Hannah Perez in “Double Take” at my Clips4Sale Store

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Orcaman001 avatar
5 years ago

The preview video on her site we’ll holly Molly it is definitely one for the collection
Have to see the beat down in this one
And yes I agree she still can sell the pain and dismay as she is being dominated 🙂

5 years ago

Still have this one from when I got it off the site. One of the best “beat down” films I’ve seen as Hannah takes an absolutely pasting as both heroines and the villains really have fun rag dolling her and beating the tar out of her even when she can’t fight back. She really sells the hits and how weak she is to. Great vid overall!

Mr.Bleh avatar
5 years ago

Good ol’ Hannah Perez. I always liked her, especially as Wonder Woman (still wish I’d had gotten that special limited release Christmas special with her tied to the bed, from a few years ago).
You made some good movies with her Valik. Thank you for that.
I don’t recall a new video with her for some time now. Is she still around or did she retire?

Jeff avatar
5 years ago
Reply to  Mr. Bleh

She’s on Twitter I know, I haven’t been there recently so I don’t know exactly what she’s released recently. And I very much agree, this looks fantastic!