OUT NOW! “Kandy Crisis 14: New Dawn”

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  1. Timmy67 says:

    I bought this purely for the FF action, because the KMan has put us on a skimpy diet of FF action lately, and there was just enough of it to make me happy. The girls are of course amazing. Vixen has always been a favourite and Eden is showing great promise.

    I have to say that I too asked about a KAF custom many months ago. I was advised that they would be filming them soon, but I never heard back either, so I guess we may have to wait for next season.

    I enjoyed the movie but would have preferred it to be exclusive FF and more action. I’m surprised there isn’t more of a market for sexy-booted FF videos now that The Superheroines has closed, but respect the Kman’s right to produce what is more popular. It’s not looking good for KAF with so few videos released in last couple of years. Unless we can persuade the KMan other wise 🙂

  2. Rob_Hinx says:

    I’m not all that familiar with the Kandy Crisis series; the only other release I have is Silver vs Hit Woman (highly recommended by the way!). I got this one mostly out of curiosity and I’m glad I did, it’s a solid, high quality release.
    I liked both Vixen and Eden. Eden could be Virtue’s older, badder sister! Others have commented on the action and I don’t have much to add other than they both sold the combat and the torture beautifully. Eden was especially good in the alternative ending.
    Serpent was good too, and did a great job when Vixen was going to town on him and his destruction of Eden in the alt ending was superb.
    I liked the setting too; the slightly decrepit room with the terrible wallpaper and faded curtains gave this the feel of a 70’s or 80’s tv show, like The Professionals or The New Avengers which I think is probably the idea.
    I’m looking forward to seeing more of this story.

  3. Joe says:

    I bought this 100 percent for Eden (nothing against Vixen, of course) and for those itching for more info about peril content… ***vague spoilers but not really***

    The main portion of the film is the bad dude interrogating Vixen with lots of hits and holds. Eden gets in on the action delivering a few hits too in a brief one-sided fight, but it’s mainly f/m.

    Eden’s peril comes only in the alternative ending. She takes 3 big punches, a backbreaker and a bearhug. There has been a bit of mixed reviews about her selling abilities. My two cents: physically (body and facial reactions) she does a great job on the receiving end of each. For me, vocal reactions are super important though. She doesnt really make a sound with the big face hits or the backbreaker but she does incredibly well with the bearhug… so for what I was after, it was a brief glimpse into what is probably a promising future for Eden – great for a peril debut but not quite the full ticket just yet. She could one day be one of the best though, imo.

    Thanks to Kandyman and NGC!

    • Dizzy says:

      I was 100% fine with her selling. It’s not much to go on because it’s so quick, but I liked it. Not remotely over the top. The struggle to get out of the bearhug was solid and believable. She was quieter during the blows/backbreaker, but I liked it. The bad guy wasn’t playing around. He just came in and wrecked her, never letting her out of the gate. Each blow was teetering on a KO, so she merely suffered the blows. Only prob was that is was so quick.

      • Joe says:

        @Dizzy – I think most will like her performance and I’m with you for the most part. I’m just saying it’s just my personal preference to have a bit of a yelp/groan when the blows land.

  4. pigma1 says:

    Eden’s booty in that catsuit was worth the purchase. the 6th photo sold me on video lol. god i hope to see her again in your future videos.

  5. pulphead says:

    Eden just won my heart, The alternative ending was one of the best things this Xmas.
    Thank you and please continue the great work !!
    I am looking forward to the next Crisis episode.

    PS: I will buy everything that involves Eden and peril 🙂 I hope we see her in the future (and also see her abs)
    PS2: I am not in favor of catsuits but because of Eden I started to see catsuits with a different eye

  6. Dexter Jackson says:

    Finally a new KC video! Just sucks that there is a dude in it once again, like the last one. I KC was supposed to be F/F? At least that’s how it was advertised an how it started. I really don’t hope videos with dudes don’t start turning into a regular thing. I will pass on this one unfortunately.

  7. RyonaKing says:

    This one was okay. Not blowing me away, but I really enjoyed it. Maybe because I’m a big fan of Vixen. This is kind of a step down from Vixen’s previous costumes. Lots of great peril and Vixen gives a satisyfing performance. I could do without the coughing after every belly punch.

    Choreography-wise, I enjoyed the use of kneeing Vixen in the stomach, while she was hunched over from a previos belly shot. That’s what I’d consider ‘old-school’ stuff, like from 90s movies maybe can’t remember, but I really want to see more of that. Usually that move is implemented to counter an opponent trying to rush and tackle the other, and there’s usually a headlock included as well.

    About Eden: WOW, I have never seen an ass look so good in a catsuit. Dunno if it’s the lighting or something, but it’s like magic. I love Eden, she’s quite skinny and that’s my personal preference in women. You really don’t see that very often in heroine films. Actresses are usually any other figure besides skinny, like model-esque, average, voluptuous, curvy, muscular…and so forth. Looked up her other stuff at kickasskandy and WOW, she is a dream. I would go to war for a woman that beautiful.

    Though the problem is Eden’s acting. She doesn’t play peril very well and doesn’t sell getting hit very well either. She recieves backbreaker, but reacted like it was a light punch or something. I hope you guys can improve her acting skills and intensity, she can be so great!

    • Beast says:

      Iam very interested in Eden to purchase the video.
      Can you give some details about how much punishment she receives in this video?
      Because it seems that Vixen is the focus here

      • RyonaKing says:

        Eden recieves minimal punishment. Recieves less strikes than the fingers on your hand, a backbreaker, a bear hug, and then is knocked out. I can’t emphasize her ass enough and I realize now that it’s feature on picture 6 on this page.

        P.S. My god, it’s like her catsuit is painted on!

  8. Absstar says:

    Just purchased this video, and I must say, I most enjoyed it! Actresses are beautiful!
    As I responded to an earlier comment, I’ve always wondered what’s the girls limitations are! Would they be willing to wear costumes that reveals their belly/stomach? and I mean pants that rode low on their hips and crop top, so as there’s PLENTY of stomach exposure and not just slight exposure of it.
    Would they also be comfortable to be in a AOH ( arms tide over head ) scene, and viciously interrogated with long belly punching scenes and shown in multiple ways, slow motion, regular speed, many close up scenes, ect.? I have commissioned many customs over the years with various producers, and they ALL have done a most awesome work on it.
    I am currently having a custom produced by none other than HM himself, the board host of this site! Asami is the actress currently in my custom!

  9. Bert says:

    So you’re gonna want to drop whatever you’re doing and immediately pick up Kandy Crisis 14. The Kandygirl roster is brimming with beautiful, talented women, but Vixen is easily the best among them at peril (though Kix is also very good). She outdoes even herself in this video. Her cries and sobs while subjected to the prone wrestling stretch maneuver are devastating. Plus, this vid has the best alternate ending sequence I’ve ever seen. Clearly Vixen’s peril performance inspired the new girl because she is amazing in her fight with the big dude. Worth every shekel.

  10. lamo says:

    who wins the fight?

  11. thevoice says:

    there’s something about that 6th preview picture I really like… can’t quite put my finger on what it is.

  12. toshiki says:

    You guys make so many FM videos with these ladies – couldn’t we at least keep these once-a-year Kandy Crisis videos F/F? Sigh.

    • There’s FvF in this video.

      • toshiki says:

        I see that but I’m wishing that the Kandy Crisis series could be kept majority or, god forbid, 100 percent F/F. Looks like this video has a significant F/M content. There’s plenty of material with these ladies engaging in F/M battles but the F/F contests come along once every six months if that so it’s a little dispiriting to have dudes in those videos too.

        • We have shot a mix of things that will be purely FF, and purely FM and a mix like this one. I understand that most KAK is FM but it isn’t competitive like we do on KandyCrisis. I’m sure Kandyman will concur that he is happy to make more FF should anyone approach him for a custom!

          • toshiki says:

            I’ve been trying to approach him for a custom for ages. Response has been minimal-to-non-existent.

            Warning to any F/F fans out there – this is basically an FM video. There’s hardly any FF action.

          • @toshiki – Well look, I don’t know anything about your approaches, whether they are polite, realistic, well thought out etc.. Perhaps he has or hasn’t been unreasonable in those minimal responses. Warning people off buying one of our videos in the early stages of release is the kind of behaviour that won’t get you what you want. We shot this in late October, I wrote it. Nobody came to me beforehand with cash or merely advice to shoot a 100% FF film, so I wrote one to incorporate what was possible in the story and utilise both Vixen and Eden (whom I was happy to work with). This is the result of that. You want a video your way then I’d be happy to accommodate a custom if I liked the idea and it was possible to shoot. Otherwise we’ll just release what we feel like making and that will be entirely, partially, or not at all what you want. Warning people against purchase only works if they align perfectly with you, only a few will, but it is a hostile act and won’t bring what you want from us any closer.

        • toshiki says:

          You say ‘warning people against buying it’ like I said it sucks for everyone and nobody should buy it. I did no such thing. I gave an indication of what is in it for the fans of what used to be a very different kandy crisis series. KC was initially setup as an FF-heavy series. It’s how I became a fan and it’s what I’ve come to expect from the series. This episode wasn’t even half FF. I’m not telling people not to buy it. I’m sure there are people who will love it. I’m telling other FF fans that they will be disappointed by it. That’s how literally every online marketplace works – consumers informing each other. I’m not shitting on your product – I’m giving detail about it.

          As for Kandyman, I wasn’t rude to him. I literally reached out asking about the possibility of a custom with Vixen and got zero response.

          This weird judgmental defensiveness whenever anyone criticizes a product on this site is offputting. “Criticize me and you’ll NEVAH get what you want’ isn’t exactly customer service. I’ve spent a lot of money on the site over the years. I have a right to an opinion.

          • toshiki says:


          • Not how I read it. There is FF action in this you are downplaying it in my opinion. KC started with a female antagonist but as an on-going thing it is whatever we feel like. It’s unfortunate you personally didn’t get what you wanted, I just don’t appreciate “Warning to any FF fans out there…” I think it’s unpleasant. That’s my opinion and unfortunately it matters in this instance.

      • pulphead says:

        please don’t,
        I like the FvM when the male is winning,
        Just do what you do best, a nice mix of both
        Sometimes the storyline calls for FvM and sometimes it calls for FvF

        • Kandyman says:

          I concur with my learned NGC amigo.

          We at KAK shoot movies and customs in seasons – usually starting in May. I admit we do concentrate more on FM movies but I will shoot FF movies some time next year. I always respond to requests so perhaps I missed yours.

      • toshiki says:

        Once again, I never said there’s no FF action in this. I said there’s only a little from the POV of an FF fan. I think what I said is clear and accurate and not particularly rude either. Again, this is how online marketplaces work. Consumers inform each other. Can you imagine if Warner Bros released Wonder Woman 2 and Wonder Woman was in it 20 percent of the time? Wonder Woman fans would point this out. And they’d have the right to. And Warner Bros would be acting oddly if their PR people responded to those reviews going – ‘why are you pointing out to our potential customers that this movie doesn’t have enough Wonder Woman in it? We find that unpleasant.’ I’ve been entirely civil and truthful. My comment was aimed squarely at other FF fans and I can promise you most FF enthusiasts who loved the early KC videos will find this one disappointing. Pointing it out isn’t just my right as a regular customer, it’s literally how a free market works. “A hostile act.” I mean, Jesus Christ, I non-abusively pointed out my disappointment with your ongoing creative direction with a fetish video. I didn’t invade Poland.

  13. Darkwrath016 says:

    At the end of Kandy Crisis 13 we saw Diva emerge victorious in the underground fight series thereby being one step closer to finding Aj. Now, some indeterminate time has passed since the events of Kandy Crisis 13 and we learn that she was eventually captured but that those events happened offscreen. I hope that just means that Diva was more or less unavailable for a shoot in the Kandy Crisis series and not something more depressing such as retiring from acting all together. I would absolutely love to see Diva back in action.

  14. Michael says:

    Do either of them get KO’d in this? That’s going to be the deciding factor for me as to whether or not I pick this up.

  15. Wrecker says:

    Best news of the day! Vixen was AMAZING in her match against Hitwoman. That might still be my favorite CC so far. EXTREMELY stoked to see Eden making an appearance and definitely hope to see her in some peril as well. HURRY UP AND TAKE MY MONEY!

  16. Dr_Mabuse says:

    This looks *really* interesting. It took awhile for me to get into the Kandy Crisis series, but over time it’s become more than just a series of set-up revenge matches.

    I don’t know Eden at all, but see there are a few videos featuring her on KAK. Any recommendations?

    • JadeOwl says:

      The latest, KICKASS NEWS, is a good place to start… if for no other reason than the shorts she wears.

      It should not be possible for them to stat on when she moves like she does. Defies all laws of physics, it does.

      Also you get Kix in that video, which is like a ridiculous plus.

  17. mantower says:

    Welcome back Kandy Crisis, oh how I have missed you! Instant buy. Period.

  18. Joe says:

    Looks awesome but we need to see Eden in some peril!

  19. pulphead says:

    Yes ! I will buy this as soon as it comes out! Please keep Kandy Crisis coming!
    Could you please include some different outfit at some point. Maybe a crop top with the beautiful belly exposed 🙂

    • Absstar says:

      I TOTALLY agree with that!! I am a BIG belly punching fan and may be interested in a custom with them. MvsF or FvsF, either one is good with me! Just wondering what’s their limitations though. Would the actress be comfortable being tide AOH? ( arms over head ) and belly punched to their bare belly, shown in slow motion and regular mo, as well as close up punches? Have many, many customs done from various producers and this company looks interesting. I am in the process of having HM of this site producing my custom now as we speak with Asian actress Asami.

  20. redmanx says:

    My favourite Kandy girl was AJ, she had it all.

  21. RyonaKing says:

    The return of Vixen in KC makes me feel like such a lucky boy, this as made my whole month!

  22. JadeOwl says:

    The return of the Kandy Crisis videos would be a delightful treat all on its own, but you have NO IDEA how my face lit up when Eden (or whatever name she will have here) walked into the room and unshackled Vixen.

    She is at the very top of the recent additions to the Kandygirl roster and the idea of watching her engage in some spirited F/F action fills me with glee and anticipation. I know it will go against the grain around these parts but I’m also hoping that Vixen will be able to fight back, even if it is for a little while. 😉

    So I think I speak for everyone when I say…

    Hip. hip… HOORAY!!!!! Hip. hip… HOORAY!!!!! Hip. hip… HOORAY!!!!!


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