“Final Offer” from Damien Wagner

Final Offer from Damien Wagner is now available at Heroine Movies.


Céline, a beautiful young woman, owns a beautiful and classy hotel in the centre of Paris. Julia needs to buy it; it’s important for her business carrier… But there’s no way Céline agree to make the sale. Julia’s ambition will lead her to total madness…

Final Offer is produced by Jacques. Written and directed by Damien Wagner.

This movie included several tortures: belly punches, face slapping, knife play, electric tortures, chloroform and injection of poison.

Intense movie, with two beautiful and talented actresses.

35 minutes long. HD. mp4.

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9 Responses

  1. Jacques says:

    So, in less than 2 weeks I received my custom. I have to say that the film was awesome. There is an AOH sequence which is spectacular. Other methods of torture are also pretty great.I will submit a comprehensive review when the film is released for sale.

  2. Jacques says:

    So, Final Offer 2 was filmed over the weekend and the first seven minutes were edited and posted on Patreon. Damien sent me about 40 grabs and the video is going to be extra awesome. As was agreed, the level of violence is going to be much more intense than the first one. Great use of blood. My logic is that the film is about revenge and redemption.

  3. Jacques says:

    Pepe, I ordered a custom from Damien for Final Offer 2, the sequel. It will feature the same two actresses. It films in August.

    • Jacques says:

      Yes, Helene had a smallish role in Jade Hunt 2. She was great. Too bad that there was no continuing episode as Helene was about to do something nasty to Jade just as the movie was ending. I was somewhat annoyed by this. I suppose that I have to use my imagination. I preferred her long hair in Jade Hunt whereas the shorter hair was perfect for her role as an ambitious executive being considered for the CEO position. The development of her character in Final Offer’ was awesome as she became more desperate to buy the hotel. In the end, her only option left was to use very non conventional methods, aka violence and torture.

  4. Jacques says:

    Yep, this is the custom that I ordered from Damien, I am very pleased about what was accomplished. I wanted a story with peril, that would have most if not all of the elements of a mainstream film. I supplied the story line and agreed on the principle players and costumes; Damien took care of all the details, including an awesome script and dialogue.
    Basically the film is about how to successfully negotiate a lopsided deal(by the buyer) using any means necessary. Desperate measures were required from the villain, an ambitious corporate executive, to ensure a promotion to the top job. Failure was not an option.
    The video features two very talented and hot looking women as well as very ‘cool tortures’.