Episode 8 : The Plan Part 2 Full HD

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  1. Hi Guys

    Some of the member e-mail me about why we are releasing Episode 8 while Episode 7 is still in “Pre-Order” stage.

    As said in the description, the shooting of Episode 7 is only about 85% complete, we have to reshoot some scenes due to script change and some editing error, and since we have start shooting Episode 7 back in October 2018, some actress are unavailable to us since that time and we can only book them up again this month. All the while Episode 8 did not require any reshoot so, in this case, even tho Episode 8 was shot later than Episode 7 (Episode 8 was shot in December 2018/January 2019) We have decided to release Episode 8 first instead of waiting for Episode 7 to finish production.

    So yeah, Episode 8 is released in full, while Episode 7 is still in production stage. And once we have released Episode 7, the order would be preserved.

    Right now, we are trying to book the actress for Episode 7 to reshoot their scene this month (Most likely this or next week) and then we will be, as listed, release this movie sometime in March.

    The Superhero Project


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