UPDATED: “Jasna Zoric 3: Payback” from Damien Wagner

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  1. Henrique says:

    Very good movie. But in my opinion, the best one is MONICA DRAKE – The Jaws of Defeat. When do you make the part 2?

  2. Lucas says:

    Another great movie by Damien Wagner. It keeps getting better. you know. You are looking for female fighting and peril, but within a perfectly professional film production? This is about the best we fans can get. They are great performers, they are beautiful, they have fun, the filming is flawess, the sound is perfect, the realism outstanding. Welcome to Damien’s productions!

    • Jacques says:

      I agree with Lucas. The production quality is flawless. Damien has written and directed a large number of customs for me. Ordering customs have been a pleasant experience. We develop a budget for my approval, decide on the actors (difficult decisions as all his actors are amazing: beautiful, terrific actors who can deliver complex dialogue from a very detailed script as well as sell both peril and aggression equally well). We also decide on the instruments of torture and the necessity of an FX person. Some of the filming requires two days. I am interested in ‘grindhouse’ type videos and Damien is happy to oblige. Most of my films feature awesome AOH and ‘catfight’ sequences; both with various blunt instruments. There is plenty of back and forth discussions to ensure that my requirements are met. He has offered to send me a detailed synopses for my consideration but as I have complete confidence in Damien, I usually turn him dow. Actually he is quite flexible to film other other scenarios. He once offered to produce a super heroine video for me. It is a pleasure to work with Damien.

  3. Jacques says:

    This is another custom video in the Jasna Zoric series. She is a bad ass expert assassin who takes great delight in torturing her victims. Of course she has to endure serious pain herself as she carries out her missions. Chloe does a masterful job in her interpretation of the character, the essential ingredient in making this work. There are actually two bad asses in the film. Benedicte, while new to Damien’s team is a terrific actress and is quite adept in combat choreography, as well as selling both aggression (torturing Jasna) and peril. Her leather leggings and short cropped top are perfect for her character. There is plenty of abdomen exposure on both actors, great for absorbing a barrage of belly punches.
    The film is essentially combat and AOH sequences. We decided to kick the violence up a notch, introducing a 2 by 4 with a nail sticking out from one of the ends. To make the puncture wounds and cuts seem real, we hired a make up/ FX artist whose work was amazing. For those who had not seen parts 1 and 2, there are two short flashbacks to help give the context for why Jasna is seeking revenge.
    This is an awesome film: Damien gave me what I wanted.


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