– Site Review - Site ReviewIn an effort to keep his readers informed about possible viewing options, HM thought it would be a good idea to occasionally run reviews for sites that haven’t been discussed previously on this board. The site we are going to look at today is called 

It’s important to let you know up front that Kickasskandy is not a peril site. It is a “spy girl” site run by a British producer. It can best be described as Charlie’s Angels mixed in with a bit of James Bond. They release a video every other Friday and to my knowledge have never missed a deadline. The stories are straightforward and feature a rotating cast of femme fatales fighting various henchmen. What I am going to do is breakdown ten different aspects of their production style and let you decide if anything they do may be of interest. Here we go. - Site - Site - Site Review

1. The Girls – Known as Kandygirls, each is drop dead gorgeous. Two girls in particular, A.J. and Hi-Kix seem to be fan favorites. A character named Mata Hari, who has a Penelope Cruz type thing going on, is a personal favorite of mine.

2. The Wardrobes – High riding skirts, skin tight cat suits, leather, spandex, knee high boots…you get the general idea. All the girls pull off the outfits quite nicely.

3. Peril – None. The girls dominate every single fight. I’ve downloaded most of the videos and the girls almost never even take a punch. Make no mistake, this is a girl power website. I cannot emphasize this enough for people looking for women in peril. You won’t find it here. - Site - Site - Site Review

4. Fight choreography – It usually ranges from pretty good to excellent. There are times where a punch or kick will obviously miss, but those instances are few and far between. The henchmen are played by talented stuntmen and they sell the beatings well.

5. Locations – Various and impressive. They have filmed in forests, warehouses, and large office buildings. I am unaware of any internet producer that does a better job securing quality locations.

6. Writing/Acting – The scripts are generally well written and are filled with funny moments. Both the girls and the stuntmen do a good job delivering their lines. Some references may fly over your head if you don’t know anything about English football. - Site - Site - Site Review

7. Storyline – Usually, the girls show up with some random objective and beat on the bad guys. Occasionally, an evil organization is mentioned by name, but the villains are normally pretty anonymous. There generally isn’t much story continuity from one episode to another.

8. Bang for your Euro – The films generally run anywhere from five minutes to slightly over ten minutes long. The price is adjusted according to the run time. The films can be bought via Paypal, however Americans are subject to the exchange rate which is currently not all that favorable. American buyers can expect a final bill anywhere from ten to fifteen dollars per episode.

9. Producer – Affectionately known as Kandyman, he goes out of his way to communicate with his fans via email and on the board that is available on the site. Seems like a first rate guy. - Site - Site - Site Review

10. Future direction – *SPOILER ALERT* In the very near future, the producers are going to be starting a spin off site known as Badasskandy. Recently, some of the girls have been defecting to an organization run by a villain named Mr. Big. The new site is not online yet, so I do not know what the content is going to consist of. Will update you when I find out. They also have started accepting custom video requests for a fee.

Final verdict: I think you can draw a lot of parallels between Kickasskandy and Next Global Crisis, even though the content is different. Maybe it’s a British thing, but like Next Global Crisis, the production values are very high across the board. If you’re looking for well made, quality, short action films that DO NOT feature any peril, I don’t think there are many better options currently available.

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