her in a heroine role.

  5. RGO305 says:

    Who plays the queen? Hope to see more of her!

  6. Andrewr255 says:

    So, anyone else really, really, really angry at these guys because they no longer actually show the hits in their videos but instead constantly cut away from one angle to another on the actual hit?!!

    • renNstimpy says:

      the only thing I’m really bummed about is the fact that they’re punches still sound like they’re not loud enough. so they kinda make up the intensity with the camera angle work.

      • Smitty says:

        I need to second this. You all are doing the best work in the genre right now in my opinion but the weak punches really take you out of it sometimes.

        • Mr. Hero says:

          Hey Guys

          I appreciate the comments. I make these videos for you guys so if there are things that you want me to improve on, I will listen.

          SFX: Ive been hearing the negatives on the punch sounds for awhile and Ive been trying to make them louder. In fact, Eclipse punch sounds are turned way up. I personally like the sounds that I have now and everything else that Ive heard sound too cartoony. Buy maybe thats the way that I need to go. They will stand out more?

          Editing: My editing has never really changes, so Im not sure what you (Andrewr255) are referring too. I like to switch back and forth between punches, since thats cinematic. Perhaps Ill cut down on the cuts (not too much) and focus on the heroine for longer takes

          Hope that helps

          • renNstimpy says:

            the punches are definately better in this film I joined they were louder. and loud punches sound way more brutal and make the best down far more intense

          • Bob says:

            The sounds seem fine to me but I agree with Andrewr255 (though I’m not remotely “angry”); the problem isn’t cutting from one angle to the other — the problem is when. Frequently the cut is on the punch, to the puncher, so you don’t see the heroine’s reaction. Better, I think, to see the reaction then cut.

          • otherMav says:

            Do you do custom videos? If so, how do I contact someone about content and price.


  7. bigsqueeze says:

    This was a good movie. great bearhug by Mondo.. Though the queen looks built and strong….would of loved to see her bearhug the heroine. Could have been one of the few times that a villianess actually has the look and power to actually give a heroine a really good sell-able bearhug….A opportunity missed there i think anyway….maybe next time…hehe…still a great movie…

  8. dkm says:

    Liked this one, thought the villainess has GREAT arms and I’d really like to see her destroyed as a heroine in an upcoming film. The new Eclipse is beautiful as well.

  9. vadimfv says:

    New Eclipse actress is hotter than the last one, if that’s possible. This is a dream convergence..Amy Fantasy (Amie Chan) is a hot cosplayer who also does fetish/nude! (Most cosplayers are too prudish to cross over). Based in Oregon where a lot of talent seems to come from (Ashley Lane, Belle Fatale etc). Her photos on Modelmayhem and Facebook are fantastic – unbelievably sexy lithe form. This is not her first SHIP video, either – she was the villainess Killer Bee in “Bitch Squad” (a nice Suicide Squad parody). Producers need to hire this woman repeatedly!

    • vadimfv says:

      Aaaaand…she has a channel on myfreecams which she works at most nights, in costume I would imagine. She signed off moments before I found it..hot damn…Is Portland some kind of sex-positive feminist paradise? 🙂

  10. randomguy says:

    Good movie but I just want to point out that while Eclipse is being held she constantly keeping her hands behind her back as if her wrists are tied (and they are not). Would look more realistic if she had her hands out in front of her struggling/pulling to get away.

  11. Not Bert says:

    Does the heroine ko or kill anyone in this and if so, who?

    [ HM – Edited your username. Please choose a different one next time to avoid confusion. ]

  12. LordSnot says:

    Nice, that girl is built for the part!

  13. BARON27 says:

    What peril elements does this movie contain?

    • Mr. Hero says:

      @ BARON27

      Low blows
      Belly Punches
      Torture Rack
      Bear Hug
      Costume destruction
      Mask removal
      Chloro while getting Forced O

      • Steve says:

        And a LOT of fondling!!

        • Sugarcoater says:

          Any dialogue during the climaxing? How is the acting? Thanks to anyone who can add more details. The preview is a bit too brief :/