Punished Heroines’ “The Adventures of Omega Girl”

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  1. colt13 says:

    I really like this idea. An over the top, overconfident inexperienced heroine, plus Carly Quinn. This one deserves a story arc where she succeds, but then has to face a different villain and fails.

    Disagree about a mask. That face shouldn’t be covered up.

  2. Decendingskulls says:

    Finally got mine downloaded too. The ending is quite something. Havent seen something like that in a while. I’m torn between liking it and not. Overall though, loved the movie. Sorry to be brief here but i’m on break at work and gotta get back.

  3. bogie says:

    I finally got mine to download all the way yesterday after Chris advised the problem was fixed. I’d missed about 4 seconds, I think.

  4. decendingskulls says:

    I swear mine downloads to 304.8 MB and crashes every time. So weird.

  5. HorseWithNoName says:

    @ bogie

    Thank you very much!

  6. Decendingskulls says:

    I wish i could weigh in on this. Lately I can get the download much past 300MB when the full size is close to 800 MB.

  7. bogie says:

    This board is so entertaining, and much more civilized than most, as evidenced by Horse’s reply to Harden. Whilst I was inclined to think “Attaboy, Harden”, it’s very hard to get get het up about Horse’s review when he is so god-darned rational and expressive. I don’t post much but did on this occasion because I thought the 1 out of 5 rating might cost quite a few sales, undeservedly. Still, you gotta be true to yourself, Horse, and you do have the most excellent name.

  8. HorseWithNoName says:

    @ Harden

    Glad you enjoyed the movie. As I wrote in my review: just one opinion and as I wrote in this thread, I love for people to disagree with me about any given movie i.e. my comments about them. Again, what you find “unbelievably unfair” stems from my personal opinion of it, without me wanting to go into more detail again now. Let’s just say I have seen better in general and from Chris Styles in particular. And I want every director to give his best, however you want to define “best”. Also I try not to be too beholden of any actress or one particular element of a movie to give it a higher rating. Again, no offense to anyone who feels this way, but I am more of a “the sum of its parts needs to bigger” kinda guy. And that is how I approach a movie. Again: my personal view. A week ago I highly praised another movie, and again, that was just my opinion with some points why I felt it deserved some attention from others. On the other hand, on many occasions, I bought movies or books, etc. other people did not like. Everything in the realm of creativity is subjective.

    But still, Omega Girl, I did not like it, you liked it, and that is perfect. Tastes may vary and the view of a “quality” of a film is extremely subjective 😉

  9. Unmasked05 says:

    Hi Chris, I really enjoyed the video and yes Gigi is easily my favorite actress in this genre right now. Any chance of seeing her star in the Wonder Woman vs the mob you were planning on with Dillion Harper?

  10. HorseWithNoName says:

    @ Chris Styles

    Thanks for your comments!

    And while I was very direct in my review – and will be going forward, with what I feel are strong and less strong elements of any movie I will be watching and will choose to review and / or comment on – this is always meant as one opinion and as a push to strive for even better movies.

    Having said that, I most certainly appreciate what you and other directors are doing on a continued basis and how much work you guys put into creating these genre movies for all the fans in this happy community.

    And for me personally, you hit it out of the park with both parts of The Lexxx Files, and I will always be looking forward to new movies from you. This one did not make me swoon, but you can’t always please everybody all the time!

    And yes, Gigi did some outstanding work in this one as well.

  11. DRAGON1 says:

    Gig is only second to one. But she is a solid second.

  12. Chris Styles says:

    Hey guys

    I looked into the issues that your having with the ending. Im not sure exactly what happened but it seems that it stops about a half a second too early. Ends on the same shot of her slumped down but doesn’t show the fade to black. Should be fixed now. Try downloading again. Sorry about all the confusion.

    On a side note, I appreciate all your comments and reviews. Rye had done two very different stories with GiGi and I wanted to go in a completely different direction. A more “comic book/campy” style with a tragic dark ending. What would happen if a bright eyed, naive super heroine got in way way, way over her head? For some of you it jived, for others it didnt.

    But I hope we can all agree on one thing, GiGi Allens is one of the best and hottest models in this genre. She was such a pleasure to work with and direct.

    Till next time guys


  13. sh_Mike says:

    I also have this doubt about the end. I downloaded twice and there was no final credits. Watching the trailer, i’ve imagined the villian would hit OG’s crotch with that stick and then, put it inside her pussy leaving it hung for the camera register this final humiliation. This movie was weaker than Parolee 2 and WW vs Zandor, but it’s always a unmeasurable pleasure to watch Gigi playing a heroine in peril.

  14. ChrisM says:

    Should have ended with Bane breaking her in half over his knee.

    That would have been a hot ending.

  15. HorseWithNoName says:

    @ bogie


    If I assume correctly, that should be were it stops for me as well. With the time mark this is at, I don’t feel there is much more left other than the credits 😉

    @ M please let us know if there is. However would have a hard time watching it again.

    @ Ghrawl Other than the end scene, I never got the sense that there is much of it, but those who liked the movie might disagree;-)

  16. bogie says:

    M, thanks, and I do have Gigi receiving the coup de gras, as it were….hanging there and obviously not of this world, but don’t know if there’s anything that completes the video, like a carry etc. It’s a bit annoying not knowing how much is left before the credits. Not much I expect, but still. I agree the method of despatch is pretty darn unmissable.

  17. Ghrawl says:

    How is the PERILS in general in this movie???

  18. M says:

    You don’t want to miss the ending!!! That’s all I’ll say!

  19. bogie says:

    @HorseWithNoName. You are a scholar and a gentleman. And I still can’t go the full distance with the download, so don’t know how much I’m missing….it stops as the masked guy is surveying her slumped body..Can anyone enlighten me if anything happens after that? Gracias.

  20. Decendingskulls says:

    Tried downloading it like 20 times. It keeps crashing before it reaches download size. I’ll try again tomorrow. This happened to me before with a video a few weeks back. Eventually I get it to download.

  21. HorseWithNoName says:

    And I love that bogie disagrees with me!

    A difference in opinion will hopefully lead to different viewpoints of a given film, and more importantly, to a higher diversity in the films offered. And maybe even to “better” productions in general. Not everybody likes the same things and all tastes and discussions of movies are very subjective!

    In any case, I am eager to learn what others think of this and other films!

  22. bogie says:

    I think it should be said that this is in no way ‘bad’. Horse, as he always states, is expressing his own opinion. I disagreed with just about everything he found negative about this video. The ‘tone’ of the piece, for example, I thought was great, the contrast between the ‘barbie’, campy behaviour of the heroine, and the subsequent rather extreme brutality being quite impactful. And I certainly don’t think the masked villain gave a poor performance in any way. I’m rather selective these days about what I buy, due to higher prices being charged and the number of offerings available, but I purchased this on the strength of Gigi being in it (which illustrates the value of an actress such as this one) and found it to be the equal of “Parolee 2” .
    Just wanted to emphasize that opinions vary and in mine, this production should in no way be written off.

  23. Dragon 1 says:

    I am so sorry to hear that this was that bad. I was looking forward to it I hope next time they get it right.

  24. KAR says:

    Another good — and good-looking — super heroine actress in Gigi Allens. My compliments to her. These curvy, solid-body girls are the best. “Wonderous Woman vs. Zandor” had a little trouble with the lighting toward the end, but that element was better in this Omega Girl video. Hope to see more Wonderous Woman videos starring this girl.

  25. HorseWithNoName says:

    @ sugercoater: I very much like the suggestion you posted in your 5th point. I was thinking in a similar direction with having a guy like that filming her ordeal with some shoots of this weak looking henchman’s reactions as he moves with the camera around her to get every humiliating detail on film. Have the guy with the camera move, this would add some dynamic!

    And there could be some comment that the heroine had defeated him very easily during a previous encounter, and now he gets to film her while the main villain has his way with her. Then, of course, “weak looking man” gets his way with her as well.

  26. sugarcoater says:

    I was hesitant to buy this one based on the reviews, but the combination of Gigi and the sexy outfit inspired me.

    After buying the video, here are a few thoughts:

    1. Was hoping for more sexual peril. There was just too little of it. Several others have mentioned the same. WIth a gorgeous model like Gigi who is willing to push the envelope, I would DEFINITELY do so! Maybe after rubbing her for a bit, the villain could ask her why she’s getting wet and why she’s moaning so loudly. I liked the sensual rubbing her Omega Girl at the 12 minute mark. What I would have really liked would be to have her actually climax (perhaps even using some inner monologue to reveal how turned on she actually becomes!).

    2. The dialogue with Bane might have been better planned. When he asks Omega Girl to renounce protecting the city or “suffer the consequences,” being sexually aroused by a vibrator doesn’t really come across as a huge consequence. Don’t get me wrong, I like that idea, but use that in a different manner.

    3. The dialogue earlier on was fairly good. Liked the reference to Omega Girl as “Barbie” and her annoyance with that name. Gigi portrays the role of the overconfident super heroine very well. I would have even more taunting and insulting, especially as Gigi IS a stunning blonde who looks incredibly sexy.

    3. Gigi is just plain awesome. I can honestly say that I would probably buy any heroine video with her in it.

    4. The ending scene is absolutely unexpected, as many have posted. I really didn’t like it, but that’s just a matter of taste. I would have appreciated a dual option purchase just because that ending definitely affects the previous 25 minutes of action.

    5. As Horse wrote, use the whole humiliation tactic. For example, have the Bane bring in a very skinny and weak looking henchman and have him sex up Omega Girl. As the henchman is having his way with her, Bane could both taunt Omega Girl and comment for the camera. The whole purpose of the action would be to show the world that if a mere average man can have what he wants from her, then how much of a defender of a city can she be?

    I am not disappointed with the purchase (and thank you Chris for making it!), but I would have liked a few tweaks and alterations made to it.

  27. HorseWithNoName says:

    @ Eagle

    You are welcome. Looking forward to be reading your comments / reviews!

  28. Eagle says:

    Just wanted to chime in and say thanks for this discussion – it’s very enjoyable. I agree with much of what sugarcoater, HorseWithNoName, and others have to say.

  29. HorseWithNoName says:

    Yes, there seems to be a technical glitch!

    My first download stopped early as it was also only 761 mb. Had to download it a second (or even a third time, not sure right now) time which got it going till the end (793 mb), with only about 30-40 sec. not playing i.e. end credits (I assume). So I saw it right up to the end (pun intended 😉 You will want to try again, I guess.

    @ Descendingskulls: yes, it does indeed! This by itself is done ok (you will have something like that with GIGA), but as I wrote in my review it does not fit in with the rest of the movie in tone. But your mileage may vary 😉

    @ Dkm: if you want variation of this kind: do you know about Genre Videos (the site)? They have some serious dark death endings in the movies they offer. As I wrote into my review: not necessarily my thing, but maybe you want to have a look. They also offer some C4S heroine peril videos with alternative “death endings”.

  30. gjh says:

    Im seeing the same thing as bogie. The ending cuts off very abruptly. The download page says it is a 799 mb file, but the download itself says 761 mb. At first I thought it was a download error so I redownloaded it but still 761 mb. Other than that I thought it was great.

  31. Decendingskulls says:

    Pretty curious about the end now. I’m guessing the trailer hints at it…

  32. Dkm says:

    Just the fact that this movie has a death ending that’s not: “Let’s strangle her!” “LOL Ok” thing that usually happens in Punished Heroines films makes this an automatic B in my book, with a chance to become an A once I’ve seen it all.

  33. HorseWithNoName says:

    Bought it, watched it twice. Here is my review (SPOILERS):

    So far the movies of Chris Styles have been a mixed bag for me. While I did certainly enjoy The Lexxx Files and Villains United II (Skyfire) and would recommend both, some of his other movies left me cold. And I certainly did like Gigi’s two previous heroine movies. She was good to very good in both of them (IMHO).

    So now we have Omega Girl. The structure is set up in 3 acts: introduction of the heroine in a “regular” outfit (small nitpick: if you put Gigi in tight leather pants, show us a little bit more, just saying ;-), quick change into the pink heroine outfit and a short battle with a female villain. Act 2 sees her battle a male opponent, first winning then losing, with some nice groping in close-up. Then she is confronted by both, the female and the male villain, who cancel each other out. Act 3 finds her in the hands of a Bane-like villain.

    So while act 1 and act 2 are basically fine, there are some problems: there is a huge continuity mistake when the male villain is introduced that is highly irritating (I know this is not Hollywood, but still, I feel this could be avoided with better editing). And: for most of the 1 on 1 male villain fight the camera is highly shaky! I would assume this is by design, but the result is not very good. The editing is also all over the place.

    So act 3 then, which is the most disappointing! Firstly, the villain. It was probably a very good choice to avoid the movie version sounding voice and go for a regular sounding voice that can be understood very well. However the way the actor delivers his lines is incredibly bad (sorry!). And he sounds like he is out of breath right from the start. Worst of all: there is really nothing menacing about him other than the fact that he is a big muscular guy with a mask.

    So, for the peril elements in act 3: there is some groping and topless nudity. Fine. Some spanking and beating. Then the villain chooses to use a sex toy. Less good. It feels this was a choice that had to be made. Which indeed might be what it was, because this is as far as the sexual peril element goes. Ok, disappointing, but still ok, but still it is handled in such a none interesting way that it does not achieve the desired result of showing the heroine getting humiliated. What I also feel lacking is an impactful use of the above advertised “humiliation on live TV”. It is basically a video camera running by itself and hardly even mentioned. There are no shots from said camera or anything nor do we get a sense that this is shown to anybody “live”. Much better done in Lexxx Files.

    However I would be amiss not to mention that in act 3 we get some of the best acting by Gigi so far in her peril movies: what she conveys with her eyes, this sense of defiance and pride, might be worth the price of admission for some. Outstanding!

    And near the end we come to the worst part of the movie (again SPOILERS).
    When I said to take a look at what GIGA does, I most certainly did not mean THAT!
    There is a major death scene and it is very gruesome! Now I do not mind a death ending (not a big fan of it either), but this needs to be set up better. We have a movie that is very campy in tone throughout, and we end with a death that is a huge tonal shift from the rest of the movie (with the laughable villain in act 3 who deals this deadly blow). And again: it is not just that the character is getting “killed”, but the way in which this is done is so wrong for the rest of the movie. Again: I do not mind the fact that the movie contains a “death” scene, but it is not set up properly (i.e. we go from sex toy to “death” within a few seconds) and it most certainly does not fit in with the rest of the movie and if it is there to shock, this fails as well for said reasons.

    So overall: this movie makes some bad choices, it is neither directed nor edited in a way that is above average (for this genre and type of films) and the acting is mixed. The female and the first male villains are ok in this respect, the acting of the third villain is laughably bad, with Gigi having moments of greatness and otherwise giving a solid performance. However I cannot recommend this movie. Sorry!

    Run time around 27 minutes, 1 star out of 5 (it would be less than that, but as mentioned above, Gigi does some amazing work with her eyes, but she cannot save this mess of a movie). Once again: just one horse’s opinion.

  34. bogie says:

    Well done, Chris. VERY well done. That ending…A for originality. Gigi fabulous as usual. Slight problem that despite downloading it twice, the video cut of very abruptly, right at the end, no credits. Not sure if this is a problem my end or yours.

  35. Superfreak says:

    Is anyone else having trouble buying this movie?

    I’m trying to buy 3 movies and it won’t take anything but money order and 2 weeks… I live in the US and have bought several movies from website. Not sure why having this issue now.

  36. HorseWithNoName says:

    And coming back to sugercoater’s idea about the viewers suggesting plot points:

    As far as I can tell a producer of ANY kind of movie has five ways to go about this:
    1. make a movie as “passion” project and hope it meets the taste of others
    2. repeat what has been selling in the past, hoping it will sell in future as well
    3. use an existing concept and put your own spin on it and make it unexpected
    4. do something brand new because you yourself want to try out something new
    5. look if there is wide-spread demand for things that has not yet been met and try to create a product that fills this gap

    If a producer is going with either option 3, 4 or 5, why not make a short list of things with presenting some options the fans can vote on, once you have determined your budget and have selected an actress and the number of cast available: e.g. set, overall scenario, type of heroine with some costume ideas, type of villains, types of peril that can be included, etc.

    Yes, not every potential buyer is on this forum, but you would get a good sample size of what people would enjoy. You already get it by reading most posts here.

    This would be deconstructing the idea of crowd-funding: i.e. the producer has the budget and makes the film, but the fans get an input on what direction the movie will take (within reason of course). This will not necessarily lead to vastly higher sales by itself automatically, but it will most certainly draw more attention to this upcoming movie and increase interest which will most likely help it to sell better. In any case, in this climate we are in, it will garner more good-will than just putting up some pictures with fans having to ask what the movie is actually about and what perils it includes.

    Just my 2 cents and going back to what sugercoater wrote.

  37. HorseWithNoName says:

    And to add to what sugercoater wrote: as an example, why not have the heroine unmasked in front of a camera (even better with the idea that this is a live broadcast) either before or after she is getting ravished? With all the added peril elements this brings, e.g. have the heroine beg not get unmasked, with her offering money, her body, etc. to the villains. And please: use a new kind of mask! A cowl mask, e.g.

    It really ain’t rocket science! Just add some new (!) elements, and don’t give us the “same” heroine in the same (!) situations every time. This is what is getting boring!

    I just highly praised a movie I got yesterday for doing something completely outside the box! Hopefully more producers will introcduce in new elements.

  38. john5051 says:


  39. HorseWithNoName says:

    @ Darklord

    That is what I meant by campy, I guess. I already got that vibe with the segment of it that was attached to the WW vid. I also have this issue with another new movie up for release soon.

    With some other releases coming up that look “darker”, I am still hopeful that we will get something more risky and bold in the very next future, though.

    Still planning on getting this one as well since there seem to be some elements that I like.

  40. Darklord says:

    Call me crazy but this doesn’t look that great. At least in the context of comparing it to other recent releases.

    Seems like another standard vid. Nothing really “special” here, looks very samey

  41. HorseWithNoName says:

    Thanks for the trailer.

    I like it. I will most certainly buy this vid when it becomes available.

    I do feel, judging from the trailer, that it is somewhat on the campy side, but since this appears to very tongue-in-cheek, I will roll with it.

  42. Sugarcoater says:

    As Horse posted, any chance of a trailer and ETA for the release? After those first two Gigi videos, I need to see more of her!

  43. HorseWithNoName says:

    Any news about a possible release date? Hopefully a trailer drops soon.

  44. Spankdex says:

    Cant wait for this, the spanking on those shiny hose sold me, actress definately knows how to sell peril and her figure is just perfect 🙂

  45. HorseWithNoName says:

    I am with supercoater on this one. There is plenty of non-sexual peril heroine material out there, WW and otherwise.

    I am very much in favor of hard R or 18+ material when it comes to heroine peril. Maybe some producer can offer two version in future (i.e. a PG13 cut and an R rated or even 18+ cut). This way they can please more fans and have an increased return on their movies which will mean more movies.

    Or: why not have a movie in 2 parts by two different producers.
    Should TBFE, for example, feel they themselves won’t want to have their Redwing 2 too much in the R or 18+ area, an other producer (maybe Lee or Rye) can do a more “adult” Redwing 2.2. Just an idea that might work for everybody involved.

  46. sugarcoater says:

    I think the reason for not doing a non-sexual peril Wonder Woman film is because all the mainstream Wonder Woman material is entirely non-sexual. Since the days of Linda Carter as Wonder Woman, I’ve been waiting for something of genre (as it seems quite a few others have). Between NBC doing a de-sexualized pilot and the upcoming Wonder Woman character in the DC movies, there should be a good amount of non-sexual peril Wonder Woman material.

  47. Andrew C. says:

    Why not a Wonder Woman Non-Porn film?! Would be wonderful!

  48. MassEffectMan says:

    I agree with Andrew C. That will be great!

  49. Andrew C. says:

    Is there any chance to see a non-porn movie with this lovely actress?

  50. sh_Mike says:

    I agree w Marc about her boots. Stiletro style shinny boots would look hotter.

  51. HorseWithNoName says:

    @ Chris

    Fan of your work. This one looks promising. “Live TV”, yes! However I am with some of the other posters. A mask and unmasking (in front of live TV) would be nice. A mask that is a little bit more than a domino mask (i.e. covering her cheeks as well) or a cowl. Maybe a “Bat” character in a shiny leather-, rubber- or latex-look catsuit that gets destroyed along the way in front of the cameras. There is an old Giga vid called “Batangel” that is very good. Maybe for inspiration… Just an idea.

  52. Love them Heroines says:

    Huge suggestion that may actually boost sales on your site.

    Let me start by saying that I love your movies. Love the women, the story line and then some.

    Problem is it’s hard to find the movies that fit my tastes. Some of the movies have a synopsis, and a short mention of what the scenes contain. Some movies, don’t mention anything. Good example is the Parolee. I actual found another site that had some snapshots of the scenes, which convinced me to buy it. I loved it. But I wouldn’t have known what kind of scenes were in it.

    Please standardize some of the categories so the site will be easier to search.

  53. Sugarcoater says:

    Totally agree with you about the mask. There is something to the Skyfire peril video, which I completely liked and highly recommend, that needed a slight change and that was it. I love seeing the superheroine taken while masked. She can always be unmasked and then taken again. But to see the heroine in full costume being sexually abused is hot.
    Any chance that there will be a follow-up to that Skyfire video? Would love to see her escape, return to punish that pimp, only to face further humiliation or blackmail.

  54. Superfreak says:


    To be more specific… I meant Sky Fire VU II as second reference, baffling to me why removed so early into her peril. Should’ve been part of the final humiliation…


  55. superfreak says:

    Love to always see more from Rye and Chris… And especially Gigi!

    I’ve spent mad cash across the board at SHG site with Punished taking most of my funds over the years.

    I’m not super picky, but if I had to make request for improvement, it would be:

    More masks and better removal… That’s it!

    While I will most likely purchase this video, this character to me, should be masked. Even with the Ultra Girl video (which I purchased and love), I feel the mask was removed way to soon. Speaking of which, The newest Villains United with Ultra Girl suffered the same fate for me. Other than that awesome video as well.

    Just constructive criticism…


  56. Naveed says:

    Already counting down the days for this!! when is the release date?

  57. TOM says:

    Gigi Allens—— the best actress!!!
    Can‘t wait!
    Please give a date!
    Hope to see more of her starring in the movie!!