“Feargirl: Targets 2” and More Updates from Steve Noir

4 Responses

  1. Kevlar says:

    Cyanna looks great in these 2 different outfits/scenarios.

    And OMG just when I thought those iconic red panties couldn’t get any hotter… that CAMELTOE!
    Gotta ask @Steve Noir, was the cameltoe appearnce by nature? or by design? And can we see more of it in future please? 😀

    • steve noir says:

      That is very funny — not a question I’ve been asked before. I don’t manage that aspect of the performance, but I definitely SHOOT it when I get it. Glad you enjoyed!

  2. Baco says:

    The video is great, and the girls are awesome. Highly recommend, too.

  3. mantower says:

    Fantastic video, great work Steve! Cyanna is absolutely gorgeous, and she sells the peril fantastically. Highly recommended to everyone on this site


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