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“Excelsia” from The Battle for Earth

[Adults only] The Battle for Earth (the studio behind of Redwing, Blue Swan and others) has a new video out called Excelsia, starring Lily Labeau of Broken Heroines fame. Check out more details below.

Purchase this video at The Battle for Earth

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  1. darklord says:

    Shame, i was really excited for this, I actually like the costume and the wig is sexy in a way, but the bad reviews have me on the fence. Maybe if it was priced appropriately at $25 but at $35 no way, even if the reviews were decent.

  2. Judah says:

    I didn’t think this was too bad. I liked some of the choreography costume and mask weren’t too bad. Didn’t care for the boots too much. I agree a little of what Horse says about convoluted story and more prep time should be in order. Other than that, not too good but not too bad either. I always enjoyed Lily’s work in some of the xxx rated industry. She’s done some hard core work and I would venture to say is either a pro at selling the tears whether there fake or real. Just check out some of her hard core work.

  3. HorseWithNoName says:

    @ Mell: I trust it was handled well as you say. My comment was more overall, since I cannot judge the movie at hand, but can state what my reasons for not going for it are.

    I feel that storylines in these movies are one tricky beast. Sometimes there is too much, and in other caes too little of a story. It does not need to be a “great” story, but what happens is that the pacing of a movie will go off the rails. We see this happening over and over, and even the great “Broken Heroines” which sets out to tell an interesting story, suffers from a lackluster 3rd act. Especially since these movies are done on a small or smaller budget, I often wonder if any preparation is spent on planning the shots and getting a feel for the pace of the movie. Only so much can be done in editing later, especially if you do not have time to shoot a lot of footage. Prep work is not always a budget thing. It can be done with pencil and paper if need be. Very often these movies feel like: get the actress, get the costume and have a two to three page outline with some dialogue like “no, no, please stop”, and then it is action. Spend more time on prepping and your movie will be so much better. End of rant 🙂

  4. Mell says:

    I will say the time travel storyline was handled very succinctly and I think successfully. My problem was more with the fighting peril and is utterly subjective based on my tastes. @ Bogie – fantasic pun, but this southerner has an affinity for the Kentucky bourbon.

  5. HorseWithNoName says:

    @ Mell: agreed, no pantyhose is a good thing.

    And thanks for your review. As much as I love Lily in “Broken Heroines”, I simply cannot see myself picking this new vid up, as much as I want to support TBFE these days.

    Reasons are very simple:

    1. Do not like the heroine costume, hate the wig (not a big fan of them getting used at all… yes, they even use them in major Hollywood productions, but even they cannot always pull it off successfully).

    2. I know they want to try new things, but what I read about the story is simply not by bag. Time-travelling bad guys and such? No, way too convoluted for a short vid. Leave it at guys getting out from or breaking out of prison and you will be fine.

    3. work on the unmasking. Outside of Giga’s fantastic “Batangel” I have not seen it done right in peril vid. Blue Swan comes close, but no cigar.

  6. bogie says:

    @ Mell. The bottle of single barrel…would that be Rye?
    Thanks for your review.

  7. Mell says:

    @Horse – no pantyhose (thank god).

  8. Mell says:

    Honestly, and maybe I just got my hopes up too high for this one, but I was kind of disappointed, just based on my tastes. Lily is gorgeous (aside from the fact that her natural hair would have been preferable) and I actually think the costume was great, but if you made me choose between the three plus minutes of Lily’s fighting/writhing peril in the Broken Heroines film from a couple of years back (from the time she breaks into the dungeon before the sex begins), and the 30 plus minutes of this in its totality for rewatchability, I’d take the three minutes. Not Lily’s fault, though. If this was a custom where someone paid to see dozens of punches/kicks to a standing actress, then so be it, but that much percussive peril is just not my thing as opposed to more stretching, wrestling, writhing type action. Rye should just teach a course in camera angles and capturing the heroine form in distress. I was really excited for this film considering that Broken Heroines work was one of my favorites of all time, but if I could go back in time like this villain, and travel back to yesterday, I’d tell myself to drop the $31 on a bottle of single barrel and wait for this Rye Powergirl joint. I can’t stress enough, though, Lily is talented and gorgeous, the costume is great (for my tastes), and I hope she continues to do work in this genre. Just thought I’d throw my opinion out there. Hope it comes off more constructive than simply negative.

  9. Sugarcoater says:

    If anyone can give some details as to the dialogue (internal and external) as to the heroine as she climaxes, I would be most appreciative. I really liked the way it was done in the recent Marvel video and am hoping for something similar to that.

  10. Charles says:

    wow that scene where the dude uses his fingers……Bravo.

  11. Mell says:

    @chris – i got the discount email.

  12. Mell says:

    Its still downloading, so no review yet.

  13. Mell says:

    Just bought. My first opening day buy in a while strictly because of Lily.

  14. Chris says:

    Hey did you already send out discount links?

  15. HorseWithNoName says:

    @ Unmasked05: totally agree. That is how an unmasking should be done. Do not just take her mask off, but build towards it and reveal her identity.

  16. Unmasked05 says:

    TBFE keeps hitting them out the park. Lily was awesome in her return to the SHIP genre and I hope there are plans to shoot with her again. If I can offer two suggestions the first would be to please have more emphasis on the unmasking and the villains finding out the heroines secret identity. So many producers just have the mask taken off without any acknowledgement of who the heroine really is. This should be the ultimate humiliation for the heroine having her true identity known. Second if you shoot with Lily again maybe go without the wig not sure if that was her suggestion, but it kept almost coming off throughout the video. You can also use the wig as part of the unmasking as well.

    Overall this is easily my favorite video of 2015 so far and I highly recommend the video to anyone that has been waiting to see Lily again. She does not disappoint!

  17. Charles says:


    discount links? how do I get my hands on those? haha

  18. Hey everyone,

    Excelsia is live and kicking over at SHG. I’ll have TBFE updated and emails sent with discount links shortly!

    Take care,


  19. So release set for tomorrow afternoon!

    Stay tuned!


  20. Rover says:

    Coming out in January?

  21. Chris says:

    This looks pretty awesome

  22. LQQKn4aFox says:

    @dkm I with U. I like da costume and especially da boots. Looks great and Hot sexy. It’s all good. Great job @TBFE.

  23. HorseWithNoName says:

    @ Marc: I’m with you there. And I also hate flesh-tone colored pantyhose, yuk. No young woman would wear those, unless in a peril video of course.

    As for the boots: pointed toes and stiletto heels, please.

  24. HorseWithNoName says:

    @ decendingskulls and Marc: LOL had the same thought. One hot grandma 🙂

    But seriously, this is not a good look for Lily unfortunately. I am with Sugercoater regarding the materials: more shiny materials please. Oddly enough we hardly get any decent fetish wear elements in most of these movies except for the boots (and masks).

  25. decendingskulls says:

    LOL Marc you must’ve had one seriously kinky grandma


  26. Wrecker says:

    I’m with Bert on this one. I really miss the original format/style of TBFE. I thought their first ten or so episodes were phenominal, especially their supergirl based character. They’re still doing good peril and that keeps me picking up the occasional release, but the rape/sexual peril isn’t really a selling point for me.

  27. Bert says:

    I guess I represent a tiny minority who miss the more PG offerings from TBFE. I thought the Powergirl character was great. Vegas PG was a good performer and really sold the Powergirl persona and looked amazing in the peril scenes. I guess the market has spoken and the newer stuff sells better. Shame though.

  28. decendingskulls says:

    You know it’s funny about The Battle For Earth. The very name of their studio of course brings me back to the early days with the villain ‘Spawn’ and the ambitious overarching plot line that developed throughout the episodes, giving it the feel of a proper serial.

    Lately they have overhauled their direction and for the most part they seem to have ditched the serial approach in favor of more self-contained movies. To me this is good, because I felt that the serial plot seemed to be overly complicated and at times distracting. Also the new format and direction is being executed masterfully, hitting all or most of the right notes, and seems to be more popular.

    But things don’t have to be black and white. I wonder if, now that they are confidently sorting out the content and direction in a way that resonates with more people, if they would consider a hybrid of their different approaches. In other words keep making videos the way they have been lately, but find subtle ways to tie them together into an overarching story. I believe in fact that they dabbled in this a bit in Blue Swan, by connecting that story to Redwing’s, and I thought that Blue Swan was more potent as a result.

  29. bogie says:

    Yes, I think I’ll be lining up for this one as well. Lily’s performance in Broken heroines was memorable, even if she was forced to wear a gas mask in the third act.

  30. decendingskulls says:

    A friend of mine pointed out that Lily Labeau played Supergirl in S&S’s Broken Heroines. I probably wouldn’t have been able to tell because she looks so different here what with the mask and all. Anyways I thought she was very good in that, so this should be good.

  31. Sugarcoater says:

    I’m with Horse in that I really like where TBFE is doing but not to keen on this costume. But if it weren’t for TBFE trying out new outfits, there would have been no Redwing, which is one of my all-time favorites. I think the top is a bit odd in that it just looks like a black bra slightly covered by a low cut top. I would love to see TBFE use more shiny, reflective material in their outfits.
    That all said, I will be buying this one as I love the current direction of the site and their great work.
    The one thing I wish I could know ahead of time would be just how much the heroine submits to her lust and the dialogue that comes with that.

  32. ffnton says:

    When will this come out? Looks great.

  33. dkm says:

    I’m excited about the costume. She looks original which I really value.

    That being said I’m a little hesitant because I was kind of bummed by a couple of things in Blue Swan. I didn’t think the rape scene went on long enough, and the death scene was kind of this quick blink and you miss it thing with no drama or build up. So if those two things are corrected I’ll be thrilled and will buy this as soon as it’s out because TBFE puts out some high quality stuff.

  34. HorseWithNoName says:

    Not too crazy about the costume. But good to see Lily back. Not your grandfather’s TBFE any longer, for sure. Hopefully they venture more and more (and firmly) into xxx with the talent they keep lining up.

  35. LQQKn4aFox says:

    Leotards Leotards Leotards!!! Love them! Love them! Love them!