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Episode 6 from Next Global Crisis – Review

Episode 6 from Next Global CrisisAfter four Training Room episodes involving practice bouts and simulation scenarios, Next Global Crisis has returned with the next episode in its ongoing series, and Episode 6 is probably my favorite episode yet. It features a storyline that involves previous episodes and a really good fight sequence between fan favorite Suki DeLuxe and a new baddie called Leadfoot whose skeleton is made of lead. Episode 6 features the usual high production values and good performances, and I really enjoyed it. 

Episode 6 from Next Global CrisisEpisode 6 from Next Global CrisisEpisode 6 from Next Global Crisis

The episode begins with a pretty lengthy sequence of exposition in which we learn the bad guys’ plan to infiltrate the training facility and install some sort of mind control collar onto the neck of Suki Deluxe (I’m simplifying things a bit for brevity… for the details, you’ll have to check out the episode 🙂 ).  The acting is really good in this opening sequence, and there’s some stylish lighting going on to set the mood.

Episode 6 from Next Global CrisisEpisode 6 from Next Global CrisisEpisode 6 from Next Global Crisis

Meanwhile, Suki is in the familiar training room practicing her moves.  She’s expecting yet another training exercise, but she doesn’t know that the bad guys have broken in and plan to defeat her in combat to use her as a pawn in their game.  She’s surprised to meet Leadfoot, who is clearly not another training opponent.

Episode 6 from Next Global CrisisEpisode 6 from Next Global CrisisEpisode 6 from Next Global Crisis

A fight ensues, and it’s a really good one.  It’s a little more brutal than the Training Room fights, and a part of that probably has to do with the more serious tone of the story.  Since we know this isn’t a simulation, there’s more at stake, and the fighting seems more intense.  As usual, the acting and fight choreography is very good.

Episode 6 from Next Global CrisisEpisode 6 from Next Global CrisisEpisode 6 from Next Global Crisis

This fight sequence lasts several minutes.  Both fighters get a chance to dominate, but Suki really takes a beating here.  I won’t spoil how the episode ends, but those of you hoping the introduction of a “mind control” device wouldn’t be in vain should not be disappointed.

So I highly recommend this episode, especially for fans who enjoyed previous offerings from Next Global Crisis.  Suki is an awesome heroine and the bad guy is pretty intimidating (though he’s also strangely likable).  So check it out and leave comments below!

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15 Responses

  1. Nemesis 9 says:

    How about a seriously sexy female supervillain in a nice costume to fight the superheroine instead of a boring guy in a loud shirt?

    I’d much rather see a villainess, in a costume as sexy as the heroine, beating up the good girl.

    Two hot girls in hot costumes are better than one 😉

  2. McG says:

    Very well done. My only complaint was with the backbreaker scene. The move itself was done perfectly but to cut away for a closeup on the heroine’s face while she’s broken in half over his knee was dumb. A longer shot of her contorted body would have been much better.

    • zebra5 says:

      Hmmm, maybe… they did linger on her quite a lot though, and it was good when she was like begging the computer to end the program… but its not a program muahahahaha! She got taken down pretty hard but she wasnt just a punching bag, I liked that, much more fun if its a challenge eh?

  3. Face says:

    I am in search of the worlds best heroine video that has the best lows blows!!! Does anyone know where I can find it??? Site? Heroine ? Thanks!!!

    • rangerian says:

      Hi Face, you cant go wrong with Alex Bettinger’s productions. He even shows many of the low blows in his free trailers. Seriously top end production values as well. But NGC have better image quality than AB, because their downloads are MP4 not crappy WMV. However NGC haven’t produced any good low blow productions to date.

      I think many of Alex’s productions have been reviewed by this site. He has a heap of websites supporting many different theme’s. All mostly support stunning low blow sequences.

      One of my personal favs was the girl from the Relic Raider series from SHG Media.
      A couple of good low blows in Vol 2 – I did a custom with them a few years back -Ep6 was my script. Stacey really knew how to sell a low blow, lol

  4. deathcake says:

    No low blows that I can recall, and I would recall them if there was any. Sorry man, but it’s still very worth while checking out. The backbreaker was awesome!

    Agree about the acting, script and plot. Top stuff!

  5. Mike says:

    So,…. Judging by the comments there’s low blows?? Are they good ones, like doesthe actress really sell it!!??!!

    • rangerian says:

      Mike, yes there are a couple. Suki kicks the bad guy in the nuts. And I think there is an out of frame low blow punch to the bad guy.

      But no she isn’t on the recieving end of a low blow.

  6. Gilslug says:

    Agree w/all posters above, but also want to mention a literate and intelligent PLOTLINE, something many American producers still need to work on. By establishing a continuity with the previous five epidsodes (I haven’t watched the Training Room vids), NGC has made me eager to find out what happens next…definitely worth the longer wait between episodes!
    Loved the villian..again, almost always a weak point in American productions.
    Suki is yummy…utility belt or no!

  7. zebra5 says:

    Really enjoyed this one, the best thing they’ve done this year. Might even be better than Episode 2, not sure.

  8. deathcake says:

    Agree with nearly everything you said. She must be the hottest heroine I’ve seen in a superheroine video. Ever. One of the finest episodes of any super heroine film I’ve ever seen too. I think the belt look good. Bulks out the outfits slightly.

    I just really really hope the next time we see Suki, the mind control belt isn’t used, is she breaks free fairly quick.

    Brilliant to see Suki take a good beating! Can’t really heap enough praise on this. The bad guy was awesome too. Real good character and great acting from him. A+ rated episode. MORE SUKI!

    • rangerian says:

      Yeah, I hope NGC make a stack of cash out of this Episode.

      So they can produce another smashing Ep featuring SUKI.

  9. rangerian says:

    Loved it! I highly recommend this latest NGC production.

    What I liked in Ep6:

    The actress Suki, professional talented actress, seriously hot body, REAL English accent, hot simple outfit. When you have a hot body, less is more.

    Suki would have to be the hottest property in this niche market at the moment. You can tell she was more comfortable and has developed her character since her debut.

    Fewer computer voice over interruptions during combat, that’s great. I found some of that a bit annoying in the first video.
    LOVE how you dubbed in voice over from her, that worked well.

    Great camerawork and editing. The image quality is the best online download in this niche market. Super clear, love it.

    LOVED the tight outfit, just perfect and it looked tighter in this episode, nice! But her breasts weren’t breaking out, like the first episode?

    Great to see Suki getting into the low blow scene. Adds some edge to her character.

    LOVED your bad guys, they are just awesome!!

    My viewer suggestions;

    Longer fight sequences, just too few and far between. I do appreciate the acting, dialogue and some build up. My purchase and desire is for fighting/combat action with a bit of story.

    Get rid of that god awful utility belt. It’s a shocker. Suki has such a beautiful figure it’s a shame to have her bodyline distorted by that clunky ugly belt.

    What about just providing Suki with a military road case for all her goodies. I mean she never leaves the set, so why the need for the belt?

    Have Suki take some low blows and breast punches, grabs. Lets see how far you can push her creativity and acting ability.

    Man, for me that would be ‘viewer topia’