“Episode Agent Caracal 2 – Rescue Ops” from The Superheroine Project

Caracals, teaming up with Tweedledee, move deep inside the lair of our supervillain, only to find out a group of superhero is being turned by the united front of Supervillain.

Caracals and Tweedledee have a serious task ahead to clean up the city and rescue all the captured superhero, but would that task too big for the superhero team to handle?

Price: AUD 55

Length: 70 minutes

We are going to offer the pre-order from 28 August 2018. Movie will be release on 30 September 2018

The link to pre-order is here:

If you do not do pre-order, then please ignore this message, otherwise, thanks and talk soon

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  1. ARcher15 says:

    Preordered. Looking forward to it. 🙂

    Unfortunately the store for your other videos seems to be down at the moment.

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