“Invasion of the Kickass” from Kick Ass Kandy

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Mr.Bleh avatar
4 years ago

Checking out another Eden video earlier today and noticed something…..

Does anyone else notice a passing resemblance between the actress who plays Eden and the actresses who play Starshot and Wonderstrike over at NGC?

…is this just coincidence?

Jacques avatar
4 years ago

One of the really good ones where the Kandy Girl absorbs some decent punishment is ‘Nuclear Kickass’.
Re the heroine being challenged throughout a video, be patient.

pulphead avatar
4 years ago

are the girls challenged at any point? even very briefly can work for me to buy

Guillou1983 avatar
4 years ago
Reply to  lexlex

Hi leslex, If you’re looking for this kind of thing for “Kick Ass Kandy”, you’ll be disappointed.

It’s not their specialty, I recommend their other series: “Kandy Crisis”.


pulphead avatar
4 years ago
Reply to  Guillou1983

I bought all Kandy Crisis already 🙂 , thank you very much for the update nevertheless.

Kickasskandy delivers some small stuff, like a chloroforming to start things off, or a brief KO for the girls, from time to time. That is VERY rare but it happens. In such cases I would like to buy the clip.