Boxing Fantasies, Episode 3: “Failed Vengeance”

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  1. Kaizar says:

    If its between Summer Cummings & Jewell Marceau, then I say Summer Cummings.

    Jewell Marceau as the Witch apprentice, who can be a brainwash kidnapped victim of the Witch.

    It can start out with Summer Cummings pretending to be an innocent victim who’s all by herself and then surprise the heroines with whatever.

    The apprentice can come later on as a victim that is confirm to be a real victim but then surprise surprise, and later the heroines can find out about what happen to Jewell, and try to tell Jewell, but Jewell won’t believe there was anything wrong with what the witch did, and won’t believe in the story of being brainwashed, no matter how much the heroines try to talk sense into her.

    Jewell as the Wtch Apprentice can also later on turn out to be the daughter of a Superheroine, which would make her all that much more powerful of a witch, since she would also have great super powers, which will be the real reason why the Witch (Summer Cummings) ever went through such lengths to make her (Jewell Marceau) her apprentice.

  2. CaptainCrude says:

    Summer Cummings or Jewel Marceau would be excellent picks for the Witch, with either one of them as the Witch’s apprentice or Idelsy.

    I would love to see the Witch use her breasts to activate her powers. Like stimulation by toucher herself allows her to do things with her mind. She could float a glass bottle and break it over the sidekicks head, suddenly create a band that traps the heroine’s wrists, force her to fall on her knees and then seeing the Witch smother the heroine with her exposed breasts for an extended period of time while the apprentice watches and the two comment on how pathetic the heroine looks and the Witch explains the significance of weakening her and subjecting her to this punishment.

  3. CaptainCrude says:

    Summer Cummings performing as the Witch would be incredible!

    I think, just as a way of seeing if Idelsy could play a villain it would be even better if she were the Witch’s apprentice and her and Summer teamed up against Nova Woman and Flare or Crimson Hawk and her sidekick.

  4. GManLovesJobbers says:

    Could of sworn I posted earlier , maybe it was on The Exhibition thread , but I know someone suggested Summer Cummings as perhaps The Witch & given her size , her hypnotic big boobs & her experience in this genre , I believe she would make a great Witch also & since Idelsy is new & from what Kingles is saying above as he believes she is not very tall, I will forever have a hard time believing that a tiny girl can do any damage to anyone , I know one that used to work at the airport , she was the cutest thing , still is , but it is difficult trying to picture her as a wrestler , a Backbreaker would snap her in half & any offense at the start of a match would be like hitting a brick wall with a pillow .

    In fact , there are a few suggestions about Angela & Idelsy teaming up & the idea I had was All The Marbles , Angela as Molly , Idelsy as Iris who face the tag team champs , The Toledo Tigers , played by say Misty Stone & Afrika or whatever black lady you can get to play the Tiger heel role & it can be set up that it is Molly & Iris’s 1st match in a high profile fed , a TV Taping thing where the Tigers need a tune-up match before their big tag title defense at the upcoming big show & the Tigers have themselves some fun with the Indy level jobbers ( Double or Multiple pins of course )

  5. kingles says:

    I think Idelsy would be perfect as Angela’s heroine sidekick. I’m not sure she’d be imposing enough as a villainess…she can’t be much over 5′ tall. Nothing wrong with trying her out in a bad girl role though. She might be a natural at it.

  6. Chris says:

    New actress looks like a hot young Kim Kardashian.

  7. Elseph says:

    ^assuming you go for the heroine twosome plot where Idesly gets turned evil against her partner

  8. Elseph says:

    Villainess! I actually like the story and dialogue, it gives the characters abit of personality. I love the mean, taunting bad girls and the really innocent good girls, although I would like to see more good girls with a bit of sass and cockiness who arent afraid to fight fire with fire, or fight dirty when angered or desperate.

    I’m against nudity from the start as I love the sexy costumes and outfits AB creates, but I’m definitely all for sexy skimpy bra and panties underneath to later be revealed.
    I like the fight/action scenes more than the sexual parts, but the breast and crotch groping over costumes/panties it’s fantastic and I find it even more sensual than the penetration stuff.
    I’d like to see more pleasure and pain combined too, where tit punches are followed by massage, or where a heroine starts to enjoy some crotch rubbing, only for the pleasure to be broken by a frontal wedgie or knee to the soft spots! Perhaps this could be performed on Melissa and Idesly, and Idesly comments how despicable a tactic it is, only for Idesly to later perform the same act again on Meliss. *cackles evilly*
    In my book, the more Melissa and Idesly, the better!

  9. Stee says:

    In terms of price, these are hands down the best deals you will find, in my opinion.

    But I wouldn’t mind seeing a straight-up slug fest with little to no dialogue and they start out nude (or with skimpy bra and panties that quickly gets destroyed). As long as its a one-sided beatdown of course. I know Alex’s videos always include a good story element but that’s something to think about…

  10. trooper22222 says:

    I’ve got to be honest. When I heard there was going to be a boxing fantasies website committed solely to boxing storylines, I nearly lost it. The girls used by and are top notch and loaded with potential from some downright sexy boxing fantasies. The website seemed prime to fill the foxy/topless boxing void. The past year has been filled with disappointed showings from the major contributors: hasn’t issued anything worthwhile since the summer, has seemingly missplaced it pairs of boxing gloves since November (still can’t believe Paris won her bout against ebony Billyon; that waste of an opportunity to fullfill my ultimate fantasy of seeing Paris destroyed by a black chick will haunt me forever), ditto for, most of the girls used by maidens-of-mayhem are downright ugly, and often refuses to use women under the age of 45. We are three offerings in, and has not once had a girl in the ring fighting completely topless let alone nude. It seems every prostyle fantasies install has at least one girl stripped down to nothing. What is the deal with this insistence on fully costumed combatants? Most foxy boxing sites are fully aware of the desire for topless fighters, but they don’t have the production capabilities nor the access to top notch girls like you do. I truly feel you are wasting your vast potential. Don’t get me wrong, I’m still a huge fan, but please cut down on the clothing! You simply can’t charge what you charge without showing some skin.

  11. TBob says:

    Idelsy is clearly a villain. Conversation over. LOL, but seriously I just think she has that look to pull off the villain role, especially a witch. Maybe its the black hair.

  12. valugi says:

    I would like to see Idelsy much as heroin, as well as the villain,

    since in this film she is very well act a inexperienced fighter.

  13. George smart says:

    Love the superheroine duo idea where Idelsy, perhaps gets captured, subjugated and turned without her mentor /Angela’s knowledge, but she has secret knowledge of Angela’s weakness or is able to take advantage of her trust, leading to Angela’s defeat.

  14. Charles says:

    Wow she would be an awesome sidekick alongside angela.. please include the “weakness by sexual stimulation/dark hawk thing” in your next video if possible!

  15. Bearclaw says:

    Sidekick heroine. Taken captive, ballgagged and violated. Definitely.

  16. GManLovesJobbers says:

    Idelsy & Angela would make an AWESOME jobber Heroine team , LOVE THAT IDEA , if a villaness / heel turn is used , at least let it be after Idelsy & Angela as Marvel Hawk & Violet Dove have suffered numerous humiliating defeats whether it be a catfight or of course my favorite , a wrestling scenario with pins on both sexy jobbers , after numerous defeats , Idelsy’s character could do something like my mentor is doing nothing for me except making me a loser , getting me violated & humiliated , & not letting me reach my potential , & it is that thought that will allow the baddies to lure her to their side & all the defeats would make it an easy decision for her , but again , ONLY AFTER Marvel Hawk & Violet Dove have suffered a lot of defeats

  17. CaptainCrude says:

    I think Idelsy should play the Witch in an episode of Crimson Hawk.

  18. Stee says:

    Wasn’t Violet Dove the rookie heroine in that comic I loved who tries to prove herself by taking on three supervillians on her own and takes a HORRIBLE beating?

    I would like to see the darker Idelsy vs. blonde, paler Christie Stevens. That contrast would be hot! Maybe a villainess creates an evil clone of Crimson Hawk.

    If you’re going to make Melissa take a beating, can I suggest that she becomes the new Slayer? If Slayer Paris is dead (or whatever) a new Slayer should take her place.

  19. CaptainCrude says:

    I agree with Kevlar.

    She looks like she could play a cheeky little villainess, but she appears capable of selling the good girl role as well.

    I would like to see her play as a villainess because that was what I first imagined her as, plus it would be good for her as a performer in general to know what her strengths and weaknesses are.

    I immediately took interest in the idea of her being cast as the Witch when I first looked her up.

  20. Kevlar says:

    At first glance I think she looks more like a cheeky little villainess, but seeing her as a jobber here is swaying me the other way. I would like to see her as a villainess in order to make a fair decision as she seems more like a good girl in this episode.

    On that note, I would love to see Melissa taking more of a beating. She sells the low blow fantastically in this episode despite being slightly hindered by the gloves and she was great in “Psycho Lesbian Catfight 2”. Admittedly she was also oscar-worthy as the demon in “The Gatecrasher”, so hopefully the tables turn on her in The Gatecrasher 2. Ideally I would also like to see her play a new superheroine character of her own.

    Finally I LOVE the fact that Idelsy was wearing panties under her boxing gear and not just the generic black/white spanx kind. Melissa also looked like she was wearing some pretty panties under her yoga pants, hopefully she could get stripped down too in a future release!

  21. marat says:

    She definitely would work as a sidekick. This would give you a lot of flexibility in terms of peril and the circumstances she could fall into.

  22. Mario says:

    Wow, she is gorgeous!!!!!
    Love her as the sidekick…definitely a good girl role!

    But would love to see her captured, brainwashed and then turned against and defeating her mentor!!

  23. Blx says:

    You could have her be the sidekick who gets caught, brainwashed and turns on her mentor!

    Next episode would be where the mentor tries to get her to snap out of it and peril ensues!

  24. Okay! Already the response I’ve received about Idelsy has been pretty phenomenal–though it seems that there is an interesting divergence of opinion on what kind of role she would best play. My natural inclination was to cast her as a sidekick to Angela Sommers in a superheroine video I’m shooting later this month–thinking of making the duo Marvel Hawk and Violet Dove. But some people have suggested Idelsy would be better cast as a sexy little villainess. What do you guys think?