“Jade Hunt 2: A Lovely Couple” from Damien Wagner

Now available at Heroine Movies.

Jade Hunt Ep. 2: A Lovely Couple is the next installment in the Jade Hunt series. Check out more information below.


After her long torture/interrogation session with a psycho girl in Episode 1, Jade Hunt escaped and found some strange objects in a bag…

She decides to investigate, and she’ll meet a very strange couple, doing some very strange business…

This violent and ironic short movie shows a lot of powerful belly punches, fights, girl being beatdown, chloroform action, and other awesome stuff.

Don’t miss it: available on July 18!

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I'm a french director and producer. I produce "peril" movies, full of bondage, fights, tortures and interrogation scenes. Please find out more here on my blog (link bellow)! If you want to see a lot more, you can become a "patron" on Patreon.com, looking for me!

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This time is there any KOs and limp play?


Great bondage and torture with a very good storyline. Two heroines in peril. The shower bondage scene was pretty cool.


Instead of saying pretty cool, perhaps I should have said pretty wet,lol.
The female villain has appeared in some of the other vids and is exceptional. She is methodical and vicious in a calm sort of way.

Some Kind of Ninja
Some Kind of Ninja

looks interesting. I like the first one, so maybe this one will be as good.