Sale Has Ended — New HM Videos Coming Soon

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It seems to be a long while since the last release. Will there be a new one any soon?

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He just released a new film at the end of April. Perhaps you’re thinking of a different producer?


Amazing Girl,Downfall would have been much better if she didn’t have a cape to hide everything.

My Dude!
My Dude!

Any idea when you expect the next release to be ready? I’ve got 30ish bones loaded and ready to fire.

Absstar avatar

Yo, HM, is that new Khrystal video going to have slow motions and closeups like mine’s on Asami schoolgirl??

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Is the actress of the new wonder woman the actress of Agent Alexis ? Don’t know why but I think she will do a great job as wonder woman.


Is the wonderwoman sneak peek a 2 vs 1 beatdown? If it is it’ll be a must buy for me as she’s my favorite actress!

yu266734 avatar

The upcoming releases look promising.

Depo Man
Depo Man

Does the girl who played Wonder Lady in “Wonder Lady vs. Mortus” still do superheroine movies? She’s super cute and I love that video. I always wanted to see more of her!

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Wow, seems like really good upcoming releases in your side mister.

Also as mr mav can’t wait to see Khrystal on your new releases, and who is the actress with the WW costume, seems it will be another hit.

Please don´t forget for more Khrystal in Wonderstar or Wonder Woman like releases.

Thanks for the News, and please take care!!!

MAV avatar

cool, and can’t wait to see khrystal in black spreadeagle scene in the future!