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Heroines of S.W.O.R.D. Part III from Anarchy Films

Heroines of S.W.O.R.D. Part III from Anarchy FilmsUPDATE: Now available! Here’s an upcoming release from Anarchy Films: “The Heroines of S.W.O.R.D. are back and ready to fight the powers of evil. Part 3 continues just outside Metro City where the Heroines who have been captured and betrayed…

…by the villainous Fury are fighting for their lives. Kingpin a new diabolical evil power enters the scene and we find out who is really behind the plot to take over all the Super Heroines of the world. One by one the under the direction of Fury the Jester and his goons take each Heroine to the β€œbreak room” and attempt to turn them to the dark side of evil and stand with Kingpin. Will ultimate evil win or will the Heroines of S.W.O.R.D. prevail and save the day.

Action packed with belly punches, crotch punches and beaten downs from start to finish and with exciting scenes of intense peril as the goons and The Jester probe the secrets of their powerful, perfect super-bodies. Will the Heroines of S.W.O.R.D come together and fight as a team or self-destruct and go their separate ways. Will Kingpin rule the world with Fury by his side or slip back into the darkness where he came from.

UPDATE: New trailer

Heroines of S.W.O.R.D. Part III from Anarchy Films
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34 Responses

  1. TONY FROM THE SUN says:

    I think the kinpin is awesome!!!! Greatest actor ever. He should have a spinoff.

  2. Stavros says:

    The girl in the red, Viper I think was the name of the character, she’s my favourite. I’ve got a soft spot for women with short hair. The other girl with the two-tone hair, Nymphette, was rather nice too, but I’m not a fan of her costume. I look forward to the next installment.

  3. kickass333 says:

    not that another person clamoring for a solo gold gal video will do anything, but theres no reason at all she shouldnt have her own series…anyone i could contact to have her do a custom video?

    PS after much searching I think her name is (name removed – HM) but shes essentially invisible

  4. Jerry says:

    Not really into the nudity parts of it but other than that it’s pretty good. The smaller blonde is my least favorite. She just looks used up and does not sell the fighting at all. Anarchy should replace her. The girl in gold and the little one in black are my favorites. Red girl is pretty good too. Overall I enjoyed it and would like to see more

  5. rizo says:

    Does anyone know how i can get in direct contact with the people at Anarchy Films? I am trying to purchase all 3 of their vids in this series but i live in a region where payloadz is not accessible.

  6. General says:

    I really liked the movie. Fury and Hot Girl are my favourites. Electro Girl isn’t bad either in her new costume. Final scene where Hot Girl is beaten up by Fury and thugs is definitive highlight and is worth the price alone. The weakest points are the costumes on the rest of the girls and I’m hoping they’ll make them more superheroine like. Beatdowns are very well staged with enough variety. Reactions are also well executed. I wish they would put more emphasis on heroine gradual defeat. First she starts confident and is winning a fight and then the situation gradually turns bad for here and she takes more and more blows resulting in the beatdown in the end. All in all, well worth the price. Take into account that there’s more than half an hour of action here too. πŸ˜‰

  7. HM says:

    @Aldous – To be honest, I’ve never really been into the “multiple heroines” thing, so I’m probably not the best person to judge. I think the movie is worth buying if you want to see the heroine in gold beaten down by four or five guys (plus one girl) at the end in an extended sequence that I thought was pretty well done. Otherwise, the rest of the content isn’t really up my alley (but that’s just me).

  8. Aldous says:

    Reviewing this HM? I was sold but from the comments I’m seeing…

  9. Maar13 says:

    Any kos here? I am interested specially in the ones with the Golden girl. Anything worth watching?

  10. mk says:

    I do not think the flashbacks are intended to show how the heroines were captured. I believe they are supposed to depict when the heroines are brought to the “break room” to be beaten and tortured by their captors.

    If you are into beatdowns of beautiful heroines, you will probably enjoy this, since Jerry is correct that almost the entire movie is punching and teu heroines being subjected to multiple villains against one or, for a brief time, two heroines. I did not think this was as entertaining as the first two parts and the lack of a definite ending disappointed me, although it does set up well for a new series of SWORD films.

  11. Jerry says:


    Hate to be critical here, but this was a disappointment. I did not like the plot…the first half of the movie is a series of flashbacks showing how each girl was captured. Problem is, it completely discredits Part 2 because it shows different scenarios than the ones we witnessed then. It is pretty much all punching…not much else.

    I love the gold heroine hotgirl. But doesn’t seem like there was enough thought put into this film. At least not like the previous two. This time, I would save your money.

  12. Darklord says:

    So is this worth buying? The lack of comments since the release confuses me. Would’ve thought this vid would get a lot of attention and feedback.

  13. MAV says:

    how’s the AOH scene for the golden hottie? just bellypunching? short?

  14. mk says:

    knigles is right on about Hot Girl getting out of the reverse bearhug, it’s a great move. He did forget to mention the added bonus of Electra Girl being topless when she is in the reverse bearhug. Fantastic scene.

  15. kingles says:

    @Naruto: Electro Girl is in a reverse bearhug for about a minute. Hot Girl gets put in a rever bearhug for a few seconds but she kind of gets out of it, so I don’t think that one really counts(what she does to get out of it is pretty cool though).

  16. Naruto says:

    Did anyone purchase this that could tell me if anyone was bearhugged? And if it was frontal or reverse?

  17. Mr Wolf says:

    Here’s a thought..since the golden girl is everyone’s favorite (including me), it would be worth considering a scenario where the other heroines are briefly brainwashed and turn against the golden heroine them toy with her while she is restrained.

  18. smashtfc says:

    WOW! I love watching them kick ass! They are too hot to receive punishment!

  19. Erik says:

    I would strongly disagree with two previous posts. I really like the fact that there are multiple heroines and not just one. And I sincerely hope that this project will continue. I think sales will determine that. Anarchy is my favourite SHG-MEDIA producer and I would be really disappointed if they wouldn’t continue Heroines of S.W.O.R.D. project as it is. And I don’t understand why gold heroine is getting so much attention. I think blonde in black costume with big tits is just awesome, and that blonde in blue costume also. Maybe others would be better with some costume improvements. The more girls the merrier. πŸ™‚ Keep it up!

  20. Sugarcoater says:

    I would echo the previous post. Only the gold heroine looks impressive. Most of the other outfits really do look like lingerie. In the trailer, the White Queen-esque character has half her crack showing while fighting some guy. Now I like the occasional stripping of the heroine, but that shot just looked contrived and trampy.
    I don’t have an issue with the other models, but they just don’t impress or stand out the way the gold heroine does. And as for personal tastes, I am not a fan of tattoos. Perhaps it’s because almost all major comic characters don’t have tattoos that the look doesn’t fit for superheroines. As for the gold heroine, with a slight improvement on her costume (the cleavage portion looks like it was roughly cut), she could easily star in her own series. Heck, maybe Chris or Rye could also hire her for a WW project (or a Gold Avenger character).

  21. yak says:

    the reason i don’t plan to buy this or any other video in this series is simple: none of the characters, except for the gold one, look or “feel” like superheroines. they’re just tattooed women in lingerie. i’m not sure if i agree with the comments about ensemble flicks being better than “one-heroine” shows, either… i think it’s better for a producer to invest their time and effort and money into one great super, not four or five mediocre ones. i will say this, though: the clips in the teaser and the trailer with the gold heroine in the clutches of the three thugs are excellent. you get the sense of real struggle there…

  22. sugarcoater says:

    In the end, the debate may be a bit of a moot point as taste in models is like taste in food–there’s no right answer, just what’s right for you.
    That said, maybe the best suggestion for the producer would be to make a poll and see what the next step would be in production. Perhaps a series in which a four-part video is made with each part starring one of the heroines, then a fifth part in which all four heroines come together for a final showdown. By looking at sales, the producer can quickly figure out where the most money is to be made in terms of whom to highlight.
    I’m partial to the Gold Heroine as she reminds me of superheroinecentral’s Gold Avenger (who was my second favorite to Ultrawoman). I would love to see that model in the Gold Avenger outfit. The current one–with the black straps and torn top–looks a bit thrown together. Perhaps with some income from the current series, that outfit could be touched up a bit.
    I don’t think anyone is suggesting the other models are ugly, but rather (according to the posts here) that the Gold Heroine seems to outshine the others. I’m certainly hoping for more of her in the months to come.

  23. Naruto says:

    @mblostprophet I agree. The gold heroine is personally my least favorite. I like em all. My two favs are the black and gold heroine, and the red one. But favs aside, I like em all, not feeling the idea of a solo but thats just me.

  24. mblostprophet says:

    I can’t be the only one who thinks they are all hot. I see no reason for a Gold only episode when you have so many pretty faces/body’s… I like the little one in black probably the most, not to take away from old or anything.

    I’d like to see this series continue.

  25. Vishtar says:

    What IS that Golden Girl’s name?

    I know what her surname will be if I have my way……

  26. Tommy says:

    Hooray. The golden girl is now perfect with the boots. Anything with her makes it an instant buy, but I also like the final shot of the girl in the blue bodysuit.

    I’m happy with part 3, but still many people demanded a video with the golden girl being the only heroine. Of course I don’t know how the story pans out, but it would be great to have a part 4 with her being the sole heroine. Not that I dislike the others, but the golden girl is just too gorgeous to move the camera away from her πŸ˜‰

    God, now I talked about part 4 before we have an ETA of part 3. Seems like I really like that golden chick πŸ˜€

  27. General says:

    I’m thrilled you finally decided to improve the costumes and make them more superheroine-like. Can’t wait to see the girls in action. I see why gold costume is peoples favourite but I think blondes are also great. And the red costume one isn’t bad either. I especially like the blonde in black costume turning bad. I’m looking forward to some girl on girl action.
    I think your fight scenes are much, much better then Ryes which are often boring and repetative. And I dislike full nuditiy and pornography. If that’s what someone really wants then there’s a ton of porn sites out there. You seem to improve with every video. Keep up the great work.

  28. MAV says:

    glad the golden hottie is gonna get some AOH peril action

  29. Mell says:

    Can’t wait for this. The Gold Heroine is pretty much my favorite right now. Would love to see more of her, but I’ll keep buying these the moment they come out for whatever I can get.

  30. mantower says:

    Is it me or have they finally put the gold heroine in some sexy boots? I am glad to see they listened to all the fans (me included) who clamored for this! And yes, she is by far my fave too, I hope she gets another thorough hiding. I don’t think the other girls are so bad, and I don’t see them looking like hookers as a bad thing πŸ™‚

  31. sugarcoater says:

    Chad, well said. Love the gold heroine! She is the ONLY reason I bought the first two episodes. The other characters are like an interlude to more of the gold heroine. My hope is that she is highlighted, or better yet the star, of future videos. Maybe Rye or Chris can work with Anarchy Films in a tandem project.

  32. Chad says:

    The gold heroine is great but every other girl in their videos look terrible. I bought part 2 just for her but man it was so repetitive and just missed the boat. It was like watching a random beating of a hot chick in a costume with random cuts to other heroines that look like prostitutes. Would love to see the Gold heroine work with a more capable producer like Rye or NGC.

  33. mblostprophet says:

    Super excited for this one.. πŸ™‚

    Any thoughts about continuing on with this series?

  34. Maar13 says:

    Yeah, the golden girl looks way better with boots now.