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InJustice Girl from SHG-Media

The new film from SHG-Media represents a change in direction for the company.  From what I understand, the film was shot by a new director.  As a result, Injustice Girl doesn’t feature many of the technical problems that have plagued the company’s previous heroine films.  Just about every previous film featured editing mistakes, choppy fight scenes, poor lighting, etc.  While not technically perfect by any means, InJustice Girl is certainly an improvement and contains a very good extended AOH beat-down scene.

The film begins with Justice Girl being escorted home at night by her date.  A bunch of thugs come into her bedroom and (I think) attempt to sexually assault her.  The effort fails, due to the heroine’s super strength.  She defeats the thugs and then runs to the rescue of another woman being assaulted nearby.

However, a plot twist results in Justice Girl being captured by the bad guys.  She is weakened and then beaten down by a henchman.  Then she’s lifted and carried into the torture room.

The torture scene is the centerpiece of the movie and lasts several minutes.  Justice Girl is chained up in an arms-over-head position and tortured with punches from the evil henchman.  The scene is very good.  Compared with previous SHG-Media releases, the editing is much better, as are the lighting, sound effects, and other technical aspects.  Justice Girl is punched, but seems to withstand the beating, until the torturer dips his hands into some kind of electrified goo.  This causes Justice Girl’s pain to increase when being punched.  The reactions of the actress portraying Justice Girl help to sell this scene, which is pretty good.  (I have to mention this bit of dialogue: “First you’ll scream, then you’ll whimper, and that’s when we’ll know we’ve broken you.”  That’s quality evil dialogue if I’ve ever heard it.)

Justice Girl is beaten and loses consciousness.  This allows the villains to strip her down to her bra and panties, strap her to a table, and begin to create Injustice Girl, and evil clone of the heroine.  This scene involves a lot of screaming and glowing effects as the bad guys attempt to duplicate Justice Girl.  The bad guys then re-dress Justice Girl, putting her outfit back on as she lies unconscious on the table.  (Why would bad guys do such a thing?)

Justice Girl wakes back up and fights the henchman in a good fight scene that lasts several minutes.  The fight choreography and editing are much better here than in the company’s previous releases.  The movie ends with a victorious Justice Girl losing consciousness as the words “To Be Continued…” appear.

There are a couple of surprises after the movie ends, which I don’t want to spoil, but I will say that I really enjoyed the last few minutes of the film after the last scene.

All in all, I consider InJustice Girl to be an improvement in almost every technical area over the company’s previous films.  The film is more competently made than previous efforts, and it’s good to see the company improving.  The torture scene is very good, and so is the final fight scene between Justice Girl and her torturer.

On the downside, I think the film suffers from a few of the same problems that have affected previous SHG-Media films.  The biggest problem for me is the acting.  It’s just not very good, with the exception of Justice Girl herself.  It’s difficult to take the scenes seriously when we don’t believe the actors.  In addition, there is still some awkward editing, and a few fight scenes could be better, but overall, this is an improved effort from SHG-Media.

And there’s reason to expect even more improvements in the future.  While I assume that this same group will produce the sequel to InJustice Girl, there is a new film being advertised on SHG-Media.com called Avalon, which, to me, appears to be produced by an entirely new creative team.  So we’ll see what the company has in store for us in the future.  For now, I recommend InJustice Girl for those of you wanting a pretty good AOH/punching torture scene, a decent fight scene, and a generally improved film from SHG-Media, despite many of the usual flaws.  I give InJustice Girl a B.

Download InJustice Girl at SHG-Media.com

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  1. Maar13 says:

    Hi bpd and thanks for the info.

    It’s on sale and I am getting it now! can’t hardly wait to see it.

  2. Maar13 says:

    HM-Thanks for the info. Can hardly wait for it, the first part was really good on my view (the best production from SHG-Media) so I am really looking forward for part 2.

    • bpd says:

      Guess maybe I should drop by here more often. Thanks for the praise, Maar13! I believe the 2nd part should be up for sale and the trailer is up on youtube. Enjoy! =)

  3. HM says:

    Maar13 – I’ve heard through the grapevine that InJustice Girl 2 is currently in production. It will have to go through post production/editing after filming, so it’s probably a few weeks away, but it is in development, so stay tuned…

  4. Maar13 says:

    Well me for one am anxiously waiting for part two, Hope it gets out soon.

    From my view this was the best production from SGH-Media (Not counting Avalon since it is an effort from multiple sources and Rye is excellent on those) and Justice Girl (Kara Grace) has nailed her acting on this one in great fashion.

    Do you know when part two will be available or if it has even been filmed already bpd?

  5. HM says:

    My pleasure, bdp. Looking forward to your next film(s). 🙂

  6. bpd says:

    Thanks for reviewing my flick. My first time in this genre and it was a lot of fun. Hopefully I can step it up in the 2nd part. Suggestions always welcome.