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“Fly Trapped” – New Video from UltraHeroix

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  1. Da Jinx says:

    Hi everyone,
    I’m happy to to see the feedback been generally positive. I like trying new things like the webbing and I will experiment with more story to make a cooler story. To answer a few questions:
    @redmountain, Thanks for your feedback as always, In regards to the actress, she is new to the genre. In the end it did turn out well but if we work with her again I’m sure it will improve when we move on with the Dynafly storyline.
    @Darklord, I’m glad you like the webbing scenes. She gets in a webline in the beginning but the real web-like stuff is in the last 3-4 minutes of this video.
    Thanks to everyone for their support,
    Da Jinx

  2. Darklord says:

    How long is the scene when she is caught in the web? I love scenes like this and they aren’t done enough.

    Heroines caught in nets and webs is awesome

  3. steve says:

    Gotta agree with Mike3. Overall, a terrific superheroine peril film. I loved last year’s Dynafly film and was hoping we would see more of this heroine. The new actress looked great in the costume and was the image of helplessness. I have really become a fan of the ultraheroix films. My only complaint is that they don’t produce more quickly. I think those who purchase this film will feel the money was well spent. Great job!

  4. Mike3 says:

    Every one has their own preferences in a superheroine film. The peril at the end of this one (photo #12 above) is one of my favorite kinds. Other film makers have done similar scenes which didn’t nearly turn out as well as I would have liked. As for this one Ultraheroix hit a home run, for me at least. Not just in the final scene, but the whole clip as well!

  5. Redmountain says:

    Ok, watched this yesterday and I have to say that I wasn’t quite impressed. While it was awesome that Dynafly was back(she has a great costume) it seemed the actress was new to this genre or very unsure of herself in the role. Her reactions seemed delayed at times and at other times she just seemed to not know what to say or how to respond to being grabbed by the villainess. This had potential, but not really enough fighting for me. Dynafly spends 1/2 the vid unconscious or being carried around and deposited on the floor, but the end is left open for a 2nd part which will hopefully have a bit more action.

  6. Fantasizer says:

    Same here! I’m off too but it too…

  7. Redmountain says:

    Awesome! Been waiting for this character to return to their site. *runs off to buy*