Galtropolis Superheroine Parodies 5 from Camvoy Productions

Check out the trailer from Camvoy Production’s new video, Galtropolis Superheroine Parodies 5, starring Angelique Kithos as Iron Gal and Kerri Taylor as Endgame. The company has also marked down prices on all videos (see below for details).

Galtropolis Superheroine Parodies 5 from Camvoy Productions

Featuring Angelique Kithos as Iron Gal as she is on the hunt for the villainess Endgame (portrayed by Kerri Taylor) from Paladin City. This clip contains our first crossover between Galtropolis and Paladin City Adventures as Endgame and Iron Gal engage in battle. Belly punches and spankings abound until Endgame finally gets the advantage, absorbing Iron Gal’s blows. She delivers a kiss and one last punch to the midsection. The superheroine is made to foot worship and kiss the villainess who returns in kind. Also contains stripping and the superheroine being captured with her own tights placed over her head in humiliation.

NOTE: Prices for all clips at Paladin City Adventures and Camvoy Productions stores have been marked down. Fans/customers interested but not necessarily able to afford the higher prices now no longer have to worry as much. All longer clips (20+ minutes) will be no higher than $19.99.

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