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Gothic City Heroines’ Wonder Woman Parody 1 and 2

Gothic City Heroines' Wonder Woman Episode 1Gothic City Heroines has released two new videos with up-and-coming model Emily Ford as Wonder Woman. There’s not a ton of information to go on here, but at a very low cost for two short videos, I figure it’s not much of a risk to give Wonder Woman: The Parody Series a try.

Gothic City Heroines' Wonder Woman Episode 1

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9 Responses

  1. Decendingskulls says:

    Puzzling… Maybe if I complain about the model or production quality, then he’ll respond about the lack of promo material.

  2. LordSnot says:

    Would you care to address the lack of promotional stills, trailers that would help in giving us, the buyers, a decent idea on what we would be purchasing?

  3. phil rice says:

    sorry we are not rich or live in california and dont shoot porn, everytime we work with a top fetish model you clowns put her down and say she put on weight and the past couple of years things changed with sales which started the decline of quality from us, you dont think we wish we had the best equipment and lived on the west coast…we dream it everyday and we work on it all the time and for all your info emily is a hit and the majority likes these clips, so a couple of opinions out of hundreds really dont mean much to me as i know your not going to make everybody happy oh well we will keep trying anyway.

  4. LordSnot says:

    Hmm, Customer friendly I see.

  5. Decendingskulls says:

    @LordSnot I have raised this issue before and was told by Phil to stop bitching LOL.

    *Shrugs shoulders*

  6. RalphM says:

    I have no idea what’s happened with these guys in the last couple of years. They’ve went from being respected producers working with top fetish talent to being fifth-stringers.

  7. LordSnot says:

    Well the plethora of promo images and trailers sure has sold me.

    Real meaning: I have such a vague idea on what this video has because these guys only hand out tiny gifs and nothing more. We do need to get a grasp on what something is before we buy.

  8. Redmountain23 says:

    You’d be better off lighting your $10 on fire. These first two clips were beyond silly/stupid and I honestly don’t know how this clip store is still in business given some of the stuff they put out. The actress was practically laughing through the whole 2nd clip, probably due to how ridiculous it was.

  9. Kaizar says:

    I do like Gothic City Heroines but I don’t feel like getting this.

    But to be fair, over 99% or over 95% of all my adult videos are lesbian.

    I am planning on getting some videos from https://www.tspussyhunters.com soon, since they do that the formula they do in the right kind of way on almost every single one of their videos.

    And “Eva Lin” keeps looking like a more better person to screw women as more time goes by. I personally consider it straight XXX.