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UPDATED! “Final Clash” from UltraHeroix

"Final Clash" from UltraHeroixUPDATED with review! UltraHeroix has released a new video called Final Clash, which represents the conclusion to the “Dark Ultra” storyline. Final Clash features Crimson Cat, Domintia and new actress playing Dark Ultra (as well as a sword fight!).

[Beware spoilers!] Final Clash is the latest entry in the Ultraheroix saga and in my opinion the most violent. And I think the blood and beheading back my claim up. I’ll probably have to explain that last part. Let’s get to it.

Dark Ultra and Crimson Cat enter a room and are greeted by Domentcia. It seems Dark Ultra is still under the command/control of Domentcia, and she is less than thrilled at the presence of Crimson Cat. Believing Crimson Cat to be a threat, she knocks her to the ground and unconscious with a blow to the head.

"Final Clash" from UltraHeroix"Final Clash" from UltraHeroix"Final Clash" from UltraHeroix

Crimson Cat awakens and is immediately injected with some kind of serum. Domentcia shows Crimson Cat video of a defeated Dynafly who reacts to the footage with a scream. This seems to trigger something in Dark Ultra who shows signs of breaking out of the mental control she is under. Sensing that her hold over Dark Ultra is slipping, Domentcia throws Dark Ultra her sword and orders her to kill Crimson Cat.

But Dark Ultra can’t go through with it. So, Domentcia knocks Crimson Cat down and out again with a blow to the head and attacks Dark Ultra. Domentcia blocks an energy blast from Dark Ultra and returns fire with several blasts of her own. These attacks badly wound Dark Ultra and she eventually falls to the floor and passes out.

"Final Clash" from UltraHeroix"Final Clash" from UltraHeroix"Final Clash" from UltraHeroix

Dark Ultra awakens and finds herself at the feet of Domentcia. Domentcia is about to deliver a killing blow but Dark Ultra lands an uppercut and pronounces herself to be Lady Ultra once again. Lady Ultra lands a couple of punches, throws Domentcia into the wall, and follows that up with several more punches to the stomach.

Domentcia is on the ground and in a world of pain, but she is able to activate a device on her wrist that causes Lady Ultra severe mental trauma. But the device is destroyed by the sword of a revived Crimson Cat. However, Domentcia has a sword of her own and the two engage in a duel. Things look relatively even and there are a lot of blocks until Domentcia cuts a deep wound into Crimson Cat’s cheek.

"Final Clash" from UltraHeroix"Final Clash" from UltraHeroix"Final Clash" from UltraHeroix

They duel some more and Domentcia finds another opening and kicks Crimson Cat in the stomach and sends her sprawling to the floor. The fight continues on and Crimson Cat struggles to keep up with the physically superior Domentcia. Domentcia cuts another gash into Crimson Cat, this time in her thigh. The fight then moves to a stairwell where Crimson Cat is shown to be heavily favoring her injuries. Domentcia eventually wins the duel by kicking Crimson Cat down the stairs.

Meanwhile, back in the other room, Lady Ultra is slowly coming to, and finds herself at the feet of Domentcia. Domentcia beats on Lady Ultra while she is down and helpless on the ground. She kicks her in the stomach, puts her in a choke hold, and kicks her in the face. Domentcia picks up her sword and is about to drive it into Lady Ultra, but through sheer force of will Crimson Cat has made her way back without being noticed and cuts Domentcia’s head off.

"Final Clash" from UltraHeroix"Final Clash" from UltraHeroix"Final Clash" from UltraHeroix

And that’s it. I’ve always had a great affinity for Ultraheroix. The don’t have the resources that some of the bigger producers do, but they always seem to make entertaining films. The special effects and fight choreography are obvious areas that can be improved upon, but I was still engrossed in the episode. All three girls are beautiful, and it was great to see my favorite Ultraheroix character Crimson Cat take care of business at the end.

Purchase Final Clash at UltraHeroix

2 Responses

  1. Da Jinx says:

    Thanks for the review Sidekick it’s greatly appreciated!
    Hi Darklord,
    I know you’re a fan of Domentia and although it doesn’t go too well for her in the end 😉 as you’ve read from Sidekick, she’s been pretty dominant over the heroines throughout this story up until the very last moments in the end. So I hope this video would still perk your interest.
    I like the character and actress, so let’s just say that it’s hard to keep an awesome villainess down even if she may be dead. I already have an idea that would make her fans happy and there isn’t a more dangerous villain than one that is out for bloody vengeance.

    Going forward, I will put a synopsis on the website page of the video that will give fans an idea of what to expect and here to at Heroine Movies but in a way that there is a way that those that don’t want spoilers will be disappointed.
    Thanks again to everyone for their support!
    Da Jinx

  2. Darklord says:

    I would love to know the outcome before buying this. A good ending would be disappointing to me.

    I think Domentcia is a character that sadly has been underutilized. I LOVED her in the video where she completely dominated lady ultra. Having a super powerful female villain that was so dominant was awesome. Also helps she’s pretty hot and exotic looking.

    Really hoping she comes out on top here in a big way…