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Episode 9 from Next Global Crisis

Episode 9 from Next Global CrisisAnd here we are. The finale of the first season of Next Global Crisis has been released. It’s a conclusion that has been two years in the making and, in my opinion, worth every second of the wait. 


The episode begins with Miss Freedom still in serious trouble.  Angel’s deception was revealed at the end of the previous episode, Miss Freedom still has to deal with a drug-enhanced Sebastian Lunar, and James Roman makes his presence felt through his formidable telekinetic powers.  Still, Miss Freedom is able to hold her own for a while until some old faces, and an incredibly attractive new one shows up.

Episode 9 from Next Global CrisisEpisode 9 from Next Global CrisisEpisode 9 from Next Global Crisis

As far as the superheroine genre goes, this first season was easily the most epic piece of storytelling I’ve ever witnessed in this genre.  Right now, at strictly the storytelling level, Next Global Crisis is far above everyone else, including Zen Pictures (in my opinion).  Events that happened all the way back in the premier episode influence events that take place in the finale.  This isn’t going to be much of a review because I don’t want to spoil one second of this film. I can say that the fight between Miss Freedom and Sebastian is well-choreographed and particularly vicious.  There are also some fetish elements that some of you may enjoy.  In particular, there’s a backbreaker, mind control, an extended strangulation scene, and telekinetic control of a superheroine’s body.

Episode 9 from Next Global CrisisEpisode 9 from Next Global CrisisEpisode 9 from Next Global Crisis

I think it’s important to point out the work of the actress who plays Miss Freedom.  She did a great job earlier in the season playing the vain, overconfident heroine.  She basically came across as a diva, and I mean that as a compliment.  In this episode, she does a full 180 as a character and stands her ground against overwhelming odds and makes the character of Miss Freedom one the audience is really going to root for.

Episode 9 from Next Global CrisisEpisode 9 from Next Global CrisisEpisode 9 from Next Global Crisis

By episode’s end, several questions are answered, and many new ones are raised.  That’s exactly what I like to see in a great season finale.  Usually, at the conclusion of these reviews I state whether I liked a film or not.  I don’t often give advice as to whether you should buy something.  With that said, you should buy Episode 9.  It’s that good.  Even if you have never watched a Next Global Crisis episode before, there are several flashbacks that paint a good picture of what has happened in the past. To the producers, writers, actors, actresses, and entire crew over at Next Global Crisis, bravo.  Now let’s see you do it again with season two.

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  1. Hello,

    If a spoiler ensures your purchase then I will give you one. But I need you to email me rather than post it for the whole world. nextglobalcrisis@gmail.com

  2. Lake says:


    It’s a little bit unknown. She gets an over the kneee backbreaker and they say she’s dead, but something happens at the end which makes you wonder if she really is.

  3. ranger87 says:

    I’m the type of guy who’s more willing to buy this if I can get some spoilers. May I ask what Miss Freedom’s fate is in this final episode?

  4. Oh yes we’re delighted with Sebastian and all of his efforts, he is highly qualified to do this sort of work and I think it shows, but again I agree that a couple more like him would be very handy.

  5. Richard says:

    Yeah he’s my fave baddie so far, it’s been funny to see him get less scruffy with each appearance. Hope he’s coming back next season along with Athena… their chemistry was great I thought. But yes, more male baddies can never be a bad thing. You get a different chemistry than a F/F fight, and I think they can appear a bit more dangerous.

  6. Chris says:

    Oh, my apologies if it sounded like I was discounting Sebastian. The guy is awesome as an actor in this genre, I should have mentioned that. I’m hoping to see more male villains in general, that’s all I’m saying.

  7. deathcake says:

    The guy is very impressive. I love the episodes he’s in, and he ranks as one of my favourite superheroine bad guys!

  8. leonidas says:

    How can you say that you want more my talant and not even give Seb any credit? thats just stupid. The energy that guy brings is amazing. Yeah you probably do need one or two more male actors but to not even acknowledge him is just wrong.

    From the little bit of combat i tock part in, its clear to see its not about the action taking place its all about the reaction and my god that guy can re-act. You look at alot of films out there and so many dont know how to react after getting punched, kicked Etc.. and this guy reacts perfectly(sorry not sure with names) plus i think he is a good actor. You can see a real contrast of character in the videos and his interveiws on youtube.

    So if it was me get more of Seb!

  9. Ahh thought that’s who you meant ‘The Man In Black’ one of the Gemini twins. Yeah we’ll get there. It’s all about finding people who are skilled and really great to work with, for all parts in fact.

  10. Chris says:

    I think Golden Hornet looks great in her costume!

    @NGC: Oh sorry, I meant that guy who disappears and whose sister gets killed by the Golden Hornet. As you can tell I am terrible at keeping up with names. Haha. Good to hear you’ve already thought about adding more male villains, looking forward to it! 🙂

  11. We did attempt to get her for one of the last training rooms but the dates in our diaries did not match which was a pity. I have to say that the episode 3 shoot was incredibly taxing for her, she really worked harder than you would believe, it was absolutely freezing that day and the high heels really killed her. I’m glad you enjoyed her efforts because your approval was hard won.

  12. Steve says:

    the return of the golden hornet is needed! And perhaps a new costume?

  13. darklord says:

    yeah i’d love to see more golden hornet as well

  14. @Chris – Which one is the magician? I will be trying to get some good male villains soon, have some good ideas, just a case of getting the right people for them. Interesting ideas about Golden Hornet, poor thing, it’s not going well.

  15. Chris says:

    Never really noticed race stuff, but I do think there are very few male villains. WIth that magician guy dead apparently from the comics, they only have Sebastian now it seems and that became especially apparent the last 3 episodes. There are the Red Mist leaders too but they are not really portrayed as fighters. What happened to that guy who beat up Suki Deluxe in I think episode 6? He was great and very convincing as a villain and that was one of my favorite fights/episodes to date.

    And I do wonder if Golden Hornet is coming back. I know from the comics she’s in some prison. They should have a couple episodes of her in prison fighting against multiple inmates and losing, and then finally getting rescued by an Elite Force heroine who breaks her out of prison.

  16. Richard says:

    Thanks NGC, I already own that comic but stupidly hadn’t made the connection! But I agree with Steve about the ethnic diversity, not about the debooting though. Golden Hornet was nice… a pity how she finished up, as I’d have liked to see more of her. Maybe have a black heroine, there sure aren’t enough!

  17. Actually I should correct myself that it is comic #2 where Suki’s costume is damaged.

  18. Da Jinx says:

    Saw the video and loved it! Great action and story!

  19. @Chris – Thanks for the kind words. Well Miss Freedom was pretty central to the plot so that was my reasoning. I am sure the coming season will have more balance, she was only in one Training Room though so over the whole season it was spread more fairly. I can understand wanting to see more of Suki and Angel though, I love all 3, what can I say?

    @Richard – Thanks for your comments, I’m pleased you liked it. Miss Freedom did become a real heroine in this episode as opposed to the arrogant showing in episode 5. The new girl is indeed bewildering and as for Suki’s costume… well the answer to that can be found in Comic #3!

  20. Richard says:

    Wow, super finale! Just got around to watching it and loved every second. The fights were up to the usual high standard, but I particularly enjoyed the mind-control and strangulation by cape. Wonderful reaction from the actress, she’s never been better. As SIDEKICK says she really made you root for her, even if her courage and heroism were ultimately foolish – LOVED the way the villains joined forces to finish her off. Also the new girl was gorgeous if totally bizarre, everyone seemed a bit bewildered! And what happened to Suki’s costume?

  21. Chris says:

    This was great. Awesome production, acting, and directing as usual from NGC, best in the genre. Thanks for an awesome season. But in the future NGC… Four episodes out of a nine episode season centered around Miss Freedom is way too much. We need more Suki and Angel!

  22. Swampy170 says:

    @NGC – I’ll need to ask him first, we’re more acquaintances than mates at the moment. He’s a close friend of one of my housemates though.

    He’ll probably want to keep it off his work email, he tells me he’s supposed to leave customer complaints to the complaints department – your typical bureaucracy. I’ll see if he has a private email I could give you.

  23. You might like these promos I’ve just found, forgot all about them!


  24. Swampy I do wish you’d give me your YouTube contacts email, would love to speak to someone who works there properly.

  25. Swampy170 says:

    @NGC – lol, I think I could arrange that – The guy I’ve got to know who works within youtube is fairly short and loves the fake tan. Next time we all meet up I’ll have to take some green hair dye… 😉

    Would be interesting to see what characters develop.

  26. @Swampy – Ahhh youtube. That company is a bit like Willy Wonka’s in that nobody goes in and nobody comes out, if somebody told me they had Oompa-Loompas in there I would probably believe it. Anyway we seem to have come to some sort of understanding at the moment, we’ll see how things develop. For customs I think where it could be of most interest is character design, I mean, you tell me, but to build a heroine or villain from scratch and be involved in the process I believe would be a lot of fun, perhaps people will agree.

    @Steve – The replacement is a little way off, we will introduce the concepts first but the point is that rather than rely on a single format as we did with the TR we are looking for a bit more variety. There are people who really liked the TR format and wanted us to continue and others that got bored of the room and the lack of jeopardy. We did increase the jeopardy and while I could see that the room might have got dull I would also stand up for repeating use of a location now and again because they are an absolute nightmare to find affordably and if you get a good one you want to really make the most of it. Agree about ethnic diversity, I’ve got to say I have been very surprised at how few non-caucasians there are in London with stage combat or dance choreography experience, but I am determined to hunt more down.

  27. Steve says:

    Im wondering what will replace the training room videos, NGC is moving in the right direction by choosing to renew things unlike others. It definetely brings people back. Anyways de booting would be nice to see, although I like how NGC makes everything relevant to the story. Only criticism is that it would be nice to see some ethnic diversity.

  28. Swampy170 says:

    I’ve always wanted you guys to move towards making customs, and you are! 😀

    Might have given it away, but I think it’s a great idea! From the small site I’ve been running collaborating on customs with some guys in the superheroine fan community, I can tell you working together on customs is the way forward – saves so much time thrashing out ideas and brainstorming with the producer when you come to them with a coherent idea!

    Also, it’s good to see your trialer back up on youtube. I hope the problem you were having with videos taken down is well in the past! 🙂

  29. @Jose – I’m very pleased you enjoyed it and that your download has now been successful.

    These are great comments from everyone, it really does help spur us on. I’ve a few ideas that I want to talk to people about regarding new characters and costumes. I’m thinking of building as part of our season two re-launch a place where people can design characters to take part in standalone videos, and have a say in the look and type of character. We floated this idea about a year ago and there was a lot of interest, but I think the difference now is that we are moving to a position where we can actually start to react quicker to what people want to see. Will this interest people? Sort of a communal customs area if you like.

  30. Jose says:

    Very cool episode! It’s one of the few superheroine videos where I cared about the superheroine. I am a huge fan of seeing the superheroine lose but with Episode 9 I actually wanted to see Miss Freedom come out on top and win. There are simply too many good things to list. Whatever you are doing, keep it up please.

  31. DangerousDave says:

    Totally agree with Deathcake, could write loads on why NGC are so good but just watch and enjoy! From die hard NGC fan to first time buyers you owe it to yourself to see how the big boys do it in this amazing season finale! Thanks NGC for a great 1st season, cant wait for the 2nd!

  32. RJ123 says:

    Great final episode!!! Harriet Moran is amazing as Miss Freedom, and has the perfect balance of arrrogant heroine and vunerable weakened heroine, loved seeing her in peril!!! Hats off to NGC for a awesome first season and already looking forward to season 2!!!!

  33. deathcake says:

    Awesome episode! Thanks for a great first season NGC! I would post all the things I liked, but I don’t see the point. Everything was great 🙂

  34. Ok Jose, I have emailed you a new link. If you want the most prompt response use the contact form on the site as I get instant updates when there is a question of issue there. Let me know it’s all ok.

  35. Jose says:

    Maybe I am being a little impatient but I am having trouble accessing the link in order to download Episode 9. I made my purchase yesterday and the only link I recieved was the one for the trailer. I have tried two of the emails from you guys and have not recieved a reply back.

    I think this error is due to my purchasing of the episode from the discount link that was emailed out. I believe it may have expired and I just forgot about it.

  36. I want to thank Sidekick for this review, very positive, I’m delighted! I’m glad people have enjoyed it, I am going to do some blogging over the next few weeks to explain the story line for people who have got a few gaps going on, although I’m not sure how much I can reveal about the girl with the staff other than her name is ‘Celestia’ here is an interview:


    As for when season two will start? Well I have a very busy period ahead now where the site needs to get completely rebuilt and our new offer to regulars needs to be edited alongside season two episode one.

  37. Jerkstore says:

    We never have seen her before Darklord. The way she interacted with other characters makes me think she is part of a third organization.

  38. darklord says:

    great vid but one question, are we supposed to know who the girl w/ the staff is? im just wondering if i missed something in a training room vid (as i don’t buy those often)

  39. The king says:

    Excellent work from NGC. There should be more.

  40. mcg says:

    Another great effort from NGC. Quality camera work, quality lighting, quality fighting etc.

    A note to other producers. Check out the backbreaker to Miss Freedom in this video. That’s how a backbreaker is done people. With the exception of the camera not lingering on Miss Freedoms broken body for longer, it was perfect.

    And did I mention the hose on the heroines? Just like it was meant to be.

  41. Mike says:

    Loved this Episode. The question now is: when does Season 2 start?