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Help Stormy Tempest (and Astra) Save the Galaxy!

Help Stormy Tempest (and Astra) Save the Galaxy!Here’s a collection of news items from Cult Retro about upcoming projects, including the upcoming finale of Stormy Tempest Season 2, as well as some info about Seasons 3 and 4. There’s also a chance to acquire some exclusive behind-the-scenes photos and video. Check it out! 

Help Stormy Tempest (And Astra!) Save the Galaxy!

The Stormy Tempest Season 2 final episode “Fight for the Future” will be available VERY soon! We will then begin post-production on Stormy Tempest Season 3 featuring the return of Clayton the Sleeper, a swamp monster, and new Space Patrol Sheriff Velocity Blaze. Season 3 will be released throughout the summer.

Nicola Rae is going to be in the Orlando area and available in a few weeks, so we are taking this opportunity to film Stormy Tempest’s 4th season while we have the chance. Season 4 will focus on superpowered catfights as we introduce Bill Black’s sci-fi heroine Astra to the Stormy Tempest universe. Astra will be played by popular Angel Avenger Ashley Wilson; she will both fight against Stormy AND team up with her to combat a new interdimensional menace. Season 4 will also feature an appearance by Astron, one of Black’s first MALE comic book heroes created in the 1970’s. We hope to release Stormy Tempest Season 4 beginning in the fall.

At this time we are accepting donations for this project. As a “thank you” for showing your support we have assembled a special treat for contributors as well. After your donation you will receive access to an online gallery featuring…

70 Never-before-released HD photos from the upcoming Stormy Tempest Season 3 featuring Nicola Rae as Stormy Tempest (as well as Clayton the Sleeper, the swamp monster and Velocity Blaze). Many are “damsel in distress” themed images.

HD Stormy Tempest vs Velocity Blaze Behind-the-Scenes Video (21 minutes). This video features behind the scenes high-definition footage shot with a documentary camera while making the episode, so this footage will NOT be used when we assemble the actual film. The scenes depicted should give you some idea of what to expect when Stormy encounters the far-more-powerful Velocity Blaze. This may be your only chance to check out this footage! It’s also the first time you get to see Nicola Rae as Stormy Tempest in HD!

Stormy Tempest: Unmasked Raw Footage Part 1 & Part 2 (32 minutes). These two videos feature the actual raw footage that we shot while making action scenes for Stormy Tempest: Unmasked, one of our most popular releases. Spend time on the set with CultReto cast and crew as Stormy and Clayton battle and knock each other out in the jungle. You’ll get to see many outtakes and alternate takes presented just as we filmed it without the visual or audio effects.

These video features are only available for the next two weeks.

To see all of it right now just visit www.CultRetro.com and click on one of the donation buttons!

Thanks for lookin!

6 Responses

  1. CultRetro says:

    Here is your first look at Ashley Wilson as Astra!

    This is from today’s costume fitting. The belt is temporary and we have a few adjustments yet to make, but it’s coming together very well.

    Ashley looks GREAT! And very SHINY!

    Astra is Astron’s female sidekick. Search for “Astra” at http://www.accomics.com to find some of the Femforce comics in which she appears.

    Astra will both team-up with and fight against Stormy Tempest.

    Astra might not be one of the more famous AC heroines, but she will be soon once you see Ashley in action! Her abilities will include flight, invulnerability, superstrength, superspeed, hand-fired energy beams, laservision, tactical helmet displays and the ability to create dimensional portals for teleportation (and a few other unique combat tricks). Ashley is also a capable fighter even WITHOUT her powers (as seen in AngelAvengers episodes 01 and 03).

    Ashley’s helmet (as seen in the picture below) is older than she is. It was fabricated by Bill Black and was worn by Bill Greenman in the as-yet-unreleased 1970′s Astron film. The helmet will return to action when we begin filming Stormy Tempest Season 4 next week!

    Astra will give Stormy Tempest a run for her money. We hope to have Astra star in her own series in the near future.


  2. Shakeshift says:

    The STORMY TEMPEST series has consistently been one of the most entertaining and story-rich series that has been available in the last few years. It has a great nuanced flavor that combines satire along with excellent characterization. Stormy is both a patriot and a rebel, so we see a nicely-balanced melange of order and chaos as she fights to do what is right, along with doing what she needs to do in order to survive. It’s excellent film-making.

  3. gwyn says:

    just looking at the picture and the glasses made me think, has anyone done anything with a steampunk concept?

  4. CultRetro says:

    Yes! MUCH more peril in Season 3. F/F fighting also. Velocity Blaze pretty much destroys Stormy. What you see in the documentary footage is only one small part of it.

    Blaze is a sheriff. Stormy is technically an outlaw. So who is the good guy and who is the bad is a matter of perspective.

    Season 4, which we are about to film, is also heavy on F/F scenes. AngelAvenger Heather is actually a martial artist and she plays a villainess that fights Stormy. AngelAvenger Ashley plays Astra (a powerful new heroine) that ALSO fights Stormy. So basically it’s Stormy Tempest versus the Angel Avengers! 🙂

    Thanks to you both for your support!

  5. Darklord says:

    Sounds awesome.

    I believe I recall season three and beyond are likely to be more “perilous” or “darker” (lack of better word) is that still true? I hope so. Big fan of all stormy movies so am definitely excited.

    Can’t wait for swamp monsters!

  6. Jerkstore says:

    Just watched the footage of the Stormy vs Velocity Blaze fight and it is going to be tremendous when cut and edited. Really looking forward to that. Looks like there will be a ton of F/F fight peril. I don’t think we have ever seen that in a Stormy film.