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“Fail-Safe Sisters: Carmen Black Ambushed” from NGC

"Fail-Safe Sisters" Part 12 from NGCWe’ve been waiting a long time to meet the fifth Fail-Safe Sister, and now our patience has been rewarded with another typically great Next Global Crisis casting. So, let’s dive right in to the review of episode twelve of Fail-Safe Sisters (along with images and a trailer below).

[Spoilers] Right away we meet Carmen Black III, played by Sophie Rankin, who is in communication with her regiment. After delivering some orders to her people, she is taken by surprise by Bullettt who lands a hard punch that drops her to the ground. Bullettt keeps control of the fight for several minutes as he delivers a bevy of knee lifts to her gut, throat lifts her off the ground, lifts her in the air by the back of her neck, and delivers several punches to her face and stomach.

"Fail-Safe Sisters" Part 12 from NGC"Fail-Safe Sisters" Part 12 from NGC"Fail-Safe Sisters" Part 12 from NGC

Bullettt goes for the kill with his trademark optic blasts but Carmen uses her power to transform into an almost statue like state that doesn’t allow her to move, but makes her essentially invulnerable to physical harm.

Bullettt tries another blast that is also ineffectual and when he gets close enough, Carmen transforms back to her normal form and rocks Bullettt with an uppercut. Carmen hits a few more blows but Bullettt regains his momentum. He lands some hard shots and a chop to Carmen’s throat. Carmen answers back with a head butt that seems to hurt her more than Bullettt and this is where I have to stop giving specific spoilers because the story forks here.

"Fail-Safe Sisters" Part 12 from NGC"Fail-Safe Sisters" Part 12 from NGC"Fail-Safe Sisters" Part 12 from NGC

In one ending, Bullet wins the fight with a hard stomach blow and a reverse bearhug that knocks Carmen unconscious. In the other, Carmen knocks Bullet out with several powerful punches. Which ending is canon will remain a mystery for now. That is until someone spoils it in the comments section

I always like when NGC introduces new characters, especially ones who look like Sophie Rankin. She is everything you want in an actress that plays a superheroine. Beautiful, talented, and a very capable stage fighter. She also has the sexy accent thing going which I always love. I just think she has a real “wow” factor about her. And I don’t use that term loosely because the last actress that I thought had that going for her was Tia Meddins who plays Lucy Zillion, my favorite FSS character.

"Fail-Safe Sisters" Part 12 from NGC"Fail-Safe Sisters" Part 12 from NGC"Fail-Safe Sisters" Part 12 from NGC

I like where this series is headed. In the last few episodes the story has really taken shape. There’s been great victories, terrible defeats, and the death of a major character. I think its been just as engaging as the stories set in the normal NGC universe and I can’t think of a better compliment that that.

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38 Responses

  1. Raiderman says:

    Just purchased Ambushed and as usual your guys production was outstanding. I liked the new girls arrogance and loved the outfit. Hope she will be in another episode in the near future. I would like to see some crossover storyline with heroines such as my favorite Celestia being captured and going through the fail safe fighting. Just an ideal.

  2. James says:

    O.K., commenting epically late on this. Just to say the usual amazing job – great actress, character, costume, fight choreography – and both endings just brilliant. Hope we’ll see Carmen Black again.

    I did think Bullett was a little mild, though : maybe he could break out and go really badass on somebody…

  3. The title of the next film will give it away I feel, coming very soon.

    Meanwhile you may enjoy this: https://nextglobalcrisis.com/?p=4248

  4. Greg S says:

    “classic bit of peril”
    Hmmm, wonder what that could be…
    Also wonder who it will be…

    Glad to see the support for Carmen Black, hopefully we see plenty more of her in the future!

  5. Yes she did well on that score. She had a very powerful voice, particularly for the space we were shooting in and there were a few great takes of that very thing we couldn’t use for that reason, but I’m pleased with her reactions.

    We’ve got a members release next week, and I think it could be my favourite of all of them. Involving a classic bit of peril.

  6. ceej says:

    @robopope25, I agree with everything you said 100%

  7. robopope25 says:


    I now find myself rooting for the girls to win in the REAL ending. Since your alt. lose endings are so well done when they are not in continuity. Since you have no storyline concerns you guys really deliver on the alt lose ending.

    The way she sold the bearhug was perfect, I loved the way she screamed and thrashed around at the start, she seemed desperate and angry. Then as the bad guy gave his victory speech her facial expressions were perfect. You could tell it REALLY sunk into her that she failed. She looked humiliated and like she was about to cry. the final scream of pain before she passed out was also amazing.

    This girl is a great find and I’d love to see her some more. terrific video everyone, please get it!

  8. Chris says:

    Not too bad. Thought Carmen should have fought back better in the beginning then slowly start losing towards the end, but that’s just my usual format I like. It was a good video nonetheless, really liked the lose ending.

  9. Mike A says:

    I say lose the pants. I wanna see some legs!

  10. Dragon says:

    If you do change the costume, please don’t give her high-waisted pants, I hate that old lady look. The lower the better.

  11. TBob says:

    Lipstick matching her fingernail polish, adding a belt or sash…LOL. We got the fashion police in here…

    Anyways I enjoyed the video. I loved the head butt that Carmen gave to Bullettt and nearly knocked herself out, that was classic.

    I love over the shoulder carries so that was a nice shot at the end for me.

    The actress that played Carmen nailed it. Yet another A Plus actress for NGC.

    It was cool when Carmen fell into the wall and her hand made the wall black, very cool.

    Overall another great video and can’t wait for the next one.

  12. Thanks for the comments, I’m glad people like Carmen. Regarding costumes – I’m basically inclined to upgrade based on sales, if this one does particularly well then the next time you see her she’ll look special. It’s up to you really.

  13. Lino says:

    The actress and actor did a great job in this movie. Both were amazing. I hated the “fang glasses” but James Willians was awesome, a fun to watch. One of the best NGC movies. Do not miss this movie!!!

  14. Mike J says:

    Wasn’t sure I was going to like this one. But I took a flier due to past credit for great videos. Thought this episode was great, the new actress is played the role really well, cocky heroine and victim.

    I’m usually not one to speak about costumes, but you may want to add a gold belt or a sash or something.

  15. steve says:

    One of the best FSS eps Ive seen, and one of the best actresses in the FSS and NGC worlds.

  16. Greg S says:

    Thanks for explaining the S2 order.

    As far as this episode- Awesome! Carmen Black is right up there as one my favorites already. She has a great mix of cockiness and confidence, very fiesty. She also did a great job with her dazed look, and all the fighting was top notch. I love her over-one-shoulder cape, and belly punches are the best on an exposed stomach. Great episode, I can’t wait til she is back. How about a Member’s Only vid with her? Also, a cape choke would be perfect in a future video. I usually don’t buy the photosets but I had to for this one to show my support. Bravo!

  17. dkm says:

    How’s the lose ending go?

  18. Beast says:

    Amazing chap!!!!!. Carmen has a great attitude Love her! Love her cape!The photoset was amazing too. She is a real model. I love this kind of episodes which are a big fight scene

  19. Mark says:

    As usual, I’ll wait etc., etc., but just wanted to say a quick ‘I absolutely love it!’!!! And in addition, is it wrong that I’m stupidly excited about a certain sentence in the release e – mail!!??!!

  20. Beast says:

    Love the III in the costume. Cant wait for this

  21. You make an interesting point. They were released in chronological order but that is not apparent if you are just looking at the site now… here is the order as I remember:

    Ep 1
    Ep 2
    Ep 3
    Ep 4
    Ep 5
    Ep 6
    Ep 7
    Ep 8
    Ep 9
    Ep 10

    Hope that helps.

  22. Greg S says:

    The new pics look awesome, can’t wait til Friday. I think Carmen is gonna be one of my favorites.

    On an unrelated note, I was wondering if you had any sort of official order anywhere when it comes to the season 2 episodes and the side missions. The story kind of bounces back and forth and I’d love to have an “official” chronological order for everything.

    Thanks, keep up the great work!

  23. Some early previews… more as the week goes on: https://nextglobalcrisis.com/?p=4209

  24. Beast says:

    I already love her! She remembers me to Amber Heard a little!
    I love the costume also but when i saw redmountain comment i must agree a belt could be cool. I respect any decision of NGC though they are the best in this…

  25. Redmountain says:

    Not bad, but the costume needs a belt, would really help set off those pants if it had a gold belt of some type.

  26. I’m pleased Carmen is generally meeting with approval. I’ll have more pics from her debut fight on the website all this week leading up to release on Friday (for members). It will go on general sale the following Monday.

  27. Maar13 says:

    Wow! This girl,is freaking beautiful and her suit is amazingly hot! Can’t wait to see her in an episode of FSS, NGc has done it again!

  28. Dexter says:

    She looks so Hot & I love the look of these Boots 🙂
    I agree though a short skirt is always better than pants lol
    Cant wait to see her in action 😉

  29. LordSnot says:

    Why hello there Carmen.

  30. Markko says:

    LoL ! 3 vs 1 isn’t fair at all 😀 but I like your idea ah ! 🙂

  31. TBob says:

    Well she is a Fail Safe Sister, so I can’t wait to see her screaming in pain by the hands of Sadie, crunched by Delilah, and finally knocked out by the KO Queen!

  32. Markko says:

    Ye those black pants maybe aren’t really the best choose for me too (tastes..). But she looks great anyway !

    Can’t wait to see which superpower she has (if any…) and who she will fight =)

  33. TBob says:

    Like I said before, the guy who does the casting for NGC needs a raise. Yet another home run for NEXT GLOBAL CRISIS.

  34. Greg S says:

    Wow! Love this new girl and lover her entire costume. Very happy to see a deviation from the standard leotard, some more variety is a great decision.

    Can’t wait to see who she will be facing! I can already say anything Carmen is in with that outfit will be an instant purchase for me!

  35. Shazrand says:

    There isn’t a single girl in NGC who doesn’t look totally amazing as a superheroine!

  36. Mike A says:

    Ah damn. She’s gorgeous but the black pants kinda mess things up for me. This coulda been a great chance to do a Black Canary or Zatanna type character with the fishnets. Eh, I’ll still buy it lol

  37. NGC Fan says:

    Wow! I think we’ve got a winner here (even if I’d suggest a lighter shade of lip gloss to match the nails)!

  38. Mark says:

    May I be one of the first to welcome Carmen to FSS / NGC Universe, and add ‘Holy SMOKE, they’ve done it AGAIN!’.

    And if anyone still isn’t sure it’s worth signing up as a member, well…