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Evangeline Von Winter – Patreon

Evangeline von Winter, a producer behind the Knights of Gotham series, has started a Patreon page and would appreciate your participation.

Evangeline Von Winter Patreon

OK guys so here is a new experiment. If it works out it will seriously reduce the amount of money you guys pay for your movies, plus allow more people to enjoy movies. For the past few years Evangeline and I have been asked to either make free movies or reduced price movies. This is almost impossible because I need money to pay models and continue producing.

So what we have in mind is the following.

A Patreon page.

With a Patereon page everyone can donate as low as a dollar.
If people contribute a few bucks a month I would be able to continue to be able to pay models without having to charge you guys a dollar a minute.
And it doesn’t end there.
If we get more donators we would be able to make more movies and longer movies with many models.

Imagine being able to get between 3-5 movies every month and having every movie be over 30 minutes long, and only paying $5!

its actually a possibility if enough people work towards it.

What i am proposing is we start small.

Every who would like to participate give $1

depending on what goal we break we will be able to give more!

So here is the site:


If it all works out we might be able to have a system in place where we can just have fun making movies for you guys to enjoy without us worrying about where the money will come from while you guys get more content for far less money.

To start we will be releasing one movie a month at the end of each month so if you guys jump on this with your $1 and we get to $5 I will release a 5-10 minute sleepy movie. the more we make the longer the movies will get and the more we will release a month. To start Evangeline and I will be in them and as we get more support we will be able to hire more models to make movies.

Patrons who donate will have the ability to leave suggestions for movies in the comment section

thank you all for your support


At the moment we are at the $20 mark which allows for one 10-30 minute super heroine video.
the more goals we reach the more content you guys get.

7 Responses

  1. Evangeline von Winter says:

    The Patreon sent its movies out to all patrons earlier this month. We are now trying to get to the next goal so we can give out a longer movie, and hopefully a 2 heroine movie. check it out and pledge $1 all you lose is $1 and what you get is at the very minimum a 10 minute movie for $1. If enough people join we could be giving out several movies a month so give us a test. we have already given out two movies

  2. Evangeline von Winter says:

    Thanks top everyone who joined in the fun.
    We broke A goal this month.
    Movies will be going out privately to those who pledged.

    I’m hoping to give this project 6 months to a year to take off. if it doesn’t Im going to call it a failed project and move forward.

    Of course the sleepy version is doing very well. we just broke 6 goal markers in 2 months and all of the people involved are getting three movies a month plus a picture set.

    I can understand peoples fear.
    I mean just looking around any forum will grant you threads about producers doing kickstarted and crowd sourcing and running away with the money.
    I get it.
    Except of course that we have already given out the first movie so there already is a difference between ours and others projects.
    mainly you can give what you want per month but then stop once you no longer wish to support so if i go back on my word even once you can just stop pledging and you lose nothing.

    Im hoping you guys will give it a shot and help together to grow something that will help me out as a producer and help you guys by not having to pay full price.

    Also…lets not forget the copy cat syndrome.
    Producers are always looking to what makes money.
    If this campaign is successful you can bet your ass other producers will start doing it which in the long run makes everyone happy.

    Again I thank everyone who has pledged and gotten their first movie. in the next day or so you get the next one.
    Unfortunately if you pledge now you don’t get anything this month. if you pledge today you get your movie Next month. unfortunately its the only way to safeguard against thieves who pledge and then pullout after they get their movie.

  3. Fred says:

    Well … I tried … but then it is asking for a credit card and all, so I didn’t proceed. I mean, if there was a button to donate 15 $ for a year, per PayPal, I’d do it, but this is too intrusive.

    • Evangeline von Winter says:

      I can accept your reasoning and after all its your choice. but unfortunately thats the only way to do this. The idea is to offer a unified system for a group of people to pay into a project and not have to pay full price of a dollar a minute. Starting seperate systems would muddy the waters. and actually if you have a paypal account you can have them send you a debit card which is 100% the same as using your paypal account, but if you just don’t want to support a project that would give you a full movie for a fraction of the price then thats on you.

  4. blx says:

    Good luck to her. I do feel that $1 per month for a video is reaaaally cheap. I’d suggest upping that, because that is just robbery. I don’t buy a lot of Eve’s vids, but I do feel they’re worth a lot more than $1 a month.

    • Evangeline von Winter says:

      The idea here is to let everyone join for $1 to get comfortable. After they are in for one month we are asking everyone to look inside themselves and ask themselves what was that movie (and others like it every month) worth to them. if they feel it was worth more then they can up the pledge for themselves but if they don’t like the movie then they only lost $1 and there won’t be any need for hurt feelings.

      they might even feel its not worth more than $1 and stick around at that level, but when the goal marks start coming up and the option of getting a bigger movie, or a second and third movie for an extra $1 a month they might do it.

      Currently there is a bad taste in peoples mouths over funding movies and projects so its just safer to let everyone experience it for themselves at the $1 level. trust me if the lowest pledge was $0.50 I would have started it at that.

      We started a sleepy Patreon as well
      (https://www.patreon.com/evw2) and the first month we only got $45 and the second month after everyone saw what they were getting we got to twice that number.

      Im hoping that folks will give it a shot and pledge $1 if enough people pledge a few bucks everyone can get a series of larger movies and not have to pay a lot for it.

      Of course if anyone wants to start at a higher pledge than $1 they are free to do so, but we would prefer if you guys start small and see if its worth it to you.

      the good thing about this is that if many people give a small amount everyone walks away with one or two movies per month.