Heroineburgh Custom 11 now available: “Vendetta in: Woman of Steel”

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10 days ago

I have all the regular episodes of Heroineburgh, and several custom ones. I mysef ordered number 2, with Darbouka, and I’m very satisfied with the result. Those who like to see an heroine properly humiliated and unmasked should appreciate it. In the same style, the number 4 with Poderosa is great too ! As soon as I can, I would like to order another custom with the new actress who plays Vendetta, where she will also be unmasked and humiliated. Heroineburgh does a very good job, the scenarios are one of their strong points. I can’t wait to be able… Read more »

phlfan avatar
12 days ago

Looks promising, but I need some nudity, combat, and sex.