“WonderKix” from Kick Ass Kandy

"WonderKix" from Kick Ass KandyI can already hear your voices, peril fans: “Here’s that idiot Sidekick again with another girl power review.” You’re damn right! And this idiot makes no apologies for it—the opportunity to cover a movie where Ella Palfrey is dressed like Wonder Woman comes along once, maybe twice in a lifetime. So, let’s check out WonderKix from KickAssKandy.

First, here’s a little blurb from the KAK site: SHE’S BRUTAL, SHE’S HOT AND SHE’S GOT SUPERPOWERS. THIS IS WonderKix AND NEVER HAS A MORE PERFECT WONDERWOMAN WALKED THIS EARTH. In this incredible display of sexy skill, brutal power and strength WonderKix rips apart her 3 opponents in an effort to find out who revealed her secret identity. In the kind of ass kicking display Kix is capable of she beats up her men using her mortal unarmed combat skills before she switches into supermode to destroy them. THIS IS WonderKix – superheroine sex on legs.

"WonderKix" from Kick Ass Kandy"WonderKix" from Kick Ass Kandy"WonderKix" from Kick Ass Kandy

You see, I’ve got nothing against peril fans. After all, I am one. And if you want to see Ella in peril for an entire film, here’s Kandyman’s gift to you: KickAssFemmes. But I am first and foremost a girl power fan and that’s why I really enjoyed WonderKix.

And make no mistake, WonderKix is classisc KAK girl power and features a 1 vs 3 slaughter. Kix takes punches to the face and stomach without any trouble. She even takes several shots from a baseball bat which don’t effect her in the slightest. There’s even a short bullet and bracelets scene where she easily blocks several shots.

"WonderKix" from Kick Ass Kandy"WonderKix" from Kick Ass Kandy"WonderKix" from Kick Ass Kandy

When she’s on the offensive she attacks with her usual Hi-Kix arsenal to start with, hard punches and beautifully thrown kicks. She then later cuts loose with her super-strength using it to throat lift one goon and break a couple of necks.

As a girl power fan this video worked for me on every level. I also thought the costume was nice. Especially the tights and boots, something I usually never notice or care about. I just thought the quality of both was terrific. I never got a chance to ask Kandyman, but something tells me this was a custom request. It just had that feeling about it. And if you want to see WonderKix get annihilated in a fight or some other dream scenario, well that’s what custom requests are for.

"WonderKix" from Kick Ass Kandy"WonderKix" from Kick Ass Kandy"WonderKix" from Kick Ass Kandy

As I’ve written a dozen times Ella Palfrey is my favorite actress that we cover here. If you’ve never had the E.P. experience, I would highly recommend you consider it. There are about 30 girl power films featuring her at KAK and if that isn’t for you, the above link will take you to her phenomenal peril adventure which I believe is a must see for any PG-13 fan.

Purchase WonderKix at Kick Ass Kandy
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