Indecent Kickass from KickAssKandy

Indecent Kickass from KickAssKandyKickAssKandy has just released its latest effort, Indecent Kickass, featuring the sexy Emanuelle facing off against her cheating boyfriend, who has made a huge mistake in scorning his lover, who happens to be an extremely skilled female martial arts fighter. 

Flexibility. I think that’s a key word in describing the latest release from KickAssKandy, Indecent Kickass. Incredible, breathtaking, otherworldly flexibility.

This is a little different type of effort from KickAssKandy. It’s still very much a girl power film, but it doesn’t really take place in the spy girl genre like just about every other film they have shot. Instead, this is more of a guy cheats on girl, girl finds out, girl kicks his ass kind of film. Here is a little rundown from the site.

Indecent Kickass from KickAssKandyIndecent Kickass from KickAssKandyIndecent Kickass from KickAssKandy

When Emmanuelle, the most flexible, elegant and utterly brutal fighting girl in the world, finds out that her boyfriend has cheated on her she takes her time and pleasure to beat him up with the most exquisite array of girl fighting moves known to womankind. This lethal martial artist has the highest and deadliest kick of all time! Indecent Kickass is girl fighting dripping in sex appeal and men can’t help but fall in love with Emmanuelle!

I guess the best place to start is with the newest Kandygirl, Emmanuelle. She’s actually a rather homely looking woman. Just not at all attractive. OK, that’s a lie. She’s a ten. Perfect in every way and apparently she could kick the moon if she wanted to. That’s the big highlight of this video. Emmanuelle can do just about anything with her legs. I don’t know if she is a dancer, a martial artist, or a contortionist. It’s possible she’s all three, but rest assured, she uses her talents to do things that we have never before seen in this genre.

Indecent Kickass from KickAssKandyIndecent Kickass from KickAssKandyIndecent Kickass from KickAssKandy

I thought this was one of the better fights ever choreographed by KAK. I don’t know if Emmanuelle has stage fighting experience, but she asserted herself incredibly well in this film. It always helps to work with a talented stuntman and the one in the film was great and took what looked to be several hard falls. There are punches, head butts, knee lifts, and scissor holds, but the kicks in this movie rule the day.

Remember, this film is all about girl power. Emmanuelle takes a couple of hits, but she’s never in any real danger. For those of you who are fans of up-skirt shots however, this may just be your Citizen Kane. The entire movie is pretty much one big up skirt shot as Emmanuelle spends a lot of time with one of her legs in the air.

Indecent Kickass from KickAssKandyIndecent Kickass from KickAssKandyIndecent Kickass from KickAssKandy

As a girl power fan, I really did enjoy this film and highly recommend it to people with similar tastes. I thought it was kind of a neat idea to stray from the spy girl genre and do something else. A woman scorned isn’t exactly new ground, but KAK put their own little twist on it which is always a good thing. My only problem was the preposterous nature of the storyline. This guy cheated on Emmanuelle. REALLY??? Is he blind? What the heck would possess him to do that?

Anyway, our girl power reviews tend to start a lot of discussion, especially the most recent ones. We love discussion on this site but I think most peril fans know by now that KAK is never going to change direction. However, I think there is some stuff coming down the road on BadAssKandy that may interest a great many of you so we‘ll keep an eye on them and keep you in the loop. And don’t forget the upcoming eight episode arc that is going to feature the war between the KAK and BAK girls. That should be a lot of fun.

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