Sale Has Ended – New Videos Coming Soon

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jkrc717 avatar
3 years ago

where can i find more Rin? Has she done anything else?

rpardojr avatar
3 years ago

Great videos Sir,
hope new ones with crystal (wonderstar/wonderful lady) will come soon!!!


3 years ago

when is the next movie

yu266734 avatar
3 years ago

When do the Asami video from Strong Style Studios going to be released??

Mr.Bleh avatar
3 years ago

A note for HM: First off, thank you for making the sale available to us.
I have several of your movies and enjoy all of them.
However I wanted to let you know about something….
Not sure if you realize this or not, but when perusing your video section, and one clicks on “page 2” it never goes there.
I just get an error message.
It’s actually been like that for a while now.
Maybe there is no page 2 anymore?
Anyway, thought you should know.

Mr.Bleh avatar
3 years ago
Reply to  HM

I see there are now multiple pages to the video catalogue.
All pages are easily navigated now.
Just wanted to say thank you for all the hard work you put into this place.
You are both a scholar and a gentleman.

Depo Man
Depo Man
3 years ago

Always wanted to see wonderful lady vs Mortus but was hoping for a bigger discount given the films age. Shame.

Mr.Bleh avatar
3 years ago
Reply to  Depo Man

I’ve got it.
Definitely worth it.
Looks like he left an opening for a “pt. 2”.
Sad it never happened. She was actually pretty good!