OUT NOW! Kandy Crisis #15: Extraction

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  1. Rob_Hinx says:

    I’m starting to love this series, the cool ’70’s style ‘Cop Shows’ music sets up the atmosphere wonderfully and I like the cross over Kandy Crises logo too.

    This picks up pretty much where KC 14 ended (although Eden has had time to change costume…then again if James Bond can change his suit in-between the end of Casino Royale & the start of Quantum of Solace then I guess anything goes!), Eden is under suspicion of aiding Vixen’s get a away and she’s going to be questioned.
    ‘Questioned’ in New Dawn speak must mean ‘beaten to a pulp’ because Serpent lays into her from the off with barely a word *
    Eden, though, isn’t going to make it easy and she gives as good as she gets.

    I really enjoyed this segment as it’s a great back and forth battle; Eden’s fast and agile and if she stays out of Serpents’s reach she can wear him down with her kicks, which are really something. Serpent though is no slouch and when he catches her, which he does, many times, then his brute force stops Eden in her tracks.

    Eden keeps checking her ‘six’ but Cain keeps his distance.
    Eventually Eden gets the upper hand with a wicked combination of kicks but then Cain goes on the offensive. The fight goes into another level here, Cain has obviously got the measure of Eden and he counters her every move.
    There was some cool acting from Eden here; Cain blocked a kick from Eden and a look of frustration and doubt flashed across her face. Expressions like that are a trade mark of NGC’s performers (Bluebird excels at them) and it shows they’ve picked another winner here with Eden.

    Just when it seems that Eden’s goose is cooked Sienna arrives to even things up.
    Now we’re treated to Eden versus Cain and Sienna vs Serpent.

    Sienna is tiny! But she’s also classic Kandy; full of attitude, sass and vicious kicks. The thigh-head lock she gets Serpent in is a Kandy/Kick Ass trademark.

    Meanwhile Cain is putting the hurt on Eden ‘the traitor’, punching her In the stomach and ribs against the wall. She doges out of his way, delivers a heel to the back of his knee (ouch!) and, with a smile of relish, knees him in the gut.
    Cain gets the upper hand again, picks her up and drops her, on her side, across his knee. This is a really cool move; a rib breaker instead of a back breaker.
    Then Cain goes to work on her lower back by digging his knuckle into her kidney area. At first I thought Eden should have been more vocal here; she grimaces and gasps but there’s no cry of pain, but of course she’s just had the wind knocked out of her so she probably doesn’t have much puff (old fashioned expression there!).

    Serpent powers out of Sienna’s head lock and lays into her. She sold this very well indeed, and then Serpent grabs her into a bear hug. It looks like he’s going to crush her easily but she escapes with a two handed chop to his collar bone.
    It’s probably wrong to single out one move in a release that’s so full of great moves but I think this might be my favourite moment here; the way she winds up, pauses and then smashes her hands down is perfect and all the time she’s selling the move with her facial expressions.

    Actually, this have been on my mind for a while so I’ll set it down here. I really have huge admiration for NGC and KAK’s performers; they’re doing fight moves that would give Trinity (The Matrix) and Black Widow (The Avengers) a run for their money and unlike those two The NGC/KAK girls don’t have stunt doubles or CGI to make them look amazing.
    Trinity and Black Widow don’t wear super high, f**k you heels either!

    So, do the Kandy girls escape? Well there are win and loose endings here, I won’t spoil anything by giving away the canon ending but both endings are enjoyable and both lead off into (hopefully) another episode.

    Big thumbs up for this one, compliments to everyone who made it happen.

    • Rob_Hinx says:

      * Later on Cain states that they had no intention of questioning Eden; they’re going to say ‘things got out of hand’ and they were ‘forced’ to kill her.

  2. lamo says:

    please spoilers
    New Dawn wins the match or not?

  3. Beast says:

    Loved it! First time i watched a video with Eden and she is a total badass and so gorgeous. Hope to see more of her in Kandy Crisis. Sienna and the new villain ( at least for me) was great too!!! ( Alaric is always awesome)

  4. Bionicskillz says:

    Sierra is the most delicious femme fatale to come out of the Kandy-verse. I want her to be bionic!!!!!

  5. Dr_Mabuse says:

    I don’t think I’ve commented much on the Kandy Crisis series, but just wanted to add my voice to those praising this release. I wasn’t sold on the series at first glance, but after sampling a few of them I got the vibe and have enjoyed most so far. IMO, it’s really taken a step up in the last few episodes. I especially like how the series has evolved from a series of grudge matches into an operation to bring down a clandestine fighting ring, then into a war between two rival spy/warrior agencies. It’s been a bit campy or absurd at times, but I actually enjoy that.

    The KC series has combined some of the best features of the KandyGirls (beautiful girls in sexy costumes kicking a lot of ass with a cocky, casual, often humorous tone) and Next Global Crisis (imaginative peril situations, elaborate plotting, sharp writing) while keeping the accomplished fight choreography and production values that they both display. That’s a successful collaboration! Hope it continues.

  6. JohnG says:

    Not bad at all! 8/10

    Chloro, sleeperholds and a good old fashioned cosh to the back of the head with a close up on the face gets you a 10!!

  7. Bert says:

    Kandy Crisis 15 is just superb. We are accustomed to seeing the Kandy Girls decimating their opponents left and right. That girl power aspect of these characters really adds to the drama when we see Eden confronted with two large members of New Dawn. She’s one hell of a fighter, but these guys aren’t normal thugs and Eden finds herself pushed to the limit. While I wouldn’t mind slightly more verbal reaction from her (that’s an extremely mild complain – what she did was great, I’d just prefer a bit more), the actress playing Eden is really something. She handles the peril end of her struggle with aplomb. From an acting perspective, most of the Kandy Girls don’t get much opportunity to be on the receiving end in fight scenes. When they do, often it isn’t very convincing. Kix and Vixen are great at selling peril, as was Silver, but it drops off a bit after that. Eden is turning out to be a total gamer at the peril stuff and it adds so much to this vid. We had a taste at the end of KC 14, but this time she carries most of the video and she really nails it. In fact all four performers were spot on with this vid. Kudos, Kandyman and NGC – this video is worth every penny.

    • Ken says:

      Can’t agree more on the idea that the girl power aspect could add to the peril. That’s why I always argue the heroines should take the upper hand for a while in the movies. Otherwise, they are no different than some helpless little girl in a heroine costume. NGC videos usually have a good balance and this one is no exception.

      • Rob_Hinx says:

        Totally agree with you on the girl power aspect. One of the things that kept me away from this genre for so long was the ‘super heroines’ who weren’t super at all; no powers or skills, just porn/fetish actresses (I use that word in the loosest possible terms) in fancy dress costumes, standing with their hands on their hips waiting to be molested. No drama, no story values…meh.
        NGC changed all that for me.

        Talking of ‘girl power’ the Kandy Girls are liked super-charged Spice Girls; Vixen’s Scary, Silver is Posh, Eden’s Ginger and I guess Sienna is Baby…who would be Sporty?

    • J says:

      Agree on everything here. Seconded also that Eden did great but her vocal reactions to the blows are lacking. Address that and we surely have a peril star here.

  8. leggos says:

    Eden looks so dam sexy in catsuits.

  9. pigma1 says:

    Eden is so stunning had to pick this up. hope to see a lot more of her in the near future!

  10. OUT NOW and updated with main trailer: http://kandycrisis.com

    • pulphead says:

      It is one of your best work !!!!!! It has excellent pace of action, excellent peril, excellent girl power. A PERFECT mix.
      Please keep Kandy Crisis coming. For some (me 🙂 ) the super-spy/charlie angels theme is much more interesting than the superpower one. Plz consider mixing the outfits a bit, crop tops look hot on those girls


  11. Mr. Bleh says:

    Eden and Sienna…there’s a Dynamic Duo, if I ever saw one!
    Would love to see (MUCH) more of those two in the future.

  12. Preview caps and gift information added!

  13. Ken says:

    Is it possible for Eden to perform in some future NGC releases? She looks amazing

  14. Rob_Hinx says:

    The still picture alone makes it worth buying!

  15. Tim says:

    Wow, who’s the lady in black???
    She looks sensational.
    Has she been in other Kandy productions?

  16. lamo says:

    I’m crying!
    why WHY again a mixed fight???
    Kandy Crisis lost her soul
    I am disappointed but you did a good job
    waiting for the next

  17. Ugh says:

    I know heroine peril isn’t really part of what KAK brings to the table and it is what it is. That being said, with a few strategic low blows and ensuing reactions, I would most certainly pick up every single film rather than just the occasional one. In any event, this may be one of the latter! Great job!

  18. pulphead says:

    I will buy this 1000000000000%
    thank you
    keep up the good work 🙂


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