“Jedi Mind Tricks: a mesmerizing domination war with Cali and Vonka” from Cali Logans Power and Peril

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jeqtreqt avatar
7 months ago

This sounds amazing

7 months ago

I really wish more C4S sellers would put a little effort into their trailers. Often I can’t actually tell if a video will have content I want to see or not and end up passing.

phlfan avatar
7 months ago
Reply to  Thanatos

Not just C4S sellers, but all producers. The more details/trailers I get, the more likely i am to make a decision to buy. If I’m left out in the cold I’m more likely to pass by your offering.

Slapmutsky avatar
7 months ago
Reply to  phlfan

Good. Be cold. Bring a jacket. Brrrr