“Jasna Zoric: Sanctioned” from Damien Wagner

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  1. Jacques says:

    The premise of my custom is that the organization that Jasna is working for is outraged that she burned down most of Tokyo to dispose of the body. This has brought unwanted attention to the organization. Jasna is a liability and a two person hit team is dispatched to eliminate her.
    The video is pretty intense as the torture scenes have plenty of violence. I asked for some blood as it adds a dose of reality to the blows and puncture wounds. After all, it would seem to make little sense to me if someone was hit in the face with a shower head with no resulting blood. The torturing of Jasna is sensational. The acting performances of the three very attractive/ gorgeous women was awesome; they quite adept at selling both peril and aggression. All of our films have featured great AOH sequences and this video is no exception.The final scene with the acid is pretty cool.