UPDATED! KickAssKandy to Produce F/F Fighting Site

KickAssKandy to Produce F/F Fighting SiteUPDATED with new info! It’s coming. It has been spoken about in whispers and hushed tones for a while now, but a F/F fighting site from the producers of KickAssKandy is fully in the works, and Kandyman needs a little help. He has asked for fan on a name, and we want to throw it open to the HM audience.

Update #2

Damn, I’ve been waiting for this one for a long time, and it’s just about here. According to a post on its official message board, KickAssKandy is going to launch KickAssFemmes, their new F/F site, on March 7th.

It looks like then plan is to alternate releases between the two companies every week. So long-time fans will still get their girl-power videos, and others will get the pleasure of watching some of the world’s most beautiful women punching and kicking one another.

In fact, here is a cool little video of four possible KAF title sequences. I’m not great with silhouettes, but I want to say the two perfect figures on the right are Vixen and Hi-Kix. Not so sure about the two on the left.

And on a final note, I don’t have any concrete information on a release date for my custom video, but it will be part of the KickAssFemmes brand. As soon as I know something, I’ll pass it on.

Update #1

And we’re another step closer to the start of a big project from the crew over at KickAssKandy. In case you missed it they will be kicking off a brand new site that will feature F/F fights featuring their insanely good looking cast. No firm word on a launch date although in a post from a couple weeks back Kandyman hinted he was shooting for sometime in late February. For now, we have an official name. Here’s word from Kandyman himself:

“So, the decision has been made and based upon the poll results and little straw poll with my team we have gone for KICKASS FEMMES! We loved Planet Kickass, Kandy Klaws and Kandy Wars and the lipsmackin’ copy but thought Femmes had the right kind of vibe so the graphics are going into production tomorrow, then the new posters, title sequence and banners and then comes the build! it’s going to be a fun month!

As always, we’ll keep you in the loop when any updates happen.

Original Post

Statement from Kandyman

So next year we’re going to launch a brand new site which will cater for FF enthusiasts as KAK is pretty much an FM domain. The site will feature all manner of girl v girl action from Kick Ass Kandy V Badass Kandy to a 4 part mini series we’ve shot with Kix, Silver, Cat and others to a really exciting co-production with our friends at Next Global Crisis.

The question is….what shall we call the site? The name could be Ronseal and include the terms for girl fighting and girl action or it could be something else with a catchy name. Whatever the name it should include either Kickass or Kandy to keep it under the same umbrella. So, I throw it open to you guys for your opinions.

I know what some of you are thinking. Ronseal? A typo? Actually, it’s not. Ronseal is a British wood stain manufacturer whose slogan is “Does exactly what it says on the tin.” Yeah, I had to Google that. I’m not a British wood stain expert. Moving on.

The great news is that I have been told there will be perils, one-sided beatdowns, and epic F/F confrontations featuring your favorite KAK actresses. Many of these episodes have already been shot so this plan is not theoretical. It’s going to happen. And yes, the co-production with NGC mentioned above is this.

Currently, I am locked in serious thought about what I want to happen as I intend to order a second KAK custom. You can do the same here. Just note that the custom program has become extremely popular, and they have a bit of a backlog right now. If you have an idea you would like to see on screen, contact Kandyman, just know it may take a little time to execute.

So if you have a name idea for the new site, you can leave it here or drop it at the KAK message board. Kandyman has a thread going where you can vote on some names that are already in consideration, but you need to be a member to participate in the poll.

Honestly, I couldn’t be more excited. I’ve been waiting for this one for a long time. F/F fighting with some of the most gorgeous girls alive. Good times are coming our way. A little Kix vs Silver anyone?

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