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“The Femmes and the Furious” from Kick Ass Femmes

I honestly don’t know what I should be paying more attention too. Silver’s butt and legs, Hi-Kix’s mid-riff, or Vixen’s absolutely astonishing pair of… ears. Let’s just get to the review while I figure that one out.


Vixen, executing a sting operation under the alias of Scorpio, arrives in her second greatest catsuit (See her Kandycrisis appearance for #1) and makes a call about some information she plans to sell. But she hears a gunshot and Silver appears out of nowhere from behind and shoves her gun into Vixen’s face.

"The Femmes and the Furious" from KickAssFemmes

Silver wants the info that Vixen has that is contained on a flash drive. Vixen hands it over but quickly disarms Silver and goes on the attack. They have one of the best KAF fights that the company has ever choreographed with a ton of stomach and face blows mixed in with some great trash talk. It’s a fight of momentum swings with Vixen dominating then Silver striking back. Silver eventually gets Vixen in a choke hold and chokes her unconscious.

"The Femmes and the Furious" from KickAssFemmes

When Vixen wakes up she’s been tied and gagged by Silver, but we learn that the buyer is approaching. The buyer is played by Ella, the actress who plays Hi-Kix. But it’s pretty obvious that she’s not playing Hi-Kix in this movie as Silver doesn’t recognize her. But for simplicity sake we’re going to call her Hi-Kix anyway.

"The Femmes and the Furious" from KickAssFemmes

Silver, taking Vixen’s place, hands the flash drive over but when Hi-Kix goes to use it, Silver punches her in the side. Another glorious fights ensues with more stomach and face punching and some headbutts. Silver gets Hi-Kix to her knees, hits her in the face several times and chokes her with her leg. Silver puts her down with a spin kick and escorts Hi-Kix to another room only to find that Vixen has escaped.

"The Femmes and the Furious" from KickAssFemmes

Vixen pounds on Silver and Hi-Kix joins in on the fun and eventually Silver is knocked down by Vixen with a face punch. Vixen continues to attack while Silver is helpless on the ground and Hi-Kix joins in on the fun.

"The Femmes and the Furious" from KickAssFemmes

But just when you think things are over, Silver pulls her gun and holds both at gunpoint. Silver bitch slaps both with the gun and knocks each out. The last shot of the film shows Vixen and Kix on the ground unconscious with their arms tied behind their backs.

"The Femmes and the Furious" from KickAssFemmes

Awesome. Awesome. Awesome. Just almost everything I look for in one of these films. Three of the greatest Kandygirls of all time at the absolute top of their fight games and each looking unbelievably beautiful. Good trash talk, funny lines, Hi-Kix calling Silver a “Dickhead”, this one has it all.

"The Femmes and the Furious" from KickAssFemmes

And just for your viewing pleasure, Kandyman posted a few photos of a new Kandygirl. Don’t know what her name is, don’t know anything about her, but this casting has my complete support.

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  1. Lurker says:

    looks fantastic

  2. roger007 says:

    Wow ! Just love that latex catsuit !!

  3. Raiderman says:

    Anything with Vixen in a catsuit is worth the price of admission.