“Intrusion” from Damien Wagner

4 Responses

  1. Charles says:

    This is a masterpiece … amazing film-making, good realistic acting … and HOT if you like chloroform scenes and sleepy fetish stuff.

    • Jacques says:

      This video could be considered a return to the golden age of ‘grindhouse’ and “B’ movies, aka exploitation, sexploitation,etc. I don’t think these type of films were ever shown in France.
      Quentin Tarantino and Robert Rodriguez paid homage to this genre.
      I have fond memories of flicks produced by Roger Corman, Russ Meyer and Jack Nicholson/Samual Arcoff.

  2. saxman314 says:

    And then a superheroine intervenes to try to save her before falling into peril herself?

    • Mr.Bleh says:

      Better yet, her alter ego IS the superheroine, but she’s caught before she can change.
      The way she is restrained prevents her from changing into the superheroine.