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“Heroines of F.U.R.Y.” from Secret Heroine Films

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  1. faiers says:

    What is the name of the actress who plays LADY please VICTORY !!!!!

  2. Judah says:

    Guess we didn’t get Valor 2 for July. Oh well…theres always August

  3. Judah says:

    Hopefully we can get to see Valor 2…July is almost over. Love me some Dani G. Just wish she would film more often.

  4. LordSnot says:

    Lady Victory is smoking hot and the suit fits her nicely. I like that alternative way they get to her like in last video as well. Can’t get the suit off her one way, totally go that other route. Kudos for two great Lady victory vids. Can’t wait for more.

  5. thevoice says:

    just thinking aloud here, how will valor 2 even be purchased with valor 1 not being on sale on SHG, I’m assuming the sequel will be no different. I’m looking forward to its eventual release.

  6. Reyes says:

    “My original plan was to release Valor 2 in June, but sadly I had a major hardware issue and lost some of the footage that I shot. So last week I reshot Valor 2 with Dani and will get it out asap in July. It was pretty devastating to lose footage and a huge lesson learned but I think this video will be better then the one I shot a few months ago! Stay tuned!”

  7. Heroineaddict says:

    Was valor 2 release announced already? I didn’t know its scheduled end of month…

  8. Mario says:

    Is Valor still coming out this month? Man I sure hope so!
    Waiting all summer for it.

  9. Reyes says:

    i think it will come out after the release of valor 2 (end of July)

  10. ME92 says:

    Any news on Part 2 of this yet? I don’t want to sound impatient, but the 1st part was really intriguing ^^

  11. ximi says:


    Yes, thank you very much for very helpful information, I’m getting this as well. πŸ™‚

  12. thevoice says:


    glad to help, I’m sure you’ll enjoy it πŸ™‚

  13. sugarcoater says:

    @ thevoice

    Thanks a lot for taking the time to respond to us. The info has convinced me to buy this one–I was a bit on the fence but I really like the outfit and what I see in the trailer.

  14. thevoice says:

    no bearhugs other than a very brief one before she transforms

    transforms around the 9min mark

    @Captain Tripps
    one goon gets his fair share of groping on LV, but its nothing compared to the female villians spoils of war.

    @Mike A
    the chloro scene is good but its the scenes before it I enkoy the most πŸ˜‰ the carry is very brief at the end

    good amount face hits in this, including some in the end with no reply from LV. I’d say this one is the better of the two, they’re both awesome in there own way but she’s gets out of dodge too often for my liking in the first one πŸ˜‰

    she’s taunted among other things with a weapon that shocks her, they force her to say a safe word if she’s wants them to stop. also the ending is top notch where you think she’s won only for more humiliation to come her way πŸ™‚

    I recall Mr Hero mentioning he’d shot another valor flick when black scorpion was coming out, so surely its only a matter of time πŸ™‚

    Not sure if anyone else saw this, but I viewed a youtube video some way back that had Cosmic Girl, Black Diamond and Livewire all in same video, a trailer for a collab of the 3, not sure what happened with that but this looks to be along those lines, looking forward to it.

    this is a really good video. Secret Identity films and SHF (are they the same?) are 2 of my favourite content providers at the moment. I’ve got almost all their flicks and they seem to get better and better. I have to disagree with @jimmybobo is saying, there is hardly a thing wrong with this film, other than the punching effects might need a little more noise to them.

    Happy now? πŸ™‚

    hope this helps everyone.

  15. Jimmy Bobo says:

    I’ve liked a lot Lady Victory, sexy girl, nice blows, good cameras, great reactions, so I’ve watch this and….this totally sucks. The cameras are the worst I’ve ever seen, the villains don’t know how to punch, even the protagonist can’t sells anymore, plus the audio effects are pointless and the moanings are boring. A total waste of time, don’t buy this.

  16. ximi says:

    Glad many people like this, but in addition to all the praise, can someone post an actual review and answer some of the questions? “Greatest video ever!” Really doesn’t tell me much …

  17. Fabio says:

    Mr Hero I gotta let you know you quickly became my favorite producer of this genre man I absolutely loved Black Scorpion with Dani G and I would love a sequel. Your low blows are a lot more creative and actually give the heroine her time to react to it. You just know how to film these you get it. Keep up the good creative work.

  18. ron says:

    Valor, next month

  19. Judah says:

    I liked the costume and the film was pretty cool…very sexy at the same time. Question.when can we expect to see Dani G again. And if so what type of heroine will she play. Black Scorpion Valor or a new one

  20. sugarcoater says:

    I’m curious as to the humiliation aspect. How is she humiliated? What kind (if any) verbal taunting is there? Any details would be much appreciated.

  21. hotcakes says:

    Can anyone who’s seen it comment on whether there are many face hits and, if both this and Lady Victory, which is better for a fan of that sort of content?


  22. ron says:

    the cameo is brilliant, what a fantastic upgrade!

  23. decendingskulls says:

    Loved it. Sorry I can’t type more just really fried, but this was great. Thumbs up!

  24. mk says:

    Great job, SHF. This is one of the best heroine films I’ve purchased. The heroine and villainess are both outstanding and the action and storyline are top rate. Looking forward to parts 2 and 3.

    Captain Tripp: The sexual is almost all F/F. One of the goons gets in some over the costume groping, but that’s it. Like you, I have a preference for M/F peril, but I would still recommend this film.

  25. Mike A says:

    Is the chloroform scene done well, with a good length and carry?

  26. Bullz-Eye says:

    Well done, Secret Heroine Films. That’s what I’m TALKIN’ about. Great film.

  27. Captain Tripps says:

    Is the sexual peril strictly F/F or do the goons get some action this time? Definitely more into M/F, but from the reviews I may pick this one up either way.

  28. ME92 says:

    I have to admit that I’ve been very picky with my latest purchases from any producer in general these past two years (even amongst my regulars) as I’ve had a feeling that more and more videos have become “generalized” in a sense, in the lack of a better word. Before this release, I had yet to pick up a video not only from SuperHeroineFilms, but from any section of the SHG Media in overall (mostly due to the fact that I hadn’t felt that the adult content was done right in regards to my likings, or included enough from what I’ve seen from pics, trailers and descriptions –> Plus, I only go for F/F content as well). Curiosity finally got the better of me with this one though so I did finally decide to try something “new” outside my regular producers and oh boy… I must say, not only do I believe that this is the best film I’ve bought all year (and at this great cost too! People have definitely been right about that fact so far), but it’s probably also amongst my top 5 buys of all time!

    This had just the amount of storyline built-up I’ve been looking for and it had the humiliation done just right (It’s often times been the one or the other from what I’ve seen lately and none have come this close to a perfect mix of the two without neglecting one of them in favor of another. I can say that I’ve seen better fighting choreographed fight, and I’ve seen better sexual peril scenes other places, but not this immensely impressive mix of both in one film). If part 2 is nearly as great as this one was, I’ll be buying it without question and probably keep an even closer eye to SHF in the future.

  29. rayman says:

    I already had Lady Victory as my favourite new heroine, the actress and character are just the best! But this new video really is a step above.
    Going to be picky here and mention a really annoying bit, when the undressed Lady Victory says “I need my costume” oh dear we all know that heroines hate it bieng called a costume and crikey it is a suit if not a power suit, that was a real shame for me.
    The other bit I felt was naff was the “Let’s tango” LMAO! Come on the movie deserved better but as I said arguably the best movie this year closely folowed by the first Lady Victory, I am dying for more of this actress and character, the suit has endless possibilities for it to create additional pieces such as battle armour etc, Lady Victory finally a worthy femal eiron man YAY!

  30. steve says:

    Great film that came as a pleasant surprise as I did not see any previous heads up that it was coming. The original actress who played Lady Victory is back, and she really delivers, as does the actress who plays the antagonist. The acting, action, and plot is great, with plenty of superheroine power AND peril to satisfy many tastes. Many thanks to the actresses, writers, directors, and producers for an exceptional film, and I look forward to part II.

  31. Mr. Hero says:

    No lethal ending. You will see a tiny bit of Lady victory in part 2 and then much more in Part 3.

  32. CCWS says:

    so there’s a part two but with a different actress – does that mean we get a lethal ending here or no? looks fantastic!!

  33. Mr. Hero says:

    Hey Guys

    Glad your enjoying the film. Some of you already know that this is the same actress from the last Lady Victory. Ashley Lane will be the star of part two. She has a brief cameo in this film as Cosmic girl and the 2nd part will continue her story. Then the 3rd story will focus on a new heroine as well as Cosmic Girl and Lady Victory, leading into an Avengers style video!

    FYI, I just put a small sale/discount on the 1st Lady Victory for those who havnt seen it. That will go till the end of the month.

    Thanks guys!

  34. rayman says:

    Great news, so the original LV returns? I wil be grabbing this because I loved the first video and really liked the actress and concept

  35. Darklord says:

    Most producers just have a heroine show up, land a few punches, then immediately get over powered, throw in some cheesy internal dialogue and sexual peril. Followed by muting ur customers…

    This is NOT that. Great video. This producer understands how to make a heroine movie. It’s well thought out and plotted out. Love how the action, plot and dialogue unfolds. Similar to the First Lady victory vid.

    She’s in her costume for much of the movie and I absolutely love this actress. More lady victory please!!!

  36. Gyang333 says:

    how many minutes in before she transforms?

  37. rover says:

    It’s the original Lady Victory actress.

    and it RULES. What a nice surprise.

  38. The Mask says:

    sorry, you might be right! watching now.

  39. The Mask says:

    Definitely not the Dagger actress.

  40. rayman says:

    Might sound daft but I have a good reason for asking, is this the original Lady Victory actress or is it the Dagger actress please?

  41. bgrhugs says:

    is there any bearhugs in this by chance?..love the new costume..so hot!!

  42. TBob says:

    Best movie of 2015, right here folks. The actress playing Lady Victory was amazing. The actress playing the villainous was amazing. The movie was amazing. Hopefully Part 2 will be just as amazing.

  43. mrxstacy says:

    yes! getting this one, too! who else will be included in this 3-part series?

  44. Darklord says:

    Loved the first lady victory so definitely gonna get this one!