“Hell on Kickass” from Kick Ass Kandy

Eden is on fire!! When 2 guys renege on a bet, Eden teaches them a lesson. Using her long, toned legs to kick them around and her flexible hardbody to unleash a brutal beatdown – leaving them in a heap. She’s a fair girl, it’s not about the money, it’s about the respect so she promises to stop hurting them if they give her an apology.

They refuse so the pain continues. Eden steps it up and with her fierce fists, lightening quick legs, knees and body she rips them apart. With her gymnastic karate she takes them out individually then both together. The beating gets so bad they call for a 3rd man – the biggest of them all. That doesn’t faze Eden as she beats up all 3 at the same time. Nobody rips off Eden! FREE 123 STILL PHOTOSET!!

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23 Responses

  1. moonshake says:

    just one wish: Panther in kickass femmes movie

  2. toshiki says:

    Hey guys – one of you commented on the last KAK post that you’d be willing to go in with me on a fem vs fem power move-intensive video starring Vixen. I can’t find that comment anymore so could you please repost your contact? I’m looking to commission that custom and could use one or two people to come in on it with me.

    • Jacques says:

      It wasn’t me. However I would share a custom whereby there is plenty of peril.

      • toshiki says:

        How can I reach you? I’ll send you over my idea of what I’m looking for. Also, do you (or anyone else) have an idea how to reach someone at KAK? I sent an email to admin at kickasskandy.com and sent in an inquiry via their contact form and am yet to hear back.

  3. Otto says:

    When are we going to see a new Female on Female Ladies of Kickass video ?

  4. pulphead says:

    I got it, I cannot resist her beautiful abs 🙂 I wanted her to face some challenge however 🙁

    would love to see her knocked out and captured, maybe cradled carried as well

    • Jay says:

      Not gonna happen . They are done producing any movies with any competitive matches apparently .

      • Dr_Mabuse says:

        I hate to add to the chorus of readers on this site clamoring for some peril in these videos. I’m sure KandyMan produces the girl power KAK videos because he enjoys them and they sell. I’m sure every producer is aiming to make things they like that are liked by enough people to make them profitable, and reading a bunch of requests to do something you don’t really want to do must get annoying.

        The KAK videos always look high-quality as well. The girls look great and wear beautiful outfits, there’s usually a lot of great fight choreography, and their pretty reasonably priced. I buy one occasionally myself.

        Still, I’d love to see more back and forth between the girls and their male adversaries, even some brief peril elements (KOs, carries, a little bondage, etc.) even if the girls win in the end. In fact, I’d prefer that result! I like heroine peril AND girl power, and in most videos you can get one but not the other. I’d definitely buy from someone who regularly made videos where the heroines face some adversity, even get defeated briefly, but turn the tables in short order and end up victorious.

        It seems to me that videos like that are in short supply (correct me if I’m overlooking someone who does that kind of stuff), even though a lot of the mainstream material that probably got a lot of people interested in this stuff in the first place had similar scenarios.

        Again, I hate to gripe, just offering my opinion.

        • pulphead says:

          Dr_Mabuse said “even some brief peril elements (KOs, carries, a little bondage, etc.) even if the girls win in the end. In fact, I’d prefer that result! I like heroine peril AND girl power”

          Well Said !!! I agree 100%

        • pulphead says:

          Exactly my view !!! Kandyman (one the best producers out there) actually delivered some films with this norm (like the THE KICKASS EXTRACTION)

          Eden is super hot ! my personally favourite from the new additions however is SIENNA

          • Dr_Mabuse says:

            Thanks pulphead! I agree with you–Kandyman is one of the best producers around (IMO), which is why I bothered to leave my comment above. I don’t buy a lot from KAK, but I’d get more if there were a bit more peril here and there.

            Btw, Kickass Extraction slipped past me when it was released, but I just picked it up and it was great! Thanks for the recommendation.

      • Jacques says:

        Mr. Kandyman once stated if someone will pony up for a custom with peril elements he would be happy to produce one. I am interested and will get around to it. The goal is to have sustained back and forth action until ‘girl power’ prevails. I have bought only a few, overall thtgey are exceptionally well produced classy films. Awesome choreography.

      • kandyman says:

        Really? nobody told me that!

  5. Besugo says:

    We need more Kickassfemmes!! Those girls need to get some fake beatdowns!! 😀

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