“Kandy of Steel” from KickAssKandy

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  1. rangerian says:

    Watched it, loved it.

    Feedback. I would like to see more of a unrestrained beatdown of Kix, but what about this for a change, an EQUAL balance of peril. Maybe they both loose in the end?

    Throw in some low blows each way. Not just the poor guy copping it all the time, lol.

    Looking forward to your next Kix masterpiece 🙂

  2. Aldous says:

    My first purchase from KAK, as its the first one to appeal to my sensibilities. Amazing work! Great heroine, choreography, snappy banter – enough peril to keep me happy (though hopefully a foreshadowing of longer sequences to come!). Congratulations to all involved!

  3. kandyman says:

    Love the feedback guys, I made this one specially for you so i’m very keen to hear what you think. I added elements that would both appeal to the HM crowd as well as the KAK crowd and so far its had really positive reactions. Custom movies by definition can be your ideas, dreams and wishes – one sided beat downs, less girl power and peril are all on the menu – we only draw the line at taste and decency but i’m sure you guys wouldn’t really cross that line anyway.

    best wishes


  4. rangerian says:

    Oh yeah!

    A (mini) Kix beat down, sounds awesome. Just downloaded 🙂

  5. Sidekick says:

    @Mike J

    Kandyman would be in the best position to answer that but from what I understand anything in the PG-13 area is a pretty good bet.

  6. Mike J says:

    Still a little too much girl power for me it looks like, maybe they’ll make one to my tastes one day.

    So with these customs though. Can you get anything you want, multiple KOs, one sided beat downs, etc? Still PG-13 of course, but just more victim and less girl power.

  7. Maar13 says:

    @JadeOwl: Great! Thanks, I absolutely loved that video.

  8. JadeOwl says:

    @Maar13: I think this video might interest you then. 😉


  9. Maar13 says:

    Regarding the chloro scene, there is nice little struggle and then she goes out, you see the guy dragging her off with the rag still placed, then she start to awake right away in the next scene but her grogginess is nice too.

    See this really my kind of movie in the long run.
    1. We have a great heroine confident and kicking ass.
    2. In the middle she is outsmarted and put in a perilious situation.
    3. She gets out of it, kicks ass and save the day.
    4. PG-13 which for me is great.

    This one has it all, great movie, if the tendency is like this KAK has a sure buyer, and please, do something like this with AJ too if she is available, that would be great.

  10. Redmountain says:

    I have to ask a serious question here, from the preview clip it looks like she keeps her arms crossed the entire time she’s chloroformed and doesn’t even react to it anywhere near like she should. Is this the case for anyone who has seen the video?

  11. Maar13 says:

    OK, seems pretty cool, getting this one for sure 🙂

  12. Dillhole says:

    As good as advertised. Loved that they added peril elements. Great job, Kandyman!

  13. Beast says:

    There are any belly punches? It looks cool

  14. JadeOwl says:

    That was a really good video. Kix truly is the best! 😀