Heroineburgh Episode 12: TV Eye (El Origen de la Poderosa)

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  1. Goon4hire says:

    What a gorgeous heroine! I would love to see Poderosa take on Sintilla and lose, preferably after being unmasked!

  2. saxman314 says:

    New Jerseyan-American saxman314 likes the song. Just the right level of 80s electro kitsch.

  3. ODILE says:

    The whole work made by heroineburgh is fantastic, indeed ! I have purchased 6 movies, and I have never been disappointed. The season 1 is a great introduction, with very well built, solid, deep, interresting storylines and characters. Of course, there is also action. Poderosa is a breakout character ! Rosa Perez (great actress !) is a very attractive reporter and it’s a pleasure to watch her in her “business” outfits before she transforms in Poderosa. Great costume and mask ! In this episode, we can clearly understand who she is, and how she becomes Poderosa… excellent movie ! Of course, I can’t wait for her next adventures, and I wonder what kinf of terrific perils she will have to face in the sequels. I hope she will meet great and highly dangerous opponent ! To summarise: Rosa Perez/Poderosa is one of the strongest charaters of Heroineburgh, but all the others heroines have also a tremendous potential. My favorite characters are masked heroines, and I must confess I’m waiting for a plot based on the discovering of the secret identity of one of them in a dramatic and well filmed unmasking scene ! But we have time for that, it’s also important to not waste too early so interresting characters and storylines. To finalize, my opinion is what Heroineburgh does has never been done before. Fantastic job for a low price.


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