InJusticeGirl Part 2 from SHG-Media

To make a long review short, InJustice Girl Part 2 is probably the best SHG-produced video that I’ve seen.  I was actually surprised at how much I enjoyed it.  While some of the company’s past efforts have been rather lackluster in my opinion, the company seems to have stumbled upon a winning formula here.  A few familiar technical flaws remain, but InJustice Girl Part 2 also features some genuinely clever filmmaking, a unique narrative structure, and a few pleasant surprises.

InJusticeGirl Part 2 from SHG-MediaInJusticeGirl Part 2 from SHG-MediaInJusticeGirl Part 2 from SHG-MediaRather than give a summary of the plot, I would like to point out a few aspects of the video that I really liked.  First, there are two separate but related storylines running throughout the video.  One involves Justice Girl being tortured by the evil villainess, “Dr. Terrorist.”  The other involves Silver Fox fighting InJustice Girl on a beach.  The two storylines run concurrently as we cut back and forth between both sequences throughout the film.  This is a very clever narrative device, in my opinion.  Rather than focusing on one situation in one setting with one group of characters, the film gives us a lot of variety, in story, setting, and characters by switching back and forth between scenes.  This also raises the tension level by cutting away from the action in one sequence and joining the other sequence in progress, leaving us wondering what will happen in the scene we just left.

InJusticeGirl Part 2 from SHG-MediaInJusticeGirl Part 2 from SHG-MediaInJusticeGirl Part 2 from SHG-Media

I also enjoyed the beginning of the video, which presents a brief recap in the form of stylized black and white footage with no audio other than the musical soundtrack.  This sequence is interrupted by a newscast (in which we are addressed as the television viewing audience), revealing that Justice Girl has apparently gone on a rampage and is terrorizing “Metro City.”  (Of course, viewers of the original InJustice Girl know that the real Justice Girl has been cloned, resulting in an evil doppelganger who is responsible for the rampage.)  I thought this was a pretty clever way to set up the story, rather then the usual exposition with actors reciting dialogue to one another.

InJusticeGirl Part 2 from SHG-MediaInJusticeGirl Part 2 from SHG-MediaInJusticeGirl Part 2 from SHG-Media

As for the rest of the video, the torture scenes are pretty good, and I especially enjoyed the beach fight between Silver Fox and InJustice Girl.  Some of the action is actually shot and edited in a pretty effective way, especially compared to past videos from SHG-Media.  The fight isn’t exactly “believable,” but it’s entertaining and campy, and a lot of fun to watch.  (Hot girls battling it out in the water on a beach… what could be bad about that?)

Finally, there are a few details that surprised me, including a very clever edit at a specific point in the action, which serves as a transition between sequences.  Something like this might not be a huge deal to most viewers, but it’s the kind of thing I enjoy in movies (all kinds, not just low budget superheroine flicks), and I certainly never expected this sort of thing from an SHG-Media production.  I also laughed at the “blood spurt,” and at a couple of other places (sometimes perhaps at funny line deliveries, but the video is so much fun that it all somehow works in the end).

InJusticeGirl Part 2 from SHG-MediaInJusticeGirl Part 2 from SHG-MediaInJusticeGirl Part 2 from SHG-Media

On the negative side, the movie isn’t perfect, of course.  Some of the acting is really, really bad.  Those of you who have seen previous episodes with Silver Fox know that she’s not exactly a natural in front of the camera.  But she looks great in her sexy outfit, and that’s good enough for me.  In fact, the whole film is pretty “tongue-in-cheek” and humorous, and it all works really well, in my opinion.

Since SHG-Media started hiring outside talent to direct their videos, the quality has improved, even if it’s still occasionally off the mark.  I have to give credit to the director, bpd, for delivering a really good heroine movie with InJustice Girl 2.  To me, it feels as though a lot of energy went into this production, both at the planning and shooting stages, and for a low-budget superheroine film, it’s a lot of fun.

Download InJustice Girl Part 2 at SHG-Media


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Well, me for one, I love the InJustice Girl videos, for me they are the best the company (production quality) has created. To be honest even though I am a Super Heroine KO fan and there are not many in those, I still enjoyed both of them.

If you are serious about a third part, you can count on me buying too.


HM – First off I want to thank you for the review and I’m glad you enjoyed the flick.

As for the comment that was raised by rangerian. “I would like to hear from the producers about who they are pitching this production to and what is their ultimate ambition with regards to producing films of this genre.”

I am a film/video professional. I’ve been in television for 10 years and I’ve been an indie filmmaker for over 10 years. However, I am relatively new to this particular genre of filmmaking. I became friends with SHG and with my skills they asked if I could help them out. They pretty much gave me the keys to Justice Girl and let me do my own thing. My goal was to come in and up the level of production values while also trying to be a bit more creative. I feel like that is something I’m doing but there are still things I can improve upon. I would agree that perhaps my videos are not as “hardcore” as some of the other producers out there but I think my work is still firmly planted in the genre.

As with anything you will have people that don’t quite like what you are doing and other people that really enjoy it. As long as there are people out there who like what I’m doing I’ll keep at it and keep trying to improve upon it. That being said InJustice Girl 3 will probably suck now… 😉

Anyway, thanks everybody for the support!


Good rundown HM. I thought this was the best work SHG Media has ever done. Just a notch below the best vids from TBFE and Next Global Crisis. I didn’t think the actress that played Silver Fox could pull off a decent fight scene, but she did well here. I think the director and editor who worked on this should be commended for their technical expertise. Some good camera work, some speed ups, and inventive scene transitions really enhanced the overall film.



I respectfully disagree with your opinion on this genre of movie. Personally, I’m really pleased that producers are striving to make higher quality movies that offer more than bare bones beatings. Battle For Earth episode 1 was a fantastic effort, as was episode 2 of Next Global Crisis. There will always be producers willing to provide the simple stuff, but the more complex and artistic movies are a very refreshing development. It attracts better talent to the genre, on both sides of the camera. I hope that these efforts are well supported by the community so that we get more quality offerings.


I am going to reply. I’m just out tonight and want to get home but I am following this convo from my phone. Stay tuned. =)


Hi HM,

I’m an event videographer for a niche market, for many years now. My success has been to focus on what the customers want. Embrace feedback and evolve the productions through continuous improvement, by sticking to the core values of the customer needs and expectations.

The bottom line- they need to work on the fighting engagement and choreography. If that isn’t good, then the whole production gets pulled down. No matter how much filler you load into it.

Alas, I am somewhat of an optimist as I keep coming back every half year to DL another SHG clip in the hope that things have turned the corner.


I purchased this clip. I agree with most of this review.

The production tries to be good at every aspect but fails to bring it all together.
The fighting is a BIG let down. Camera work is fine but the action does not flow. Like everything has been crashed together- awkward. Clearly a good effort has been made here, but as a viewer I felt ripped off. All I wanted; the thread of a storyline to support sexy babes knocking the crap out of each other. None of that here. Not sure why the beach scene was included, it added nothing to the action or story. Just made it harder for the girls and the camerawork. Perphaps the remoteness made it good for outdoor shoots. Although I did notice a boat in the background come in for a look see. (as you would, hehe).

I would like to hear from the producers about who they are pitching this production to and what is their ultimate ambition with regards to producing films of this genre.